Shirting Stripe Moses

  When I emerged from the bedroom wearing this shirt, The Photographer said, “OooOOooo . .. . . . Moses!” The Photographer went on to say, “You need two giant tablets.”   Oh really? You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.   In addition to this striped poplin — so business — this blouse also … Read more…

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The Liveliest Stripe

  Things I love: Stripes. End-of-season sales. Sweater: Derek Lam 10 Crosby; Camisole: JCrew; Pants: JCrew; Bag: Coach; Boots: 8 from YOOX

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The Virtues of A Fisherman’s Knit

  Who doesn’t love a fisherman’s knit sweater? So distinctive and cozy. I was given one when I was 11 or 12 — the first of several over the course of my life (so far). The only downside to the fisherman’s knit is bulk. They are not svelte. Sweater: Veronica Beard Rhea Sweater (still available … Read more…

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The Cold Is A Type of License

  I’ve previously disclosed that I kind of give up when the weather calls for relentless, heavy rain. The same is true of bitter cold. Some of you have asked me privately how I manage to write this blog and do all of the other things that I appear to be doing in my life: … Read more…

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We Begin Anew

  Another New Year! Another fresh start! While fiddling with his settings, The Photographer captured a range of personalities.   Please feel free to share your New Year’s resolutions. Despite numerous ways in which I know I could improve myself, I haven’t made a resolution yet. Remember: The key is finding something that will bring … Read more…

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The Directrice Goes to the Movies

  Happy New Year, dolls!   Looking back over 2017, I realized that there were a number of things that I had planned — but failed — to do. I didn’t entertain as often as I intended to, failed to make trips to California and Minnesota to have cozy visits with friends who’ve moved away … Read more…

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Back in the Pink

  Several months ago, a pink floral blouse caught my eye. I came up with an even better outfit layered upon this blouse/sweater/denim combination. I wore it with my tweedy jacket, an interesting belt, a bigger scarf, and little black wedges. Very smart, I thought — but I was too lazy to put it on … Read more…

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‘Tis the Season?

  The title of this post may color the way you see what I am about to show you. Try to imagine this outfit in November or February. The most important lesson here, however, is at the bottom of the frame. What shoes do you wear when you’ve combined red, green, and ivory? And a … Read more…

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A Vaguely Equestrian Look

  Flashing back, again, to the middle Aughts. Jacket and skirt: Eileen Fisher; Top: Marissa Webb from The Outnet and still available; Boots: Fratelli Rossetti; Bag: Coach

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A Sweater of Substance (Two of Four)

  Today, we return to our series, Sweaters of Substance. I found a few more sweaters for your consideration . . . although I do agree with Erika’s observation (last week) that a cardigan is more substantial than a pullover. But these are charming!  

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