Variations on a Theme

  Earlier this year, The Directorate celebrated the acquisition of the perfect (for me) cropped white denim and off-black denim. I thought you might like to know how the denims have been doing.   * Sometime, long ago, we discussed natural, aluminum-free deodorants. After trying several, I settled on Schmidt’s, which comes in several appealing … Read moreVariations on a Theme

The Dress That Started It All

  Perhaps some of you have, at one time or another, taken a step back from your surroundings and asked, “How did I come to be here?” Admittedly, one is most likely to ask this question when something significant has gone completely sideways, but self-reflection should not be undertaken exclusively during dark moments!   This … Read moreThe Dress That Started It All

The Case for Being Properly Dressed

  When I was a young associate at my firm, one of the partners asked me to participate in a panel at a professional conference that is always heavily attended.  He asked me because, in his words, “You’ll add diversity.  The conference sponsors care about that.”  Oddly touched and weirdly motivated by this invitation to … Read moreThe Case for Being Properly Dressed