The Puritan Meets The Officer*

  Today we are combining two old things — one very old, one only a few years old — with something new for a very ladylike ensemble. Such a lady! I don’t usually show full-size photos, but this brooch is so special that I believe it deserves full screen coverage.   Note that the exterior … Read moreThe Puritan Meets The Officer*

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Use What You Have, Part II

  I’ve noticed a lot of resolutions — here and elsewhere on the Internet — to manage wardrobes by implementing strict “one in-one out” policies.     Sweater: Nanette Lepore; Blouse: Anthropologie; Belt: JCrew; Cords: Talbots; Shoes: Coach; Bag: Marni from The RealReal

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Get Your White and Black Blouses Now

  Way back in 2015, I wrote posts about the virtues of white blouses and black blouses.   I may never have written truer words. This striking blouse has so much interest — the blouse is doing the work of a jacket, I tell you. There are three horizontal bands of shirring, a similar line … Read moreGet Your White and Black Blouses Now

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Relaxed Biz Caz for Flight

  You’re probably wondering how I could possibly have anything left to say after last week’s output.   I am a renewable source of business casual creativity. Thank you to all who left condolence comments or sent emails about Posy the Cat. She will live forever in these blog pages!   And thank you, as … Read moreRelaxed Biz Caz for Flight

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The Directrice Dressed Up

  Some years, The Photographer and I stay in on New Year’s Eve: we make a fancy dinner and watch a movie. Some years, we go out. But we’re kind of passive about going out. We go out if someone invites us to a party.   Happy New Year! Please be sure to visit the … Read moreThe Directrice Dressed Up

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A Hypnotic Pin

  A simple dress + a striking piece of jewelry. It’s a simple formula and it never fails. Remember that.   Fortunately, that is a visual-emotional effect. The brooch is not actually exerting any gravitational, psychological or moral force upon you; nor can it pull you through your computer and into my life. Your free … Read moreA Hypnotic Pin

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The Highest Application of a Minor Art

  Here we are, at the end of the year again. A time to look back and consolidate our gains . . . whatever they may be. The blouse is from Jessica Trosman in Argentina. It’s over-sized white cotton voile that is somehow stiff and crushable. It fits easily under this sweater as well as … Read moreThe Highest Application of a Minor Art

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The Black Widow Goes to Work

  I don’t think of black as funereal or grim.   There are days when unrelieved black is a cozy blanket to wrap oneself in. Combining black pieces of different fabrics and textures — remember, variations in the shade of black don’t matter when you do this — makes for easy outfit construction.   Blazer: … Read moreThe Black Widow Goes to Work

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Back to Business

  All good things must come to an end! This necklace and other works by MPR are made of precious and semi-precious metallic wire, worked into geometric shapes that are then linked into kinetic, mobile designs. The wire is very light, so the pieces are essentially weightless. The closure is a pair of tiny magnets, … Read moreBack to Business

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A Refreshed Post: Winter Coat Decision Tree

  I published this post in 2015 but have updated the photos and products to things that are currently available. The advice is as good now as it was then. And it was very good then!   A winter coat is a big investment and if you live in a climate where winter lasts a … Read moreA Refreshed Post: Winter Coat Decision Tree

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