Ray of Sunshine

  My pre-pandemic fall/winter wardrobe consisted of many black and grey jackets. Not so much vibrant color. But I do have two (two? two!) gold jackets. I check YOOX several times a year for yellow belts — which yields a very a manageable number of choices to sift through. This one cost $6.   And … Read moreRay of Sunshine

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Technical Climbing

  A robust cohort of The Directorate — representing two continents and four countries — met on Zoom last Saturday. It was an event. Life-changing advice was dispensed (and not just by me)+ and many appreciations were offered (from me to readers, from readers to The Photographer and me, from readers to one another), so … Read moreTechnical Climbing

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It’s Back

Like many international businesses, Directrice Global Industries Ltd. and our parent company, DGI Inc., were held in abeyance while the Ever Given was blocking the Suez Canal.* That’s why I didn’t post last Monday.   * Am I the only one who wondered what effect the Suez Canal blockage was having on the Somali pirates? … Read moreIt’s Back

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Catch a Rogue Wave

  In this post, two pandemic conditions are going to join forces and create a sartorial rogue wave. Come closer and take a look at the fabric, which I really love.   And speaking of Zoom, should I call a Zoom meeting of The Directorate? If you’d like to participate later this month, post a … Read moreCatch a Rogue Wave

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Giving the Cat Something to Think About

  In an effort to keep sharp while we are having less social interaction, The Photographer is doing the crossword puzzles in New Scientist. The English spelling of words is making them harder.   I am not doing anything to keep sharp. So here I am, giving the Zoom cats something to think about.   … Read moreGiving the Cat Something to Think About

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A Jacket With A Past

  Have you started to think about all the academic literature that will be generated in future years discussing the sociology and psychology of the pandemic?   I have. I picture it like an old-fashioned card catalog. “Pandemic, societal changes. Pandemic, societal impact. Pandemic, societal regression.”

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It’s The Little Things Again

  I feel compelled to disclose at the outset that this is a surprisingly long post filled with old clothes.   Better you hear it from me now than discover it for yourself after three minutes of scrolling.   Quickly, here are the old clothes.   There are, however, small lessons to be imparted.   … Read moreIt’s The Little Things Again

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A Most Unnatural Pair of Pants

  Many years ago, I had a pair of comfortable black pants — from Ann Taylor, I think — that I discovered were indestructible. Made of entirely synthetic fibers, the pants could not be stained, shrunken, faded, or stretched out. A colleague and I dubbed them “the plastic pants” and delighted in all the ways … Read moreA Most Unnatural Pair of Pants

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The Best Jacket

  Perhaps if we try to think about dressing for work at home in a more positive mindset, we’ll feel better about it.   Pan-dressing: The Power and the Glory!   I feel better already. You can see in these photos that the back of the jacket is a little longer than the front. I … Read moreThe Best Jacket

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You’re Never Fully Dressed Without An Ascot

  I told you that I have been wearing real pants with a set waistband . . . and that’s true. That’s what I’m going to show you. But I haven’t been wearing worky pants — i.e., wool trousers. Is that ok? Here is what I wore for work on December 23rd, my last day … Read moreYou’re Never Fully Dressed Without An Ascot

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