Casual Friday: These Old Things

Some Fridays, I need something softer and less demanding than a smart jacket. On those days, a forgiving sweater and a couple of floaty blouses are just the ticket.

Like this:

Forgiveness, floating

See it better

I want to feel like I am wearing a duvet, but not look like it

But that doesn’t mean that I want to look like I am wearing a duvet . . . however appealing that may sound.

What are we really looking at here?
They are things you’ve seen before.

MiH New Studio Shirt, previously presented for your consideration here

Theory Floral Print Vaneese Cami

Theory Floral Print Vaneese Cami, shown to you by me here and here

But when you put them all together, they make something new.
Note: If you were here with me, you would see that the floral print shows through the gauzy white blouse . . . just a bit. But the light on me is not quite right to reveal this in a photo. You just have to trust me.

Recombinant wardrobing

Come closer and see the details!

Come closer

Me come closer?


O.K., I guess


I don’t think this is working

No, no. You need to come closer to me.

I thought that would be clear to everyone

I bought this cardigan several years ago at the Margaret O’Leary shop in Seattle — the one on 1st Avenue, which is now closed. Margaret O’Leary makes such beautiful things; most are not really my style, but I appreciate the quality and therefore always take a look.
This charming cotton cardigan has loads of details.

Variation in stitches creates texture that makes me think, oddly enough, of the strata of the Grand Canyon


Twill epaulette


Extra-long (6″) ribbed cuffs

As you can see from the profile shot above, the hems of the camisole and blouse are different shapes and lengths, but they align very prettily.
You may remember that the shirt tail on this camisole was much longer, but we agreed that it should be shortened some. A differential is still there, but the back is no longer disproportionate to the front.
Hems align harmoniously

Hems align harmoniously

Snapped shut

Snapped shut

Perhaps you are thinking, Someone needs to tell the Directrice that her cardigan is too small. Be assured: It can close, but I like it worn undone so that it hangs like a bias cut top. Interestingly, that’s how Margaret O’Leary showed it, too.

Have a fantastic weekend!

Cardigan: Margaret O’Leary; Blouse: MiH Jeans; Camisole: Theory; Jeans: JCrew; Shoes: Coach Noella flat; Bag: Kate Spade; Watch: Michele
Margaret O’Leary still has a Seattle store — in University Village.
Have a fantastic weekend, really

Have a fantastic weekend, really

2 thoughts on “Casual Friday: These Old Things

  1. I think the cardigan is great – totally up my alley – grey, military looking details, plus cool closures. You scored on that one! I’m working on my layering – thank you for inspiring!

  2. I like the look of the little camisole peaking out and it strikes me this might be a good trick for summer dressing. Maybe with a linen top? Please let us know if you find something similar on your jaunts through yoox and other venues.

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