Return to Normalcy

  For those who found my ostrich ensemble a gross overreach, we veer back into normalcy today with a cardigan, silk shell, and trousers.   How is it that my greatest contribution to the Business Casual Universe is not being credited to me?     Sweater: Marques/Almeida; Shell: Laura Urbinati from YOOX; Pants: JCrew; Shoes: … Read moreReturn to Normalcy

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Make Your Own Sun

  I’ve never been susceptible to seasonal affect disorder. I actually like winter as much as the other seasons. I like winter more than summer.   Have a fantastic weekend!   Jacket: Rose a Pois from YOOX; Blouse: JCrew; Sweater: Nanette Lepore; Jeans: JCrew; Shoes: Coach; Bag: Orla Kiely   * Admittedly, this tip only … Read moreMake Your Own Sun

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An Eruptive Vent

  Imagine if confetti, rather than lava, erupted from volcanoes. Or, even better, candy — like a naturally occurring pinata! Big sweater: Theory; Turtleneck: Junya Watanabe for Commes de Garcons; Pants; JCrew: Bag: Coach; Boots: 8 from YOOX

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Creature of Habits

  It’s February! Time to settle back into my rut.   For contrast, here are a couple of photos showing the sweater unbelted.     Ellie posed a question under Monday’s post, Eiffel Duck: What’s the word on wearing necklaces and brooches at the same time? I shared my thoughts in response to her post … Read moreCreature of Habits

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Eiffel Duck

  A simple dress can be an end in itself. Even better, simplicity often yields versatility, which allows the simple dress to play many roles. This brooch came from Galerie Noel Guyomarc’h in Montreal. I selected it from a photo on the gallery’s website and believed that the little gold charm ornamenting the black fretwork … Read moreEiffel Duck

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Figurative and Abstract Flowers

  Is it too early in 2019 for a retrospective? First up: Another find from The RealReal. I knew it would fit because the measurements were provided. Except that those measurements did not include the circumference of the sleeves which were extremely narrow and tight.     I opened the outline for my book proposal … Read moreFigurative and Abstract Flowers

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The Skirt Plays

  For those of you who liked the grey midi skirt, here’s a lively second take. Underneath the sweater, I am wearing a grey silk tank that is close to the shade of the skirt and a narrow black patent leather belt. These things will only show if I am moving around (really, lifting things … Read moreThe Skirt Plays

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Nice Skirt

  I like a midi-skirt as much as the next woman. Actually, I probably like midi-skirts more than most women do. This may be the product of delusional thinking, but I think midi-skirts are chic, slimming, and elongating.   Skirt: Tibi Vicose High Waisted Drape Skirt (mine is size 4); Sweaters and belts: so old, … Read moreNice Skirt

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On My Toes

  I have a lamentable tendency to wear insufficiently warm shoes during the winter. As often as not, I wear flats and oxfords without socks. I’ve always thought that I would do better if I could find better-looking cold weather shoes.   When I wear these boots, my feet are enveloped in Cubby Time, which … Read moreOn My Toes

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The Bellhop Returns

  More like, the Awesome Bellhop returns!   Have a fantastic weekend!   Jacket: Marc by Marc Jacobs; Blouse: ASOS; Pants: Eileen Fisher; Shoes: Taryn Rose; Brooch: Alexis Bittar; Bag: Kate Spade

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