Bling Bling Bling

I know I told you at the end of 2017 that this was the cleverest thing I’ve ever done.

But that was before I’d done this:
This is the cleverest thing I've ever done
No, really; this is the cleverest thing I’ve ever done

Two people were inspired: Rei Kawakubo and me
Two people were inspired: Rei Kawakubo and me
Perhaps you are thinking that I sewed these beautiful buttons in this madcap pattern on an ordinary shift? Or that I asked Fatima to do so?
Non. Regrettably, non. The buttons were someone else’s inspiration. But I bought the dress and put this dotted swiss blouse under it, which I think was inspired.
This embellishment could easily be recreated by you.

Why am I giving myself so many points for this combination?
Two reasons.
First, the neckline is not a standard round neckline. Instead the back is a little high and the front is a little scooped. This vaguely Elizabethan style is not that flattering to me, but it’s distinctive, so I figured I’d try it. Surprise: It’s the perfect frame for the small collar of my blouse. Grow, Kitten, Grow is rewarded for her risk-taking.
Second, I pulled out three black blouses to try with this dress. The first one looked awful. But I did not give up.
Bas-relief Directrice; buttons just discernible in profile
Bas relief Directrice; buttons just discernible in profile

The Photographer asked me to include both of these photos, side-by-side, because he thinks they look like dramatically different shots. I am not seeing it.

Now, close-ups of the buttons which look heavy, but are incredibly light.
Not for children
This dress is not suitable for
under the age of 4
children under the age of 3

Note of the ruffled trim around the armscyes. Kind of old-fashioned and kind of fierce. It projects and looks almost military.
Also note: The dotted motif — the circular buttons and the dotted swiss relate well to one another.
A complex visual statement
A complex visual statement

Although I generally am quite willing to share ridiculous photos of myself, I am a little nervous about this one.
I took a work call while we were snapping pictures. Look at me. I look like I am ordering a hit. Only because I am concentrating and talking — not growling.
The Directrice transacts a little business
The Directrice transacts a little business, looks like Dick Cheney

Who's to say what that call was about
Who’s to say what that call was about
Most people do not look good when photographed while talking. That’s a fact.

These last few photos are pretty cute.
The Photographer attempts to take Posy's picture
The Photographer attempts to take Posy’s picture

She can't sit still
She can’t sit still
She wants to get inside the camera
She wants to get inside the camera

Have a fantastic weekend! I know I will; Desh is coming to visit!
Fan-deck owners: Please visit Monday’s post and add a comment. I am now curious to know how many readers have a paint chip fan-deck on their bedside tables.
Dress: Comme des Garcons; Blouse: JCrew; Shoes: Tory Burch

9 thoughts on “Bling Bling Bling”

  1. I love this look! And as to the two pictures — one looks watchful/skeptical to me (much like Princess Anne when photographed) and the other amused.

    I forget where you are on the hunt for more white blouses, but thought I’d point out these two deeply discounted options from JCrew. A decent range of sizes still available and both necklines look very Directrice Approved to my amateur eye:

  2. Wonderful ! What a stunningly beautiful dress and blouse combination. The buttons are fascinating. I perceive a very subtle difference between the two photos, but it may be the angle that is different.

  3. I love the evocation of a Velazquez martial gentleman in his armoured doublet and would be suitably intimidated by any legal advisor in this outfit.

  4. I enjoyed the whole thing and thought it looked very clever. The blouse with adornment does look militaryish but well placed and interesting. I love this outfit plus the shoes. The shoes make it look elegant and their credibility allows for the quirkyness and cleverness above. A keeper.

  5. It’s like you saw into my button box (my soul) and knew I had to recreate this lovely dress. My newly Directrice-inspired project. Thank you


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