Jumper Love

Hello Directorate! Here we are in another shoulder season, trying to figure out how to dress when the temperature and date are not wholly in sync.

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The Eternal Flame of The Directrice

Greetings, Directorate! And a Happy New Year to all of you! I am sorry to have fallen silent for several months. I’ve been preoccupied. But I’m here now, returned to you with the full capacity of my brain and heart focused on the important business of getting dressed for work.   I have resolved for … Read more

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The Supremacy of the Statement Blouse

As reliant as I have been on dresses, historically, to get through summer, this year is all about the Statement Blouse. Allow me to show you the cutouts. Leaving you with some of my favorite photos from the day. To the left, just one of the dozen expressions The Photographer caught. Like Harper, I have … Read more

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In Situ

  I am on vacation and facing a quandary. I didn’t take photos for new posts before leaving Washington and I didn’t bring any business casual clothes on vacation with me, so I have nothing to post.   Unless I post vacation pictures.   I leave you to decide which is more unbearable: no post … Read more

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All of My Black Jackets Are Different!

  I have a number of black jackets. On occasion, I chastise myself for having so many . . . and then my belligerent side scolds my moralistic side with a reminder that each of these jackets is very different from the others and serves unique purposes. It is: made of a fine, tropical-weight wool … Read more

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Dressing for a Rainy Day

  It was unseasonably cool this April — many days that did not leave the 50s — and rainy, too. Getting wet on a rainy day is one of my pet peeves. Actually, it makes me furious. So, my typical strategy on a rainy day is to wear rain boots and knee-length dresses and limit … Read more

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A Travel Challenge Solved

  Traveling to a place where you expect bad weather is a challenge, particularly for a person* like me — who thinks that traveling with more than one pair of shoes reflects a failure of imagination, common sense, and moral fiber.** Come closer and take a better look.   * A nut. Nut like me. … Read more

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The Only Way Out Is Through

  Despite holding myself out as a pseudo-expert on dressing for work, wardrobe-building, and general efficiency, I have some orphans in my closet.   One such orphan is a purple tweed jacket that I bought several years ago from JCrew. I love the color and pattern — an over-sized, diamond herringbone — but . . … Read more

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The Directrice Coming and Going

  The social contract! It binds us all and enables us to live in some approximation of civility if not harmony.   The social contract, like any Terms of Service, is a long (though incorporeal) agreement with many sections and paragraphs, but not all of them are equally important. For instance, Taking Care of the … Read more

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The Directrice Re-Presents: Best Suit

  You’ve seen my closets. They aren’t that big.   Here, I must express gratitude for having more than one closet. I don’t have as much space as some, but I have more space than others. I am not complaining. But you can see where I am heading. No, I didn’t! You know me better … Read more

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