About this Blog

So much advice on the Internet, offered from so many diverse and personal views for free. It’s all there — how to open a jar when you only have one arm, put English on your cue ball, disassemble a Bose stereo — and it affirms my faith in humanity on a daily basis.

I follow a number of style bloggers, and greatly enjoy their glamorous chronicles. But I haven’t found a blog that speaks in a personal way directly to my demographic — women of a certain age, who work in the staid professions,[1] and are interested in looking a little interesting. Admittedly, my search has not been exhaustive, but rather than continue to look, I thought I would instead attempt to fill this tiny hole on the World Wide Web and started this blog in February 2015.

Here is what I am offering:

  • ideas about how to pull together, and vary, outfits;
  • ideas about how you can re-fashion things you already own to get more use out of them;
  • ideas about how you can alter your clothes to achieve better fit, customize your clothes, or fulfill an aesthetic vision of your own;
  • suggestions for building a wardrobe over time;
  • recommendations of designers, manufacturers, retailers in case you have an idea about what you’d like to wear, but don’t know where to find it;
  • and, since I have a platform, my opinions about style, social trends, and perhaps occasionally a book or movie.

And if no one is the least bit interested in what I have to say, or I quickly run out of things to say,[2] I may turn this site over to my cats, Harper and Posy, who are keen to share their physics experiments with the world.

The photographs are taken by The Photographer (aka The Husband, aka Michael Chorost) with a Sony Alpha a6500 DSLR. Outdoors, he usually uses a 50mm f/1.8 lens or a 35mm Distagon f/1.4, both by Sony. Indoors, he uses either the Distagon or a Sony 24mm f/1.8 lens, sometimes with off-camera flash. Postprocessing is done with Lightroom.

With most of the photos, you can click to see the full-sized versions of them (which are often much clearer and crisper.)

The Directrice is updated on Monday and Thursday mornings.

Harper, testing gravity
Harper, testing gravity
Posy, testing inertia
Posy, testing inertia

We all love to instruct, though we can teach only what is not worth knowing.