Not Easily Ruffled

  One of my colleagues wore a necklace to a Zoom practice group meeting* this week. I was so impressed that I put on a belt the next day. First time I’d worn a belt since I began working remotely. Rounding things out, a pair of absurd platform shoes. I think it’s important to wear … Read moreNot Easily Ruffled

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  Are you wondering how long I am going to post business casual outfits while work and life have been profoundly disrupted?   I am going to do this until I run out of ideas or spirit — whichever comes first — because I feel that we are all craving a little normalcy and light … Read morePeek-a-Boo

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The Last In-Person Meeting

  Hello! Hello? I know you’re home.* And now we’ve come full circle: Works From a Distance! Here are my observations on Day 9: I move around a lot when I am in my office! My daily steps have dropped precipitously. So, I need to get up and go for more walks during the day. … Read moreThe Last In-Person Meeting

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Lights! Camera! Action Slacks!

  While noodling around on the Internet last week, an article grabbed my attention: I Work from Home and Only Wear Sweatpants from These Seven Brands.*   Think about all that is embedded in that title. The author has at least seven pairs of sweatpants. The author has bought so many pairs of sweatpants that … Read moreLights! Camera! Action Slacks!

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  I feel compelled to remind you periodically — and you may feel that I remind you frequently — that I do not have an endless wardrobe. I’ve been wearing this pin a lot. It adds a delightful note to almost any business ensemble.   Friends: A word of warning. I am having increasing difficulty … Read morePinned

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Pet En L’Air

  Directorate! I had a feeling that you might be missing me, possibly even needing me. I miss and need you! At first I thought I would wear it under a jacket. I tried a few on, but none of them set the neckline off. I realized I would need to wear the blouse over … Read morePet En L’Air

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The Return of the Shuriken

  You knew this day would come. But perhaps you didn’t expect it so soon. Vest: Comme de Garcons; Shirt (not blouse): Talbots; Pants: JCrew; Bag and shoes: Coach

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Blouse Under Dress: 2020

  Several weeks ago, I showed you a grey, patterned silk blouse paired with a top that would not unfairly be described as a lobster bib. That pairing was fortuitous, but the blouse was actually purchased to wear with this grey dress. Dress: Tory Burch; Blouse: Isabel Marant from YOOX; Shoes: Tory Burch; Bag: Coach; … Read moreBlouse Under Dress: 2020

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The Return of the Two-Faced Dress

  I’ve been blogging long enough that I feel completely justified in showing you something you’ve seen before — particularly when I’ve sort of forgotten it myself. My cameo — which can be worn as a necklace or a brooch — is the prize of a Terminator-like shopping expedition in Sorrento Italy.   I was … Read moreThe Return of the Two-Faced Dress

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Tied Up With A Bow

  I have never been particularly influenced by social pressure to conform. You can see for yourself on this website approximately 550 posts documenting my unflagging resistance to such things as heels, skirt-suits, and long hair (notwithstanding my new, super-long haircut). But I do feel some compulsion — and it must be coming from within … Read moreTied Up With A Bow

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