The Call of the Wild

  I’ve previously written about animal prints, urging you to incorporate them into your wardrobes, but advising you to use them in small quantities. Directrice scholars may have noticed over time that those small quantities have taken up increasing real estate. Speaking for myself, I was a little surprised — but I was in over … Read moreThe Call of the Wild

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The Song Remains The Same

  It’s summer 2019 and The Directrice is up to her old tricks: sundresses, disturbing necklaces, NSFW sandals.   Have a fantastic weekend!   Dress: JCrew; Black belt: DSquared2; Yellow belt: Off-White; Sandals: Skechers; Sneakers: Superga; Hideo-marvelous necklace: Maria Calderara

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A Controlled Explosion of Menswear Shirting

  Quick! Tell me three things you’ve read in The Directrice’s Big Book of Stripes.* Holy Guacamole! What am I showing you? A sack dress cut from one bolt of fabric (printed with a series of blue, grey and brown stripes), shaped with four seams, and cinched with a two headed belt. Et voila!   … Read moreA Controlled Explosion of Menswear Shirting

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Girl Guide

  Last winter, I promised Best Vest and Second-Best Vest that they would be worn year-round.     * I feel that no dress code applies when one appears at the office with a suitcase — even if you won’t be leaving the office until late afternoon.   ** Years ago, in asking my doctor … Read moreGirl Guide

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Two Shades of Blue

  I’m back with a new post that combines new and old things.   Fortune favors the bold — and possibly the stupid.   For anyone wondering about the sculpture that is visible in some of these photos, we are at U.D.C. I want to hug this mass of coiled steel cord, which is — … Read moreTwo Shades of Blue

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The Directrice Re-presents: Unworkable Blouse ISO Smock-like Jacket

  From May of 2015 — 2015! — one of my favorite jacket and blouse combinations. I’m going to wear this outfit this weekend! Conventional wisdom tells us that we should: (1) shop with clear purposes in mind (I need a black jacket!); and (2) add garments to our wardrobe only when we have satisfied … Read moreThe Directrice Re-presents: Unworkable Blouse ISO Smock-like Jacket

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The Directrice’s Last Idea

  My dears! I have run (temporarily) out of ideas.     Enjoy the holiday weekend and look for new material in June. Maybe a little sooner, if I get my act together. I’ll be back before you can even miss me.   Tank: 3.1 Phillip Lim; Blouse: JCrew; Pants: JCrew; Shoes: JCrew; Bag: Orla … Read moreThe Directrice’s Last Idea

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A Black and White Bouquet

  I bought a sundress from The RealReal thinking it would be great for the weekends. All I had to do was remove the straps, put on a sleeveless blouse, and fasten a narrow belt around my waist. Et voila!   Here is the dress unbelted. You can see how much it would not have … Read moreA Black and White Bouquet

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Revisiting Blue Tops With Khakis

  For Casual Fridays during the (spring and summer), I like French blue or robin’s egg blue with light-colored khakis.     Have a fantastic weekend!   French blue top: Sea; Robin’s egg blue top: MSGM x YOOX; Pants: Ann Taylor; Shoes: Doctor Martens; Bag: Barbara Bui

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A New Silhouette for Miro

  It’s so nice to start my work-week with you!   It’s only early May, but my thoughts are turning to the inevitable rise in temperatures coming our way soon. What, you may be asking, is my “baby face”? It’s the expression on my face when I catch sight of a baby passing by. The … Read moreA New Silhouette for Miro

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