Peplums were huge in the 40s and then disappeared for approximately forty years–the Wilderness Years. They briefly reemerged in the 1980s, only to disappear quickly. But the style reappeared in the ‘teens and in 2017, peplums still seem to be going strong. I hope they are here to stay, forever and ever.

A top with a voluminous peplum feels like an expressive, effervescent dress to me. A little dress, like a child’s party dress scaled-up or a skater’s dress toned down. It makes me want to caper . . . and then curtsy.
Do I have a type?

The Photographer did not know what a peplum was until he met me; I have enriched his life

You know I do!

Capering complete, The Directrice is ready to curtsy

A strapless top with a peplum? All the better! It combines two styles that I love.

You can always find a wide assortment of strapless tops — bustiers — on YOOX . . .
except YOOX lists them as tube tops, which seems like a déclassé, and misleading, categorization to me.
A top like this is more like a corset or a really wide belt; it shows off the shoulders and waist.
Unable to resist full length side

Always trolling for tube tops on YOOX


Check out my tube top


My luxurious, sumptuous tube top

I was wearing a graphic tee and jeans when this bustier arrived in the mail. I tried it on for size and it was actually a great look — something to keep in mind for a Saturday night.
For work, I paired it with a lightweight tee shirt and cropped wool trousers.
Let’s take a closer look at this jacquard fabric.
closer up

This motif reads Moorish to me; Alhambra!

Inspired by the pseudo-Moorish motif, I added this old bracelet which, technically, was inspired by the art of Indonesia, but nevertheless is very effective with this outfit.
I haven’t been wearing much jewelry lately. Note to self: Remember to wear jewelry. You have many interesting things. Wear one piece every day.
Closest up

The bracelet fits right in

Have a fantastic weekend!
Tee shirt: JCrew; Bustier: Kitagi from YOOX; Pants: JCrew; Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs; Watch: Michele; Bracelet: John Hardy

13 thoughts on “Poof!

  1. I recently found your blog and really enjoy reading it! I also live in DC, am a huge fan of the North & South miniseries as well as Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries (and add me to the chorus who’d be interested in seeing a post of the great fashion from that series).

    • Welcome to a community of kindred spirits, Emily! North & South may be the best thing ever put on film. Certainly it’s top ten! I have to ask: How did you find my blog?

  2. Another huge benefit of the peplum top/dress….super flattering. The peplum dresses I have from a few years ago still look chic, professional, and great (and they still fit!). I agree, I hope they’re here to stay!

  3. I love a peplum.
    Directrice, it is possible that your blog is responsible for the urge I feel to work in an office, rather than from home. I need a place to wear some interesting clothes.
    Also, I need some interesting clothes.

  4. The Photographer wonders: what is the plural of peplum?

    Pepla? Peplae?

    In any case, lovely peplum! My clothing vocabulary has expanded greatly since we started this blog. I now also know what an armscye is.

  5. I love, love the look of peplae (I accept that as plural ala the photographer) on you and lots of women but lacking a waist, I’m not able. I do, however, hope for their permanence as it just signals a grace that the fashion industry acknowledges women like looking like women. It would be beautiful for evening sans the t-shirt.

  6. I fear combining metallic bracelets or bangles with a dress watch for fear of scratching the latter. Any tips on how it’s done ?

    • MC Bontemps — You raise an excellent point. I think my watch is a little scratched, but the scratches are probably the product of age and use. I only recently started wearing a bracelet with a watch and I only do so (I think) with this particular watch.

  7. I am quite sure you HAVE enriched the Photographer’s life! And vice versa – you seem like quite the team!
    Peplum shape is always a winner in my book. I like it for many reasons – one being that it takes sitting in meetings very well- I can stand up after a seated session and not look rumpled and creased.

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