Acid Lemon Drop

  We’ve passed the autumnal equinox and find ourselves in a tight spot here in D.C. After a cool (wonderful) summer, it’s really hot. It could be that they are giving me compliments to cover a gaffe, like pointing or staring — remember the nice lady at the Kennedy Center last summer, who approached like … Read more…

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Wee Willie Winkie Works

The seasonal transition continues. I’ve been too lazy to take my transitional dresses out of my transitional closet. Instead, I am making do with the most autumnal of my summer clothes. Jacket: JCrew; Dress: Thierry Colson; Shoes: Dr. Martens; Bag: Car Shoe

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A New Model

  I have reservations about the sharing and gig economies. We live in a national economy that compels people to rent their time and possessions to the lowest bidder while a tech overlord . . . no, no, I won’t air my grievances here because (a) this is a style blog that provides light entertainment … Read more…

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Transitioning to Fall . . . So Soon?

  Too soon, I feel, a seasonal transition is upon us. While I was still enjoying The Summer Dresses! But my preferences have no effect on the Earth’s inexorable orbit around the sun; I must defer to the physical laws of the universe. A jacket with short-sleeves, for those who do not fear and mistrust … Read more…

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The Return of the Big Tent

  Everyone says that they wish bloggers would re-wear items and not simply show an endless parade of new things — either bland or outrageous — that are probably provided by sponsors seeking advertorial exposure.   Let’s test that, shall we? And now, as a special treat, I offer a photo that I should be … Read more…

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Labor Day: No Rest for the Weary

  Because I have been delinquent in posting for the last two weeks, the next few posts will be untimely summer ideas that I intended to show you sooner. Better late, unseasonal, and rushed than never!

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  I almost always wear round, close-fitting necklines. Zip through a dozen posts; you will rarely see a v-neck, scoop neck or bateau. Round is my comfort zone and, I hope, a flattering shape for my face and frame. But a friend of mine has often exhorted me to try more décolleté necklines.   I … Read more…

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The Third and Final Part of The Utility Dress: Is This Is It?*

  Unlike previous summer series — The Woman in White (2015) and Navy Blue Is The Warmest Color (2016) — I am bringing the Utility Dress series of 2017 to a quick close. No need to string this out indefinitely and perhaps the lessons are more meaningful when delivered in rapid succession. We’ll see. There … Read more…

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Home on the Range

  This summer is all about personal growth! Risk-taking! Floaty tiers in a small, flocked pattern that suggests calico.   R: If you are reading this post and thinking “I can’t believe she kept that dress from me” — I am sorry! We can share it. Dress: Max Mara; Shoes: Donald J. Pliner; Bag: Coach … Read more…

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The Utility Dress: Part One of a Three Part Series

  Part 1 of a three part series that began last week with Part 2. Fortunately, this is not rocket science . . . Dress: Burberry; Shoes: Taryn Rose; Bag: Coach; Bracelet: John Hardy; Watch: Michele

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