Consolidating Our Gains: The Best of 2019

  We at Directrice Global Industries Limited* are all about scientific improvement and growth. But how to improve and grow if you can’t remember where you started?   That’s not a trick question. You can’t! And thus, our annual look-back is not simply a content-stretching maneuver designed to temporarily satiate content-gobblers. Nay, it is a … Read more

The Key Set, Part III: Casual Layers

  Rounding out the Key Set are the casual layers. These are some of my favorite casual business and casual Friday selections. Some have more layers than might be apparent at first glance. You may be asking Why layering? Who really cares? Layers = depth; depth = visual interest. Certainly, some garments are so beautifully … Read more

The Key Set, Part I: The Chic Bits

It’s a little satisfying to look back over the content that I’ve generated for this blog because: So Much! But I am concerned that this oeuvre isn’t as navigable as I’d like and that the most important posts (cannot believe that I just wrote that: the most important posts on my hobby style blog) are … Read more