The Return of the Maximalist

  We’re half-way through the summer and so far I’ve been a model of restraint and subtlety.   Plainly, that will not do. Top: 3.1 Phillip Lim; Ivory Skirt: Ganni; Denim skirt: Eileen Fisher; Shoes: Wonders   * I have a little more commentary! Consider the siesta in modern Madrid or Barcelona. Most workers seem … Read moreThe Return of the Maximalist

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A Very Old Cardigan, Part I

  At the start of the summer, I vowed that I would not buy any new clothes and would instead test my ingenuity in making my old things seem interesting.   I think I am doing OK with the “old things interesting” piece of the vow, but somehow have also acquired a shocking number of … Read moreA Very Old Cardigan, Part I

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Some Don’t Like It Hot

  It seems like I was just complaining about the cold and rain . . . and now it’s in the mid-90s, and I can’t let that pass without comment. Negative comment. Allow me to recommend the white eyelet skirt as a summer basic. I bought this one from Garnet Hill 6 years ago. It … Read moreSome Don’t Like It Hot

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The Directrice Presents: The Next Generation

  I’ve previously mentioned that I have many fantastic colleagues — all of style and fashion* — among whom clothing is sometimes swapped. I’ve persuaded another one of these women to come visit with you today. In keeping with the veil of anonymity that enshrouds Directrice Global Industries Ltd., I am withholding her identity. We … Read moreThe Directrice Presents: The Next Generation

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Woman in White: The Revenant

  It was really hot last week. Or, it felt really hot to me when the temperatures rose to the mid 80s after a long, cold spring.   Did any of you actually see The Revenant? It would have been difficult, if not impossible, to keep this white outfit spotless through the events that transpired … Read moreWoman in White: The Revenant

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A Close Re-Encounter

  Last weekend, I collected my thoughts and planned on paper the posts that I will put together for the next three months. By “planned on paper” I only mean that I jotted down as many ideas for outfits (and weighty topics) as I could picture in my head in five minutes flat. Scribble, scribble, … Read moreA Close Re-Encounter

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Well Under the Limit

  I doubt that you will be surprised to hear that Weight Securing System has become my favorite belt. This Carven jacket needs to get more use, too. Is it dressy? Or casual? The fact that I don’t know suggests a problem, but I have recently decided that it is business casual to dressy casual. … Read moreWell Under the Limit

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Return of the Party Dress as Top

I like wearing a fancy top with khakis. Drumroll! We have three winners from the most recent Directrice contest. I loved all of your comments — I always do. In the category of Original Material: SM and Kim. I could not choose. In the Category of Adapted Material: SS, who offered a timely Wordsworth. Prizes … Read moreReturn of the Party Dress as Top

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Return of the OTS Sweater

Perhaps you didn’t think I’d get much use of out of my sleeveless, off-the-shoulder sweater?

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Maximal Use

It may seem like I have a lot of clothes and that I buy a lot of clothes. Those perceptions (surely they aren’t criticisms?) are rooted in reality. But I also wear my clothes forever and often try to wear them in new combinations. Thank you so much for your excellent responses to the challenge … Read moreMaximal Use

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