A Slightly Madcap Dress

  We’ve discussed the virtues of dresses before. The ease of wearing a dress (efficiency, comfort) has caused me to allocate a substantial percentage of my wardrobe budget to dresses.   I write that as though I actually have a clothing budget that is diligently planned and then executed. Non, non. It is more accurate … Read moreA Slightly Madcap Dress

Black and Blue and White

  I occasionally buy glossy fashion magazines like Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue. The clothes shown in these magazines are beyond the reach of most mortals, so I don’t read these magazines like catalogs. I am just looking for ideas — mostly, color combinations and new silhouettes. Even if I am going to reject the new … Read moreBlack and Blue and White

In Which the Directrice Borrows Trouble

  Since I often show clothes that have been altered or re-purposed — sometimes, significantly — I thought it might be helpful, or at least interesting, to see what these treasures look like before those radical changes are implemented. Here goes! I like colorful tops to wear underneath jackets and sweaters. Even though they may … Read moreIn Which the Directrice Borrows Trouble