A Happy Sweater

I’m back, mes amis. Did you miss me?

I am always on the lookout for distinctive stripes and when I saw this acidic yellow and green sweater, I instantly thought: WoRKaDay sUiT!
Won’t this sweater be fun with a grey flannel suit?*
But first, a casual pairing.
Happy Sweater
A colleague saw me and said, I want that happy sweater

Happy Sweater needs a Companion
Happy Sweater needs a Companion

I wore this to work on a cool spring day (Casual Friday) and felt that my neck required the protection of a scarf.
I also thought that Happy Sweater, though as busy as busy can be, needed a like-minded companion. A Cheery Scarf.

As I have previously suggested, I now implore you to visit your accessories drawer on a regular basis. I found a miracle in mine.
Come closer
Come closer and behold the miracle

It’s a little uncanny how well this Orla Kiely x Uniqlo scarf goes with the zany Junya Watanabe x Comme des Garcons sweater.
Come closer to make your observations of the scarf.
Yes, that's right
Note acidic lemon yellow and Granny Smith green and keep those colors in your mind as you scroll down; work on your visual memory

Not the most flattering shape
Not most flattering shape
Back to the sweater.
It’s not the most flattering shape. It’s shaped like a giant rectangle and the top quarter of the rectangle is bisected by a line of vertical stitching that creates a hole for my head and for my right arm; the left arm escapes through an opening on the left side seam.

When I stuff my head and arms through these unconventionally placed holes,
the whole sweater is . . . torqued. That twisting creates a diagonal hemline, asymmetical sleeves, and a wonderfully complex, folded and draped neckline.
Giant rectangle
Are holding the colors of the scarf in your visual memory like I told you to?

small upclose
Colors of the scarf, colors of the scarf, colors of the scarf
Just looking at a photo, you wouldn’t realize that this neckline is, essentially, a turtleneck that’s been dragged off-course? But it is.

Jessica asked, in the comments below, for a photo of the sweater, flat, so that she could better see what I have described. Ask The Directrice and ye shall receive. Here is an aerial photo of the sweater and a BONUS knitting pattern written by The Directrice herself.
Pattern; click on photo to enlarge

Although I have been known to make fun of my cats, I have always admired their thirst for knowledge.
Harper did not come to investigate, but I think that’s because she’s 16 years old and at this point has seen it all.
Posy, keen to improve her mind
Posy, keen to improve her mind
Simba, always building his skill set
Simba,+ always building his skill set

Now back to the scarf/sweater combination.
Drink it in.
Your reward: Orla Kiely x Uniqlo x Junya Watanabe x Comme des Garcons
Your reward: Orla Kiely x Uniqlo x Junya Watanabe x Comme des Garcons

How did the scarf and the sweater come to be in the same place at the same time?
Divine intervention? A message from deep space? Or is the better explanation simply that my taste for weirdy greens and yellows has yielded a large number of garments in those colors and thus the probability of matches has risen over time?
Lazily defiant
Lazily confrontational Directrice ponders the probability of that scarf with this sweater

The Oil Slick
The Oil Slick
Should we finish this off with a simple black bag? I dOn’t THinK sO!
This is a time and place for iridescent patent leather: green to purple and back again.

The Photographer scouted this amphitheater, part of U.D.C. (and right in our own neighborhood), for pictures.
Sweater: Junya Watanabe for Comme des Garcons; Jacket: Talbots; Scarf: Orla Kiely x Uniqlo; Jeans: JCrew; Shoes: Tory Burch; Bag: Car Shoe

* Ultimately, I am not sure if this sweater will work with the grey flannel suit. There are no black or grey stripes in it; the neutral that is used is chocolate brown. But perhaps the brown doesn’t matter because the overall vibe of the sweater is color? Let me know what you think.
+ Simba is a friend’s cat, visiting for a couple of months. I think he has fallen deeply in love with Posy. Isn’t he a handsome fellow?

14 thoughts on “A Happy Sweater”

  1. I love that wacky sweater. In re: matching the grey suit, I think you’ll have to try it. I’m not into matchy-matchy, so as long as things blend, I wear ’em. But I can see that brown might be better than grey with that sweater.

  2. The sweater is as strange as it is colorful and looks really good under the white jacket. However when it goes solo it makes you look rather bigger than you are! We know you are svelte so unless you are having a ‘must look oversized’ day, wear it as an undergarment. I love the amphitheater. It looks like a giant eye glass case and you look Lilliputian. All very Gulliverian. Well done photographer.

  3. So many great looks – jacket on, jacket off, scarf on, scarf off, different arrangements for interesting neckline of happy sweater. And is that an arabesque with feet in fifth in the last pic ?

  4. I love the weird sweater! the colors are delicious. you must tell us where you found it! (the neckline IS a little daunting, I must admit. but still, I must have it.)

  5. I also love and look good in “weirdy” greens and yellows. Please let us know when you find items in those colors. And yes! Where did you find this charming creation??

    • Oh no! I got the sweater from YOOX and it was the last of its kind. If I see anything like it again, I will post a PSA immediately!

  6. The Directrice is the only person who can wear a sweater whose neckline makes me laugh. (Or maybe it’s just The Directrice’s description of the neckline is now forever entangled with the neckline itself? Either way.)

  7. Oh, please do post a PSA! I’m trying to break out of a habit of wearing only neutrals, and weirdly enough, weirdy green looks great on me. It took a painter friend to point that out to me!

  8. I love this jumper and think it would do very well with grey! I’d love to see a picture of it off you and laid flat, because it looks like it would be really simple to make something similar…

    • Done! Post has been amended with new photos for you, Jessica. Let it never be said that Directrice Global Industries Ltd. does not pay attention to reader comments.

      • Oh, wow! Thank you so much! This is really exciting. I nearly put another exclamation mark but restrained myself. I love how your cats have carefully stepped on to the paper, in order not to snag the fabric with their claws. So considerate 😉

  9. Love it most with the jacket alone or jacket and scarf. Not the most flattering fit on its own but you somehow rock it anyway. Would like to see it with both colours of pants.


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