Best Vest

  Continuing our awkward transition from winter to summer, I am relying heavily on cropped trousers and m’ little mules. Three hundred and sixty degrees is not enough! We must zoom in and enlarge.   I say Best Vest, but it may be my second-best vest. It’s a close call.   Have a fantastic weekend! … Read moreBest Vest

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WWMOD: An Important Lesson Re-visited

  I just started putting away my winter clothes this past weekend. It’s been an unusually long, cold, and rainy spring. I regret to say that the weather changed last weekend to hot and soggy. That was not the change I had been hoping for. Come closer and take a look at what’s going on … Read moreWWMOD: An Important Lesson Re-visited

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Well Under the Limit

  I doubt that you will be surprised to hear that Weight Securing System has become my favorite belt. This Carven jacket needs to get more use, too. Is it dressy? Or casual? The fact that I don’t know suggests a problem, but I have recently decided that it is business casual to dressy casual. … Read moreWell Under the Limit

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The Directrice Opines: Professional But Approachable

  I was traveling last week for appointments that I felt were more dress than suit. Even though I didn’t want to wear a suit, I knew I’d need a jacket because of the excessive air-conditioning that is now standard everywhere. Whisk, whisk, whisk through the closet looking for the right jacket to wear with … Read moreThe Directrice Opines: Professional But Approachable

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An Impractical Sweater Returns

  Do you have any clothes that are so impractical as to be inconvenient? That you are willing to endure a little inconvenience for the enjoyment of wearing? Hopefully, you only have one thing that fits this description, and not a closet full of them. Things not to do while wearing this sweater:     … Read moreAn Impractical Sweater Returns

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A Gesture Toward Spring

  It’s been hard to turn my thoughts toward spring when the weather has been so uncooperative. Top: Rebecca Taylor; Camp shirt: Theory; Pants: JCrew; Shoes: Rebecca Minkoff

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Casual Sunday While Transitioning to Spring

  I’m not complaining, exactly, but this has been the longest winter ever, right? It was 50 degrees Fahrenheit in Washington D.C. yesterday, on April 29th. Sweater: Vince; Blouse: JCrew Ruffle Classic Popover Shirt in Liberty Magical Bouquet — not sure why it is called “Ruffle” as there are no ruffles on it; Cords: Talbots; … Read moreCasual Sunday While Transitioning to Spring

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A Camp Shirt and Khakis

I am wearing something simple today: a camp shirt with khakis. Now, three hot tips for you. I was stopped by a woman at National Airport last week when I was returning to D.C. from a work trip. I assumed that I would be asked for directions — which I thought was a little odd … Read moreA Camp Shirt and Khakis

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Back In Living Color

The Photographer and I returned to Washington, D.C. on April 15th — somehow both invigorated and exhausted by our travel. But everyone is right as rain now. You may be asking, What is “tHiS”? ThIS is a silk striped tank featuring every color of the rainbow with a fortuny-pleated panel that needs no adornment yet … Read moreBack In Living Color

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Adiós, Chile!

It seems like we just got here, but non. It’s been two weeks and it’s time to go home. As you read this, I am probably engaged in an in-flight marathon of Marvel Comics movies: Captain America: The Winter Soldier; Captain America: Civil War; Captain America: It’s Mueller Time! After leaving the desert, we flew … Read moreAdiós, Chile!

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