The Skirt Plays

  For those of you who liked the grey midi skirt, here’s a lively second take. Underneath the sweater, I am wearing a grey silk tank that is close to the shade of the skirt and a narrow black patent leather belt. These things will only show if I am moving around (really, lifting things … Read moreThe Skirt Plays

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Nice Skirt

  I like a midi-skirt as much as the next woman. Actually, I probably like midi-skirts more than most women do. This may be the product of delusional thinking, but I think midi-skirts are chic, slimming, and elongating.   Skirt: Tibi Vicose High Waisted Drape Skirt (mine is size 4); Sweaters and belts: so old, … Read moreNice Skirt

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On My Toes

  I have a lamentable tendency to wear insufficiently warm shoes during the winter. As often as not, I wear flats and oxfords without socks. I’ve always thought that I would do better if I could find better-looking cold weather shoes.   When I wear these boots, my feet are enveloped in Cubby Time, which … Read moreOn My Toes

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The Bellhop Returns

  More like, the Awesome Bellhop returns!   Have a fantastic weekend!   Jacket: Marc by Marc Jacobs; Blouse: ASOS; Pants: Eileen Fisher; Shoes: Taryn Rose; Brooch: Alexis Bittar; Bag: Kate Spade

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The Wearing of the Purple

  When I tried on all of my fall/winter clothes in November, I decided that an old corduroy jacket would no longer be living with us. The decision made me a little sad because I had worn the jacket on my first date with The Photographer . . . in 2009. I am a little … Read moreThe Wearing of the Purple

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Rip Cord

  Merry Christmas! I assume that readership will be down over the next few days and have indexed my effort accordingly.   Jacket, pants, sweater, t-shirt: all JCrew, all wicked old (I am in New Hampshire for Christmas); Belt: Heron Preston; Shoes: 8 from YOOX   * The buckle on this belt is really heavy. … Read moreRip Cord

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It’s Getting Loud in Here

  Continuing the Print Binge Confessional that started in early October, here is the last of the dresses that I foretold. Is it too much? I realize that the print is loud and I am showing it against a backdrop that includes colorful rugs and other patterns in the foyer but . . . I … Read moreIt’s Getting Loud in Here

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Accordion Love

  Amidst all of the resistance of the last two years, I have also been resisting the return of the styles of the 80s and 90s — pegged jeans, empire waists, slipdresses over tee shirts, pleated pants.*   Step right up and take a look at this pleated fabric. It’s highly synthetic. I need to … Read moreAccordion Love

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Speed Post: Le Weekend

  I’ve been neglecting you, my darlings. I hope you can forgive me. There was the election and my birthday and I’ve been traveling.* In an effort to set things right between us, I am drafting this post as quickly as I can before boarding a flight home. Let’s see what I can do in … Read moreSpeed Post: Le Weekend

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Blue Velvet

  My New Year’s Resolution in recent years has been to wear shoes that are not black on a regular basis. Syntax! I know it’s badly worded, but I think you understand me. Have a fantastic weekend!   Mules: JCrew Pointed-toe slides in velvet; they come in this blue and a dusty pink that I … Read moreBlue Velvet

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