Black and Blue and White

  I occasionally buy glossy fashion magazines like Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue. The clothes shown in these magazines are beyond the reach of most mortals, so I don’t read these magazines like catalogs. I am just looking for ideas — mostly, color combinations and new silhouettes. Even if I am going to reject the new … Read moreBlack and Blue and White

In Which the Directrice Borrows Trouble

  Since I often show clothes that have been altered or re-purposed — sometimes, significantly — I thought it might be helpful, or at least interesting, to see what these treasures look like before those radical changes are implemented. Here goes! I like colorful tops to wear underneath jackets and sweaters. Even though they may … Read moreIn Which the Directrice Borrows Trouble

Frankenstein’s Jacket

  You may remember my enthusiasm for Marni? The volume, the pattern-mixing, the extraneous flaps? While this trick (belting to add definition) usually works best with fluid or light-weight fabric, I think this Marni jacket looks great belted, even though it’s made of a stiff cotton. Belting causes the jacket to bell out from the … Read moreFrankenstein’s Jacket

Small Changes, Big Difference

  In some of my favorite comfort reading (books by Jane Austen, Louisa May Alcott, Georgette Heyer) the female characters extend the lives of their clothes (and hats) by remaking them periodically. I’ve always found this concept charming (although for most of these fictitous practitioners, it was a measure of harsh economy) and at the … Read moreSmall Changes, Big Difference