The Woman in White Is Not Done

  This post shows two core lessons of The Directrice in practice. No fears! A little Oxyclean removed all of the evidence.   Moving the cat was the right call. But I don’t have limitless space, so I only deal in crushable hats. This one is partially satisfying my fixation.   Dress: Love Binetti; Hat: … Read moreThe Woman in White Is Not Done

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Hideo-Marvelous Shoes to Fill

  At the start of the summer, I had one pair of sandals in the apartment (an oversight in packing seasonal shoes for storage last year) and was too lazy to go down to the basement and bring the summer shoes up.* That collection includes some really fun sandals including these, and these, and these. … Read moreHideo-Marvelous Shoes to Fill

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An Extra Lift + Deep, Dark Secret

  I needed a little lift the other day, so I put on a special top.   Top: Comme de Garcons from The RealReal; Pants: Banana Republic; Shoes and Belt: JCrew   * I have been asking The Photographer, “Is you ready?” ever since. Was I ready in 2018? You bet! The Red Sox won … Read moreAn Extra Lift + Deep, Dark Secret

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Let’s Zoom!

  To those of you who responded to my last post, thank you for answering my question. We have a deal! I’ll keep posting, you’ll keep reading, and all of us understand that this blog is just a harmless way of connecting and amusing one another for a few minutes each day. We all deserve … Read moreLet’s Zoom!

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In Marni We Trust

  In January, when COVID-19 was just a speck on the horizon, I spent some time (truthfully, only a few minutes) jotting down ideas for spring and summer posts. I did not imagine that I would not actually be wearing these outfits to work.   Although I understand that plain white flour is hard to … Read moreIn Marni We Trust

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  I am back!  

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  Are you wondering how long I am going to post business casual outfits while work and life have been profoundly disrupted?   I am going to do this until I run out of ideas or spirit — whichever comes first — because I feel that we are all craving a little normalcy and light … Read morePeek-a-Boo

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The Last In-Person Meeting

  Hello! Hello? I know you’re home.* And now we’ve come full circle: Works From a Distance! Here are my observations on Day 9: I move around a lot when I am in my office! My daily steps have dropped precipitously. So, I need to get up and go for more walks during the day. … Read moreThe Last In-Person Meeting

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  I feel compelled to remind you periodically — and you may feel that I remind you frequently — that I do not have an endless wardrobe. I’ve been wearing this pin a lot. It adds a delightful note to almost any business ensemble.   Friends: A word of warning. I am having increasing difficulty … Read morePinned

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Blouse Under Dress: 2020

  Several weeks ago, I showed you a grey, patterned silk blouse paired with a top that would not unfairly be described as a lobster bib. That pairing was fortuitous, but the blouse was actually purchased to wear with this grey dress. Dress: Tory Burch; Blouse: Isabel Marant from YOOX; Shoes: Tory Burch; Bag: Coach; … Read moreBlouse Under Dress: 2020

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