Good Things Come to Greedy People Who Wait

  During the summer of 2020, I became enamored of a simple Ulla Johnson blouse — a cheetah print on silk with puffed sleeves. I can’t remember the original retail price, but whatever price it was, I adjudged it grossly disproportionate to the material and labor evident in the blouse itself and was unwilling to … Read moreGood Things Come to Greedy People Who Wait

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How To Wear Your Cashmere Bralette to Work

  Surely you knew this day would come? Some of you have probably been waiting since Katie Holmes set the Internet on fire with her Khaite cashmere bralette and cardigan in 2019. I love the shape of the neckline, but thought it might benefit from a brooch on the shirt. I took a chance and … Read moreHow To Wear Your Cashmere Bralette to Work

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Joining the International Brotherhood of Catsuit Wearers

  I got the boilersuit and, unexpectedly, I think it’s the most flattering garment I own. It may be the most flattering garment I’ve ever owned.   Boilersuit: Wildfang Essential Coverall

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I Think I Wore A Vest

  Soooo . . . vests are everywhere this season. By everywhere, I mean in the fashion magazines and blogs.   You understand what that long, drawn-out “Soooo” really signals? I feel like I am not going to get credit for this vest-craze, when I’ve been wearing vests (layered crop tops, sweater vests, and elaborate … Read moreI Think I Wore A Vest

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Straight from Crayola

  So pleased was I with my striped dress from Universal Standard, I ordered the same dress in solid blue. * I think these were called “Can’t Roll” in the 1970s — and they were cylindrical with a flattened bottom. Very awkward to hold. Today, the cylinder is shaped like a triangle — which seems … Read moreStraight from Crayola

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Puffed Up Consequence

  This post may be regarded as Apex Directrice — the Directrice at her highest (most concentrated? most absurd?) moment. A quick search on Amazon turned up many possibilities for stuffing and/or flotation devices as daily-wear.     Top: Brogger   * It happened like this. I was reading about the clothes that Selena Gomez … Read morePuffed Up Consequence

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Tip-Tops: A Pair

  I was taking stock of my fall/winter clothes this weekend, and feeling a little sad that so many of them may not see any wear in 2021. Although I’ve fallen out of the habit of commuting to work and wearing real shoes all day, and am a little apprehensive about doing these things again … Read moreTip-Tops: A Pair

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Variations on a Theme

  Earlier this year, The Directorate celebrated the acquisition of the perfect (for me) cropped white denim and off-black denim. I thought you might like to know how the denims have been doing.   * Sometime, long ago, we discussed natural, aluminum-free deodorants. After trying several, I settled on Schmidt’s, which comes in several appealing … Read moreVariations on a Theme

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Universal Standard

  Do you know about Universal Standard?   If you visit Universal Standard, be sure to check out the Erdem collaboration. Just search for “Erdem” and you will see charming floral blouses and denim pants.   Dress: Universal Standard Santorini Fine Cotton Shirt Dress, currently on FINAL SALE

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The Rainbow Plays

  It’s very hard for me to resist stripes. Even loud, horizontally striped jackets, which, according to many style authorities, ought to be a non-non in any language. Stay tuned for the second half of the Berkshires trip later this week! Also forthcoming soon: a post on Universal Standard. Who’s already on-board the Universal Standard … Read moreThe Rainbow Plays

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