A couple of months ago, we discussed wardrobe priorities and I posited a theory that jackets are the foundation of a professional wardrobe. But if you were paying close attention, you may remember that I said a great blouse could fill the same function at a fraction of the cost.

Case in point:

More blouse
Another simple formula
This outfit is casual and simple, but not dull.
Actually, it’s a little more complex than it might seem at first glance. In addition to an interesting cut, this top is made of really neat material. The pinstripes are actually stitched (not woven or printed), which gives the fabric a lot of texture. Minimalist platform sandals give a little modern edge to traditional khakis. The bag, which one of my friends refers to as “the disco ball,” is close in color to the khakis, but sparkly. I love the natural vachetta handle on this bag, which provides an unexpected and beautiful contrast to the glittery gold.

Do as I say and as I do
With the end of a season upon us, I am scooping up a few things on sale.
This top is J.W.Anderson, from YOOX. Those of you with photographic memories will remember that I included it in a post about stripes (The Virtues of Stripes) a couple of months ago. And now it’s mine!

For those of you who want to understand what’s going on with the yoke of this blouse, I thought Directrice360™ would be helpful.

Keep turning
Keep turning
And now resting; I don't know what was going through my mind when this photo was taken; I look like I've just been offered . . . .
And . . . stop
I don’t know what was going through my mind when this photo was taken; I look like someone has offered me a drink in a dirty glass and I’ve realized I can’t gracefully decline it

For those of you who really like details, here is the fabric up close:
Fabric up close
As I said, here is the fabric up close

Disco ball
And now the details: a metallic bag and PVC watchband.
Jelly watch band

If any of you have an idea about how to clean the Disco Ball, let me know. It has some dirt spots on it and I am not sure what I can do. I am also wondering whether anyone could re . . . re . . . re-glaze(?) this bag. I think the leather is both gilded and crackled, but I am not sure.

Top: J.W.Anderson from YOOX; Pants: Ann Taylor: Disco ball: JCrew; Sandals: Donald J. Pliner Fifi Platform Sandal; Watch: Technomarine “Cruise”; Glasses: L.A. Eyeworks “Tom”
Remember: You asked to see the glasses!
Remember: You asked to see the glasses!

15 thoughts on “Tip-Top”

  1. Oh, I love that top and it looks fabulous on you. The YOOX description says it’s primarily polyamide, is it breathable? And is it washable? I’m really tempted but for me, practicality is a priority for tops.

    • Hi AK — I just got the top and haven’t laundered it yet, but I my sixth sense (which is attuned to predicting and preempting laundry disasters) says that this top is not the most practical. The label says “WASH AT 30 DEGREES REDUCED SPIN DRY FLAT” which I take to mean 30 degrees Celsius, gentle cycle, no dryer. My instinct is telling me that stains may be difficult, but it will dry quickly. I wouldn’t put it in a regular wash. I would either hand-wash it or use a finely woven lingerie bag for machine-washing. It is breathable — it sort of feels like microfiber exercise clothes. One last note — it runs a little small; mine is a UK 10/US 6 (according to the label).

  2. What a flattering neckline! So very unique. And, I love the classic glasses – thank you for sharing that part :). Do you have an eyewear wardrobe? I consider glasses the best accessory since they are so prominent on a persons face. I confess I have many myself…
    As for your disco ball, you may have to embrace its worn and weathered ways and even drag it along for an extended period of time to enhance the ruggedness. Like an old cracked leather armchair, it may just get better with age.

    • Hi Sharla — So sorry I missed your question! My need to wear glasses (need, as in, can no longer read without glasses) is fairly recent, so I haven’t thought about a micro-wardrobe of glasses . . . and yet I have several pairs that I acquired from the years when a low level of magnification helped with eye strain. I have three pairs of black frames (bear in mind, the oldest of these is 16 years old) of varying shape and one pair of red frames. My mother thinks I should look for a pair of tortoise frames to complement my coloring.

  3. Hello Directrice! Checking in here from Australia. I came across your excellent blog the other day and subscribed. Still needing time to read it all. You are very amusing to read. I liked it a lot when you showed us your ‘magnificent cat’. Indeed! What a handsome puss. What kind of cat is s/he? Super attractive. Norwegian Forest puss? I’m loving your warm weather lawyer appropriate clothing and outfits. It’s pretty warm here usually, but winter now. Sick of the chilly mornings! They’re not that cold though, really. I’m a lawyer too and about your age. I’m enjoying your outfits. About your glam bag, you might try unscented baby wipes to lightly press onto the dirty parts and agitate a little, and then press down with a clean white cloth, such as a tea towel. Perhaps try in as inconspicuous a place as possible. I have a crackled silvery bag in a similar looking leather to yours, and I had some success with this method. Thanks again for the fun writng and nice outfits!

    • Hi Justine — I am so pleased that you are enjoying the blog. Harper (the cat) is the daughter of an unwed teen mother, father unknown. (My friend had a young cat and a neighbor’s tom climbed a tree, hopped to a balcony and impregnated her in the house. That’s a biological imperative. At least, we think that’s how it happened.) In the wondrous way of cat genetics, her mother is half her size, short-haired and smokey grey. Harper does have the look of those cold weather breeds (Maine coon, Norwegian Forest) with a thick, double-layered coat and tufts of fur on the undersides of her paws (for walking on the snow). I will share your compliments with her! Thank you so much for reading and commenting — I always appreciate feedback.

  4. After seeing that picture, if you ever visit me at my house, I will make VERY SURE that I offer you something to drink in a sparkling clean glass!


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