Fifty Cent Dress, Summer 2017

  Long-time readers may remember that I call special dresses “Fifty Cent Dresses.” If you want to know why, you will have to read this earlier post. If you are willing to accept the term Fifty Cent Dress no questions asked, then you can proceed post haste to photos and descriptions of this summer’s special … Read more…

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Naive Kangaroo

  Surely the title of this post caught your interest!   Desiree Klein is a German expatriate living in Los Angeles, where she has a small workroom-atelier and boutique. This dress has the irresistible feel of something handmade — though it is machine-sewn and completely polished. Her clothes are both avant-garde and naive such that … Read more…

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The Bow to Top All Bows

  Did you think I had forsaken you?   Never! I have simply planned my week poorly and am running late with everything except Harper’s insulin shots. We snapped these photos in the front driveway while waiting for an urgent pizza delivery.   Top: Anna October Contrast-print One-Shoulder Cotton Top from MatchesFashion.com; Jeans: JCrew; Smart … Read more…

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Three Hundred Posts

  Here it is: Our 300th post!   Trumpets! Confetti! Cake!   I await your wise counsel. If you have nothing to say about the dress, feel free to post some trumpets, confetti, and cake to celebrate the 300th post, or a few words about what you hope to see in the next 300 posts! … Read more…

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Recombinant Dressing

  Continuing our exploration of recombinant dressing, I am bringing back a jacket and dress that you have seen before — but not together. The jacket, with its ivory facing, is lighter than the average black jacket and therefore does not overwhelm this boucle dress.     Jacket: Schumacher; Dress: JCrew; Belt: Emporium Armani; Bag: … Read more…

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A Derivative Ensemble

  When I switched from print to digital media to get my daily news, I was amazed — amazed — at how often the ads I saw were from somewhat obscure sites that I actually patronized and featured things that I had actually looked at. The coincidences boggled the mind. I’ve previously warned you that … Read more…

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A Happy Sweater

  I’m back, mes amis. Did you miss me?     I wore this to work on a cool spring day (Casual Friday) and felt that my neck required the protection of a scarf.   I also thought that Happy Sweater, though as busy as busy can be, needed a like-minded companion. A Cheery Scarf. … Read more…

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A Chic Guest

  The female lawyers of my firm gathered for dinner a few weeks ago and when I saw ARS wearing this ensemble I knew you would want to see it, too. The Directrice, (5 x 4) years out of law school, suddenly feels very old, needs time machine for personal reasons. Cannot be bothered with … Read more…

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All of My Black Jackets Are Different!

  I have a number of black jackets. On occasion, I chastise myself for having so many . . . and then my belligerent side scolds my moralistic side with a reminder that each of these jackets is very different from the others and serves unique purposes. It is: made of a fine, tropical-weight wool … Read more…

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Casual Friday: Pineapple Is Always In Season

  For those of you who need a refresher on the endless utility of The Utility Jacket (also referred to as a Safari Jacket), read and believe. Jacket: JCrew; Blouse: Anthropologie; Jeans: JCrew; Sneakers: Nike iD Cortez; Bag: Coach

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