Live from the Artist’s Studio

  You know that I wish that I had artistic talent and could make beautiful things?   I do.   But I cannot. I can only appreciate and collect. So who is Denisa Piatti?  

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All Business

  Before we begin, a micro-plea . . .   Dear Directrice Readers: One of my 2017 resolutions is to increase the readership of this blog. Could you help me…today? Are you worried that I am about to ask for money? Be not afraid. If you’ve enjoyed this blog over the past two years, would … Read more…

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A Daydream: It’s Totally Faux

  I started this blog with the idea of showing clothes that are grounded in reality. So many high-style fashion blogs seem to represent lifestyle fantasies (or perhaps just a clean break with reality) rather than actual clothes and outfits that a professional could wear to work or to socialize. The best example of this … Read more…

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Over-the-Top Top

  I received an urgent email from Ursula in Cadiz two weeks ago, directing me to an interesting top at COS.   So unhip am I, I was unfamiliar with COS . . . which I know now is H&M’s high-end line. Is this a reverse-diffusion line? A concentration line? A top this voluminous (even … Read more…

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The Directrice Re-presents: One of Two Double-knit Tops

  As we have previously discussed, the physical laws of the natural world — time and space — put limits on the size of our wardrobes. This means that each piece in the wardrobe should have multiple uses. The most extraordinary garments belong to more than one genus (e.g. it’s a dress, a sleeveless coat, … Read more…

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Under the Rainbow

  I was in Santa Fe last week for a hearing and had the luxury of a little time to walk around and see the town.   Perhaps I have the typical Easterner’s romantic fascination with the West . . . but Santa Fe has so much beauty to admire. I was pleased by everything … Read more…

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Re-animating a Classic

  Surprise! I am posting a day early.   In case you are wondering, this post is not about the live-action Beauty and the Beast, which I must admit I am having some difficulty getting my mind around. I did, however, like the animated Beauty and the Beast and the live-action Enchanted, so this new … Read more…

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All Dressed Up with Somewhere to Go

  When I have previously asked for feedback on this blog, some of you expressed a desire for more Casual Friday ensembles. This dress looks like a heavy satin (though it is 100% NYLON) and features a full skirt. The skirt, when I bought it, was even fuller and overwhelmed me, so I asked my … Read more…

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And Now We Canonize Short-Sleeved Jackets

  I seem to remember, somewhere deep in the past, reading a harsh critique of short-sleeved jackets . . . but I think that they are ingenious layering pieces.

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A Mixed Bouquet

  Do you remember the rule about mixing similar prints? Blouse: Anthropologie; Scarf: Tory Burch: Khakis: Ann Taylor; Shoes: Coach; Bag: Coach   * The best line of The Tale of Two Bad Mice — after they realize all the food is fake and before they trash the house — is “Then there was no … Read more…

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