It’s A Fantasy Life: Resort Wear, Part I

I’ve said it before and I’ll remind you now. This blog is For Real. With the exception of the Pieced Wonder, the clothes you see on The Directrice are the clothes I wear, rightly or wrongly, to work and around town.*

I am also pretty disciplined about not buying clothes that I can’t wear.
I do own three long summer dresses that are totally inappropriate for work and too fancy for most weekend wear. These are . . . my resort clothes.
Note: I have only been to two resorts in my life.
I am simply a smile; like a benevolent Cheshire Cat

This dress has to be at least five years old. It’s been taken to Fatima three times: the first time, to have the skirt narrowed and to add the slit on one side; the second time, to have little elastic added to the armscyes for a snug fit; the third time, to have the lining shortened to the knee. I was overwhelmed by purple layers.
This hat has so much life in it
It’s floppsilicious

And ridiculous
There she is!

Years ago, I owned a number of structured straw and felt hats — until I realized that they are real space hogs. No room in a city apartment for a collection of fancy hats. So I gave them away and resolved to purchase only crushable hats.
Totally obscured

Partly obscured
I found this one at JCrew this summer. Allegedly, I can roll it up, tie it with the hat-band, and stuff it in my suitcase.

I am not sure that this hat, for all its acreage, actually provides adequate sun protection. The weave of this straw is a little loose. It will be fine, however, for lounging under a beach umbrella.
Rushing The Photographer

My friends may recognize this dress from past summers at Rehoboth Beach. But they have not seen it with my plastic jewels. This necklace would hit just the right subversive note at a fancy resort.
M’ plastic jewels

Finishing things off — a view of the back, which shows these narrow double straps. So pretty! The thin straps necessitate a strapless bra, which I am almost ready to swear off forever . . . but I’d like to wear this dress a few more times first.
Soon, I will be D-O-N-E with strapless

For those who are interested, a close up of my watch (borrowed from an August 2015 post). I love this clear, PVC watch-band.

Dress: JCrew; Hat: JCrew; Shoes: Donald J Pliner; Bag: Les Toiles du Soleil; Necklace: Marni; Watch: Technomarine
* The Pieced Wonder remains my high-water mark, but I haven’t worn it around town or to work. It’s hanging in the closet next to my wedding dress.

11 thoughts on “It’s A Fantasy Life: Resort Wear, Part I”

  1. Oh, the Pieced Wonder…my lens lives to see you wear that someday, with me following you with a telephoto lens to capture the reactions of passersby. Readers, help me! The Pieced Wonder must not live the remainder of its sad days all alone, unseen and unadmired, in the closet! I beg you, Readers, embolden and encourage The Directrice!

  2. Wonderful outfit, including hat and tote. I once owned that tote but gave it away in a fit of minimalistic fervor. I regret that! I know they’re still sold, but I had the version you have, with vertical stripes, which apparently is no longer made. Sigh. Love!

  3. The Pieced Wonder yearns to breathe free! Please, Directrice, you cannot keep a marvel such as that all to yourself. The thought of you sashaying about The District in it makes my heart glow.

  4. I love the violet sundress. Perfect for an August day.

    You and the Pieced Wonder would beautifully adorn the opening of an art gallery or exhibition. Certainly in New York city, if Washington, D.C. isn’t appreciative enough of style. Road trip for the Pieced Wonder!

  5. What a lovely dress! In similar situations, I have ceased to worry about a strapless bra and just go with visible straps in a coordinating color (in this case, lavender, navy, black, etc. would all work).

  6. The Pieced Wonder still haunts my dreams… please, pretty please, wear it in good health 🙂

    Love the sundress. I’m feeling repentant since I’ve let my skin become so freckled and brown this summer… just seeing your lovely/pale/ ivory skin makes me want to put on sunblock and stay in the shade.

  7. PSA: Some reviewers at JCrew have stated that the hat, while flexible and comfortable, is not truly “crushable” — so roll up tightly at your peril!


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