This Dress Has 1,000 Faces

  Last summer, I bought a tan shirtdress from Max Mara. We — Directrice Nation — agreed that it would be extremely versatile and worn for years to come. Have a fantastic weekend!

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Three Hundred Posts

  Here it is: Our 300th post!   Trumpets! Confetti! Cake!   I await your wise counsel. If you have nothing to say about the dress, feel free to post some trumpets, confetti, and cake to celebrate the 300th post, or a few words about what you hope to see in the next 300 posts! … Read more…

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Recombinant Dressing

  Continuing our exploration of recombinant dressing, I am bringing back a jacket and dress that you have seen before — but not together. The jacket, with its ivory facing, is lighter than the average black jacket and therefore does not overwhelm this boucle dress.     Jacket: Schumacher; Dress: JCrew; Belt: Emporium Armani; Bag: … Read more…

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A Happy Sweater

  I’m back, mes amis. Did you miss me?     I wore this to work on a cool spring day (Casual Friday) and felt that my neck required the protection of a scarf.   I also thought that Happy Sweater, though as busy as busy can be, needed a like-minded companion. A Cheery Scarf. … Read more…

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The Search for New Khakis, Part I

Directrice 360™ will allow a panoramic view.   Have a fantastic weekend!   Pants: Talbots Freeport Pant Double-Weave; Blouse: Aquilano-Rimondi from YOOX; Belt: JCrew; Shoes:Doc Marten Siano; Bag: 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli Stachel

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Fairly Balanced

  I had an idea recently: that I should wear a slinky black silk dress, belted, over jeans. To make something like this work, the dress needs to be very fluid, but substantial enough to cover the bumps of the jeans and blouse underneath. This dress is a heavy silk.   A pair of Directrices, … Read more…

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Live from the Artist’s Studio

  You know that I wish that I had artistic talent and could make beautiful things?   I do.   But I cannot. I can only appreciate and collect. So who is Denisa Piatti?  

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All Business

  Before we begin, a micro-plea . . .   Dear Directrice Readers: One of my 2017 resolutions is to increase the readership of this blog. Could you help me…today? Are you worried that I am about to ask for money? Be not afraid. If you’ve enjoyed this blog over the past two years, would … Read more…

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A Daydream: It’s Totally Faux

  I started this blog with the idea of showing clothes that are grounded in reality. So many high-style fashion blogs seem to represent lifestyle fantasies (or perhaps just a clean break with reality) rather than actual clothes and outfits that a professional could wear to work or to socialize. The best example of this … Read more…

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Over-the-Top Top

  I received an urgent email from Ursula in Cadiz two weeks ago, directing me to an interesting top at COS.   So unhip am I, I was unfamiliar with COS . . . which I know now is H&M’s high-end line. Is this a reverse-diffusion line? A concentration line? A top this voluminous (even … Read more…

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