La Menina’s Summer Skirt

While taking stock of my summer clothes, I was startled to realize that even though my dresses cover the rainbow, there is some typecasting in pants and skirts. I own three blue skirts, three pairs of fatigue green pants, and three pairs of white pants.

I thought to challenge the status quo (skirts are blue and pants are green unless they are white) with this madcap skirt.
It’s so unlike me.
What say you?
I’m really not a fan of the handkerchief hem . . . and yet

I am also not a foe; I’m fairly neutral on this silhouette
This skirt is made an ultra-lightweight, textured silk.
As you may be able to see, there is a yoke that hits mid-thigh and there joins with a handkerchief-shaped flounce. The flounce was not lined and, though charming, rendered the skirt NSFW.
Of course, this was child’s play for Fatima! She lined the flounce, and attached the lining along the hem, which I never would have thought to do. The extra stitching gives the flounce structure and interest that it did not have, and would not have had with an unattached lining.

So interesting! I had no idea it would look like this once lined, but I am very pleased.
Always learning new things
My wardrobe is an education

I think the skirt requires countervailing drama. I am not sure if I have gone from drama to melodrama. The Photographer named these photos “Witchy Dress.”
It’s a witchy skirt, not a witchy dress

I was a little dismayed to realize, after I clipped the tags off this witchy top, that my bra is visible (just a bit) from the side. This coverage gap was not apparent from the front, where the ample ruffles circling the armscyes appear to provide plenty of coverage.
In a burst of laziness — an oxymoron — I decided to tuck a little of the ruffle into my bra and suddenly I am fully covered.
Lazy person with a problem
Lazy person with a solution

Consistent with our summer theme — variations — here are two slightly different looks.
First, a classic combination: a floral with a stripe
A chestnut from the cannon of pattern-mixing

When the temperature gets really hot, this square-necked tank and sandals will work well.
Same fabric — did you notice — as my accordion-sleeved vacation dress
Charming smocking but gladiator sandals may make the outfit

Later in the summer, I’ll show you this skirt with the cream-colored tops in my closet.
Come closer and see what I mean by “textured” silk. It feels and looks like a luxe seersucker.
Whisper light

For those who are wondering how the skirt is constructed, a demonstration:
Las Meninas!

Skirt: Ganni Wilkie Skirt; Black top: Tome; Black floral top: Rebecca Taylor; Black smocked tank: Ganni; Mules: Rebecca Minkoff; Sandals: Donald J. Pliner

11 thoughts on “La Menina’s Summer Skirt”

  1. In my mind, droves of beleaguered garment-wearers have flocked to Fatima since you’ve begun this blog. Because a skillful tailor is more precious than rubies.

    Also, all of this is lovely.

  2. Such a feminine silhouette without being form-fitting! I like the floral-and-stripe combination. The v-neck is a nice counterpoint to the inverted-v in the skirt.

  3. I love the skirt and the printed tops really show it and you off perfectly. The small print just makes it. Can’t wait to see future light colors with it too.

  4. You’ve inspired me to be more adventurous for my wardrobe this summer – those “blouses” could be layered under baby cardigans easily for warmth in a cool office.

  5. Maybe not such a fan of the skirt itself but love the colours and the inspiration ! Your next mission should you choose to accept it :

    “This strange painter’s palette is blue, lemon yellow, pearl grey, black, white … the arrangement … is as characteristic of him as the black, white, grey, pink is of Velazquez.”

    (Van Gogh on Vermeer)

    • Despite saying above that Velazquez is my favorite of the Baroque, I do like the Vermeer color palette! I will work on an ensemble.


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