Marzipan Necklace

Several weeks ago, I showed you a glimpse of something wonderful.

Do you remember?
It’s a necklace that I received for Christmas — but only because one of you sent me an email alerting me to its existence. Thank you, Amy!
I need all of your eyes scanning the environment for beautiful things.
The  Directrice shares her creative process
The Directrice shared her creative process

A different reader wrote to me last week, asking where the post featuring this extraordinary necklace is/was.
It is here, now.
Here, now!
Here, now!

I reserve the right to come back with a better outfit this summer
I don’t know that I am fully satisfied with this ensemble, but I feel that the general principles are correct.
First, this necklace needs — deserves — an understated backdrop. The necklace is the star.
Second, this necklace needs a plain round neckline.
Do you agree? Disagree?

I also have a few cautions to offer.
This necklace is made of fabric that has enough structure to hold a three dimensional shape but would be easily crushed. Therefore, it cannot be worn under a coat; a coat would crush it. It might bounce back, but I wouldn’t take that chance.
I put the necklace in its sturdy box, tucked it in my work bag for my commute, and put it on at the office. That’s a slightly weird limitation — particularly if you are likely to leave the office for lunch or appointments during the day. So, this may be a warm weather necklace.
An epiphany occurred
No bear hugs, either, if you were tempted to administer them at work

Sitting as far away from as you are, you can’t appreciate the wonder of this piece. You must come closer.
Come in and marvel.
You come, too

That's not nearly close enough
That’s not nearly close enough
Is this better?
Is this better?

No! You want to get in the necklace’s face. Like so:
can you
Take all the time you need;
there’s a lot to appreciate
Drink it in
Worlds within worlds

The next two weeks will be busy. The apartment refresh continues (must pack entire kitchen tonight), work is busy, and I have to watch every moment of the Olympics. But I will try to maintain my posting schedule.
I watched the Opening Ceremony on Friday and enjoyed it. Not the best ever (the London 2012 Opening Ceremony remains, in my opinion, the best) nor the worst (which in my memory is Atlanta 1996, with the exception of the lighting of the cauldron, which was the best cauldron lighting ever and causes me to burst into tears every time I see it), but a solid, pleasing pageant with many charming moments.
Perhaps the most relatable element of the Pyeongchang ceremony was the performance of dozens of motivational dancers* who were supposed to keep the environment lively during the athletes’ parade. Clearly not professionals, they lost their focus and fell in and out of synchronization repeatedly over the course of an hour. Who could blame them? Fun to be background dancer for five minutes . . . but for 60-90 minutes? Not so much.
I think I missed my calling.

Sweater: Ann Taylor; Pants: Eileen Fisher; Shoes: Coach; Necklace: Mariko Kusumoto from MOMA
* Not the North Korean cheerleaders. They are very professional. They have no choice.

15 thoughts on “Marzipan Necklace”

  1. LOVE the necklace on you, and glad to see it came with an adequate length of chain (always an issue for me). And now that I’ve seen you dance I’m feeling motivated!

  2. You excelled at that dance and the photographer needs to take you to a club somewhere and show off both your sartorial moves and your dance moves. You have it in spades and it suits you. That necklace is really delicate isn’t it? I love imagining the methods used to create it. A precious piece.

  3. That necklace looks inspired by a cross between a coral reef, deep sea vent, and confectioner’s shop (in a good way!) and I totally agree on the styling.

    I was also watching the backup dancers with amusement (is it bad to say I get bored during the Parade of Nations? Especially when half the time the broadcast was cutting to Lindsey Vonn mugging for the camera?) and your rendition brought me a welcome giggle on this dreary morning.

  4. That necklace is magical. It reminds me of a living populationnon a coral reef.

    I would also nominate Barcelona 1992 torch lighting as well. The little boy releasing the arrow was absolutely iconic. I am pretty sure I stood and applauded in my PJs at home. It was exhilarating.

  5. the day i have been waiting for! fantastic. the styling is spot on, putting the focus on the necklace. i will be curious to see it come summer as well. i find that i am rather partial to the brooch version… hmm!

  6. Love the necklace. Glorious. Needs a lighter background ideally though. I now think you need to work on little celebration dances for each outstanding outfit.

  7. I too love the necklace! I would wear it on a white background. It is so bright I think it would pop out, ironically, more on a white backdrop. I would do a crisp, voluminous white shirt so the volume in the shirt matches the volume of the necklace. And because I have pants in colors I would then tone down the volume with a slim pant in a pink, red or coral. Thanks for sharing your gift with us.

  8. I am rather fond of the necklace and many of your other, voluminous ones. Would you please share with us how you store them? I tend to forget what jewelry I have if not visible, but displaying them obviously takes up space. What is your solution?

  9. The necklace reminds of little baby jellyfish… adorbs. I recall you have a dance background… thank you for the Olympic spirit!

    That grey sweater and black dress pant is my go to combo – love the proportions.


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