We Begin Anew

  Another New Year! Another fresh start! While fiddling with his settings, The Photographer captured a range of personalities.   Please feel free to share your New Year’s resolutions. Despite numerous ways in which I know I could improve myself, I haven’t made a resolution yet. Remember: The key is finding something that will bring … Read more…

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The Directrice Stumbles Into Something Big

  Long-time readers may remember that I once was afraid to wear necklaces. I am pleased to say that I have conquered that anxiety.   You may be thinking, “That’s all well and good for you, Directrice — a person who takes jewelry off the backs of her wedding guests — but what are the … Read more…

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The Key Set, Part IV: The Finishing Touches

  I’ve always told you that the accessories are for extra credit. The busy professional who manages to sally forth four days out of five looking pretty well put together while expressing her own taste and wit gets an A as far as I am concerned. The one who does this and remembers to wear … Read more…

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A Very Pretty Blouse

  Exhausted by my maximalist output earlier this week, I feel the need for cleansing simplicity. It IS ok to wear a blouse and khakis and call it a day. Blouse wants a scarf! But which scarf: the fresh yellow-orange or the muddy tangerine? Fresh or muted?   Let’s take a closer look. Click on … Read more…

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All. About. The Bracelet.

  I walked down to Georgetown last weekend to look at furniture, as part of my apartment re-fresh project. Do you need a larger photo to see the awesome?     * A micro-caution: The finish of the bracelet is a little rough, so I would be careful about wearing it over certain fabrics (silk) … Read more…

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Be Prepared!

  Be Prepared! The post in which The Directrice gives you license to buy a party dress when you have no party invitations in hand and calls it “good planning.” A few words about the dress. As you can see, the skirt is full and stiff — so it’s not the most flattering shape. I … Read more…

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Spectator Pump

I like the aesthetic of spectator pumps: white, black, perforations. White Dress: Loup; Black Dress: Theory; Necklace: Nervous System Smooth Kinematics 116N; Shoes: Taryn Rose; Bag: Kate Spade

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This Dress Has 1,000 Faces

  Last summer, I bought a tan shirtdress from Max Mara. We — Directrice Nation — agreed that it would be extremely versatile and worn for years to come. Have a fantastic weekend!

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Three Hundred Posts

  Here it is: Our 300th post!   Trumpets! Confetti! Cake!   I await your wise counsel. If you have nothing to say about the dress, feel free to post some trumpets, confetti, and cake to celebrate the 300th post, or a few words about what you hope to see in the next 300 posts! … Read more…

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Recombinant Dressing

  Continuing our exploration of recombinant dressing, I am bringing back a jacket and dress that you have seen before — but not together. The jacket, with its ivory facing, is lighter than the average black jacket and therefore does not overwhelm this boucle dress.     Jacket: Schumacher; Dress: JCrew; Belt: Emporium Armani; Bag: … Read more…

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