Well Under the Limit

  I doubt that you will be surprised to hear that Weight Securing System has become my favorite belt. This Carven jacket needs to get more use, too. Is it dressy? Or casual? The fact that I don’t know suggests a problem, but I have recently decided that it is business casual to dressy casual. … Read moreWell Under the Limit

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Return of the Party Dress as Top

I like wearing a fancy top with khakis. Drumroll! We have three winners from the most recent Directrice contest. I loved all of your comments — I always do. In the category of Original Material: SM and Kim. I could not choose. In the Category of Adapted Material: SS, who offered a timely Wordsworth. Prizes … Read moreReturn of the Party Dress as Top

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Return of the OTS Sweater

Perhaps you didn’t think I’d get much use of out of my sleeveless, off-the-shoulder sweater?

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Maximal Use

It may seem like I have a lot of clothes and that I buy a lot of clothes. Those perceptions (surely they aren’t criticisms?) are rooted in reality. But I also wear my clothes forever and often try to wear them in new combinations. Thank you so much for your excellent responses to the challenge … Read moreMaximal Use

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The Workaday Suit Returns with a Twist

  I have a number of goals for this blog: to encourage creativity and self-expression in dressing for work; to bring elegance and joie de vivre into the workplace; to develop confidence in selecting clothes and putting together outfits, and; to optimize, or get the most out of everything in, one’s closet. It occurs to … Read moreThe Workaday Suit Returns with a Twist

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We Dowse Again

  Long-time readers know that I will occasionally search for new ideas by using a garment like a divining (or dowsing) rod. Open closet doors, hold garment in front of you at arm’s length, squint a little, and all will be revealed. Have a fantastic weekend!   Dress: Jil Sander; Blouse: A.P.C.; Boots: Donna Piu; … Read moreWe Dowse Again

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A Heavy Lift?

  I bought a bunch of things during the post-holiday sales (late December/early January) and have been rolling them out. I bought them so fast, but as I am rolling them out slowly I cannot help wonder if I was overly hasty in my acquisitions. And I haven’t even shown you the weird stuff yet. … Read moreA Heavy Lift?

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Marzipan Necklace

  Several weeks ago, I showed you a glimpse of something wonderful. Sitting as far away from as you are, you can’t appreciate the wonder of this piece. You must come closer.   No! You want to get in the necklace’s face. Like so:   The next two weeks will be busy. The apartment refresh … Read moreMarzipan Necklace

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A Business Trip!

  I am a total homebody, happiest when I am in the nest. My job requires some travel although most trips are short — one overnight, single-destination undertakings. Earlier this month, I needed to make two such trips back-to-back and realized that it made far more sense to make a one longer, single trip. More … Read moreA Business Trip!

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We Begin Anew

  Another New Year! Another fresh start! While fiddling with his settings, The Photographer captured a range of personalities.   Please feel free to share your New Year’s resolutions. Despite numerous ways in which I know I could improve myself, I haven’t made a resolution yet. Remember: The key is finding something that will bring … Read moreWe Begin Anew

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