Labor Day: No Rest for the Weary

Because I have been delinquent in posting for the last two weeks, the next few posts will be untimely summer ideas that I intended to show you sooner. Better late, unseasonal, and rushed than never!

Do you remember this charming top?
It deserves to be worn often. Possibly every day. To that end, I’ve been matching it with various pieces in my closet . . . in my mind.
Remember This Moi?
Remember This Moi?

"What about this," she said wringing her hands
“What about this,” she said wringing her hands
Option 1 (pictured): With cropped jeans and sandals, for le weekend.
I am wearing a navy blue, silk camisole underneath for two reasons: first, and most compelling, this top is see-through; second, the front is cut quite short in one spot.

But wait! There’s more!
Option 2: with a high-waisted denim midi-skirt and an ivory camisole underneath and camel platform sandals (not pictured, but complimentary links to component parts provided)
Option 3: with a black camisole underneath, black capris, and black flats (not pictured and links not provided because you know what I mean)
Option 4: over a long, column style dress in black jersey (not pictured, not linked and not even actualized because I don’t have a dress like that)
I like this; I am satisfied with m'self
I like this; I am satisfied with m’self

For those who've forgotten: The Front
For those who’ve forgotten: The Front
 . . . and, The Back!
. . . and, The Back!

This top is, in a manner of speaking, a statement piece — but the filmy fabric and the gentle contours of its oversized waist are quietly emphatic . . .
not demanding.
Also, The Side
Also, The Side

Shall I explain?
Shall I explain?
There is, however, something quite insistent in this picture. Have you noticed?

Look toward the ground.
Clarification: Do not look at the ground at your feet. Look at the pavement in the photo to the right.
Awesome, comical flatform sandals.
Epic Directrice
Epic Directrice

Are we laughing? Or shrieking? Are those exclusionary?
For those who previously denied the plausibility of hideo-marvelous, the proof is here.
Absurd, but undeniably compelling, shoes
Absurd, but undeniably compelling, shoes

One last little detail: a watch strap that echoes the windowpane check of the top.
Enjoy the remainder of the holiday weekend!
Top: Isa Arpfen (with JCrew camisole underneath); Jeans: JCrew; Shoes: MM6 from YOOX; Watch: Shinola Birdy
Made in Detroit
Made in Detroit

6 thoughts on “Labor Day: No Rest for the Weary

  1. EEK! Those shoes! Darling – although I must know, are they comfortable to walk a distance in??
    The gauzy top is very pretty. I’m glad when you recycle pieces into other outfits.

    • Thank you, Sharla — I do my best to show repeats with a high level of contrast! The sandals are suitable — correction: COMFORTABLE FOR — work (casual Friday) but not for, say, a day of sight-seeing.

  2. Fabric of the top looks delicious. I like it best over your orange dress. What other dresses could you wear it over? Yes hilarious shoes. The sponge wedge in the middle part of the sole looks like what we clean our car with. Not that there’s anything wrong with that!

    • Nothing wrong at all — but the sandals are not springy. In fact, they are very stiff and have warned various companions that there can be no running in these sandals. The platform also look like volcanic rock to me. Are you ready for spring?

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