The Last Trip, Part I

  The last trip I took before coronavirus upended . . . well, everything . . . was to New Orleans. I’d never been before, but had a board meeting scheduled for early February there and arranged to meet a friend a couple of days early to see the sights. Understandably, Hurricane Katrina remains a … Read moreThe Last Trip, Part I

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An Extra Lift + Deep, Dark Secret

  I needed a little lift the other day, so I put on a special top.   Top: Comme de Garcons from The RealReal; Pants: Banana Republic; Shoes and Belt: JCrew   * I have been asking The Photographer, “Is you ready?” ever since. Was I ready in 2018? You bet! The Red Sox won … Read moreAn Extra Lift + Deep, Dark Secret

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Let’s Zoom!

  To those of you who responded to my last post, thank you for answering my question. We have a deal! I’ll keep posting, you’ll keep reading, and all of us understand that this blog is just a harmless way of connecting and amusing one another for a few minutes each day. We all deserve … Read moreLet’s Zoom!

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Casual and Neutral

  After reading the New York State Bar Association’s guidance on resuming work in law firm offices and the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority’s operating schedule for the remainder of 2020, I am wondering when I will be back in my corner office, Monday – Friday . . .   * Personally, I have been … Read moreCasual and Neutral

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The Fifty Cent Dress That Wasn’t There

  A couple of months ago, I bought a Fifty Cent Dress for spring.   It will keep until fall. Or spring 2021. I am including these next two photos because they capture a micro expression that I think is funny.   In an effort to avoid congested sidewalks, I’ve been walking on the side … Read moreThe Fifty Cent Dress That Wasn’t There

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In Marni We Trust

  In January, when COVID-19 was just a speck on the horizon, I spent some time (truthfully, only a few minutes) jotting down ideas for spring and summer posts. I did not imagine that I would not actually be wearing these outfits to work.   Although I understand that plain white flour is hard to … Read moreIn Marni We Trust

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A Fast Jacket Meets Action Slacks

  Before my seclusion, I bought a few things for spring and summer. I am pleased to have them, but now feel both taunted and rebuked when I see them in my closet. They force an existential question: If there is no one to see you, is there a point to getting dressed up? Some … Read moreA Fast Jacket Meets Action Slacks

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  I am back!  

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Dressing Up Whilst WFHing

  The other morning, I told The Photographer, “I need to wear an outfit.”   For those who missed my sneaky weekend post, it’s right here. All readers should share a museum experience and identify the piece of art that — if they were criminally inclined — they would steal for their own.   Sweater: … Read moreDressing Up Whilst WFHing

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Pictures at an Exhibition

  Starting in Week 3 of WFH, I began wearing a belt . . . to work. It made me feel a little more put together . . . for myself. This sobering realization — it might be awhile — led to some self-recrimination for under-utilizing the extraordinary museums within an easy walking radius of … Read morePictures at an Exhibition

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