Directrice Really Hearts Denim

  It’s no secret that I love denim dresses.   Dress: Marni; Brooch: Rebecca Collins; Shoes: Skechers; Bag: Coach   * For perspective, however, my wedding dress was not that costly. I got it from JCrew.   **We would announce the themes — which generally centered around organizing papers and paperwork (which we seemed to … Read moreDirectrice Really Hearts Denim

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Another Shirtwaist Dress Combination

When something works, stick with it. This lavender is a delicate shade. It’s showing up better in these close-up photos. Since purple and yellow are complementary colors, I’ve paired the dress with a marigold bag and favorite utility belt. Have a tremendous Fourth of July! Dress: Piper Dress by Christy Dawn; Belt: Heron Preston: Shoes: … Read moreAnother Shirtwaist Dress Combination

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  Turquoise!   Turquoise is one of my favorite stones. While it can be easily overdone, done right it is beautiful, compelling, and chic.   How to tell when turquoise is done right?   * Every few weeks, I scribble out a whole bunch of ideas for future posts. My handwriting has deteriorated over the … Read moreTurquoise!

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Just Do It (Yourself)

  A colleague recently gave me a beautiful necklace of fabric covered beads. She knows that I love vintage textiles, unusual accessories, round things. So much to love in this necklace: the vintage prints, the shape of these beads, the marvelous combination of colors. It’s perfect in every respect and especially lovable for its quirky, … Read moreJust Do It (Yourself)

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The Song Remains The Same

  It’s summer 2019 and The Directrice is up to her old tricks: sundresses, disturbing necklaces, NSFW sandals.   Have a fantastic weekend!   Dress: JCrew; Black belt: DSquared2; Yellow belt: Off-White; Sandals: Skechers; Sneakers: Superga; Hideo-marvelous necklace: Maria Calderara

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A Controlled Explosion of Menswear Shirting

  Quick! Tell me three things you’ve read in The Directrice’s Big Book of Stripes.* Holy Guacamole! What am I showing you? A sack dress cut from one bolt of fabric (printed with a series of blue, grey and brown stripes), shaped with four seams, and cinched with a two headed belt. Et voila!   … Read moreA Controlled Explosion of Menswear Shirting

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Two Shades of Blue

  I’m back with a new post that combines new and old things.   Fortune favors the bold — and possibly the stupid.   For anyone wondering about the sculpture that is visible in some of these photos, we are at U.D.C. I want to hug this mass of coiled steel cord, which is — … Read moreTwo Shades of Blue

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The Directrice Re-Presents: A Study of Necklaces

From 2016, a post about necklaces! I am showing this partly because it provides useful instruction regarding necklaces, but largely to remind you that every summer JCrew sells such cute sundresses. This grey striped one is from 2015 (I think), but one cannot forget this gingham dress from 2016 or this eyelet one from 2018. … Read moreThe Directrice Re-Presents: A Study of Necklaces

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A Black and White Bouquet

  I bought a sundress from The RealReal thinking it would be great for the weekends. All I had to do was remove the straps, put on a sleeveless blouse, and fasten a narrow belt around my waist. Et voila!   Here is the dress unbelted. You can see how much it would not have … Read moreA Black and White Bouquet

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Another Edition of These Old Things

  I know I say this at least twice a year, possibly more, but it’s very important to go through your closet when the season changes. For those who haven’t seen it before, you may want to come a little closer to take a look at the details of this distinctive belt, previously seen here, … Read moreAnother Edition of These Old Things

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