In My Dotage

  All good things must end. My vacation is over and I’m back in Business Casual. How does should one respond to ambiguity? With patent leather, bien sur.   This dress has an easy fit; pleats on the front conceal bizarre, shallow pockets. Note that the pockets are placed as though they were a muff. … Read more…

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In Situ

  I am on vacation and facing a quandary. I didn’t take photos for new posts before leaving Washington and I didn’t bring any business casual clothes on vacation with me, so I have nothing to post.   Unless I post vacation pictures.   I leave you to decide which is more unbearable: no post … Read more…

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In Which The Directrice Plays Against Type

  I think I have a look — structured, fitted, figure-skimming but not tight silhouettes punctuated by periodic asymmetric and occasionally bizarre details. Does that seem right? Fair?   Regardless, it’s important to not get stuck in a rut — even if it is a warm, cozy rut.* What, exactly, is it? Well . . … Read more…

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An Image with a Long Afterlife

  I am always scanning my environment, looking for well-dressed people whose ideas I can borrow. Several years ago, I was in LAX airport and saw a woman ahead of me while I waited to order a coffee frappaccino and her ensemble — and her individual chic — have stayed with me for years. Jacket: … Read more…

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Something You Can Rely On

  Work is simplified when you know exactly what to wear.   The question of what to wear is easy to answer when you have a few great pieces in your closet and some basic formulae for making them into outfits. Jacket: JCrew; T-shirt: JCrew; Pants: Ann Taylor Style Name Too Long to Reproduce Here; … Read more…

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Be Prepared!

  Be Prepared! The post in which The Directrice gives you license to buy a party dress when you have no party invitations in hand and calls it “good planning.” A few words about the dress. As you can see, the skirt is full and stiff — so it’s not the most flattering shape. I … Read more…

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The Holiday Weekend

  It’s Independence Day! I feel like the holiday weekend started Friday afternoon . . . even though I, personally, am not actually taking any vacation time. Nevertheless, it’s hard to feel industrious when everyone is in and out of the office, and wearing very casual clothes. My firm always closes at 1:00 p.m. the … Read more…

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Spectator Pump

I like the aesthetic of spectator pumps: white, black, perforations. White Dress: Loup; Black Dress: Theory; Necklace: Nervous System Smooth Kinematics 116N; Shoes: Taryn Rose; Bag: Kate Spade

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Patch of Blue

  During the summer, nothing is cooler than a floaty dress. I’ve been planning the posts for the rest of the summer and there are a number of dresses involved, but to keep things interesting (and informative) I will be focusing on accessories. To some extent. OK. Here is our last ditch effort: an obscenely … Read more…

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Fifty Cent Dress, Summer 2017

  Long-time readers may remember that I call special dresses “Fifty Cent Dresses.” If you want to know why, you will have to read this earlier post. If you are willing to accept the term Fifty Cent Dress no questions asked, then you can proceed post haste to photos and descriptions of this summer’s special … Read more…

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