A Happy Sweater

  I’m back, mes amis. Did you miss me?     I wore this to work on a cool spring day (Casual Friday) and felt that my neck required the protection of a scarf.   I also thought that Happy Sweater, though as busy as busy can be, needed a like-minded companion. A Cheery Scarf. … Read more…

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A Chic Guest

  The female lawyers of my firm gathered for dinner a few weeks ago and when I saw ARS wearing this ensemble I knew you would want to see it, too. The Directrice, (5 x 4) years out of law school, suddenly feels very old, needs time machine for personal reasons. Cannot be bothered with … Read more…

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All of My Black Jackets Are Different!

  I have a number of black jackets. On occasion, I chastise myself for having so many . . . and then my belligerent side scolds my moralistic side with a reminder that each of these jackets is very different from the others and serves unique purposes. It is: made of a fine, tropical-weight wool … Read more…

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Casual Friday: Pineapple Is Always In Season

  For those of you who need a refresher on the endless utility of The Utility Jacket (also referred to as a Safari Jacket), read and believe. Jacket: JCrew; Blouse: Anthropologie; Jeans: JCrew; Sneakers: Nike iD Cortez; Bag: Coach

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The White Shirtdress

  Last summer I bought a white shirtdress and then decided it was unwearable. Having had additional months to think about it, I have decided that it is wearable . . . just not as I had originally imagined. Dress over cropped denim. With a floral camisole underneath.   A few details:   Have a … Read more…

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Dressing for a Rainy Day

  It was unseasonably cool this April — many days that did not leave the 50s — and rainy, too. Getting wet on a rainy day is one of my pet peeves. Actually, it makes me furious. So, my typical strategy on a rainy day is to wear rain boots and knee-length dresses and limit … Read more…

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All Cutting Edges

  I have recently come to a startling realization.   To keep generating content at our current pace, I am going to have to show you everything I own. And then every outfit I’ve worn to work. Not just the most interesting stuff and my favorites . . . but all of it. If I … Read more…

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In Which The Directrice Apologizes to a Dress

  I don’t think I’ve ever advised you to buy only things that you absolutely love and see a clear and immediate use for. I’ve never subscribed to that philosophy. It’s OK periodically to buy something on the basis of a vague idea or because it meets a need tolerably well. The problems arise when … Read more…

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The Search for New Khakis, Part II of an Investigative Series

  You heard a tale of woe — cornerstone khakis now too baggy to wear that must be replaced — last week. The search for good khakis is probably, like the search for the perfect white blouse, a lifetime endeavor that never really stops, but rather intensifies and wanes as necessary and appropriate. The peplum … Read more…

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The Search for New Khakis, Part I

Directrice 360™ will allow a panoramic view.   Have a fantastic weekend!   Pants: Talbots Freeport Pant Double-Weave; Blouse: Aquilano-Rimondi from YOOX; Belt: JCrew; Shoes:Doc Marten Siano; Bag: 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli Stachel

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