The Directrice Normals Up

  After reading the comments on the Key Set, I felt compelled to advise, perhaps assure, all of you that I often look extremely conventional.   O.K. I sometimes like extremely conventional.   O.K. I occasionally look extremely conventional. Dress: Brooks Brothers; Belt: Emporio Armani; Shoes: Tory Burch; Bag: Coach; Watch: Michele CSX   * … Read more…

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This Location Has Gone ___ Days Without a Lost Time Accident!

  You know someone well when you can predict exactly how she will react to something.

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Robe and Slippers

  One of the many nice things about having female colleagues is that once your numbers reach a magic population, clothing exchanges are likely to happen.

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A Very Pretty Blouse

  Exhausted by my maximalist output earlier this week, I feel the need for cleansing simplicity. It IS ok to wear a blouse and khakis and call it a day. Blouse wants a scarf! But which scarf: the fresh yellow-orange or the muddy tangerine? Fresh or muted?   Let’s take a closer look. Click on … Read more…

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Made For Each Other

  Today’s post is packed with aphorisms. The Photographer made a note next to this photo, which said, “Use Full Size.” So . . . although I almost never post a full-size photo, I am honoring his request. (The Photographer also begs you to remember that clicking on any photo brings up its full-size version.) … Read more…

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  Peplums were huge in the 40s and then disappeared for approximately forty years–the Wilderness Years. They briefly reemerged in the 1980s, only to disappear quickly. But the style reappeared in the ‘teens and in 2017, peplums still seem to be going strong. I hope they are here to stay, forever and ever. I was … Read more…

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The Directrice, Now and Then

  When you buy something that is both beautiful and well-made, you should wear it for years. Getting longevity out of my clothes is a point of modest pride for me. And now a celebratory and somewhat self-congratulatory note: This is my 333rd posting! We are one-third of the way to 1,000. I wouldn’t have … Read more…

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A Business Plan

  Do you remember your first business trip? The excitement, the glamour? I do!   Did you do anything special to mark your hundredth business trip? No. It was not even noted. Here it is: Unless you have special evening plans (a fancy gala OR dinner in your hotel room, on your bed while watching … Read more…

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Acid Lemon Drop

  We’ve passed the autumnal equinox and find ourselves in a tight spot here in D.C. After a cool (wonderful) summer, it’s really hot. It could be that they are giving me compliments to cover a gaffe, like pointing or staring — remember the nice lady at the Kennedy Center last summer, who approached like … Read more…

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Wee Willie Winkie Works

The seasonal transition continues. I’ve been too lazy to take my transitional dresses out of my transitional closet. Instead, I am making do with the most autumnal of my summer clothes. Jacket: JCrew; Dress: Thierry Colson; Shoes: Dr. Martens; Bag: Car Shoe

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