The Supremacy of the Statement Blouse

As reliant as I have been on dresses, historically, to get through summer, this year is all about the Statement Blouse. Allow me to show you the cutouts. Leaving you with some of my favorite photos from the day. To the left, just one of the dozen expressions The Photographer caught. Like Harper, I have … Read more

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A Slice of Orange

Whenever people ask me about the success of my blog, I tell them that I have a small, but high-quality readership. That’s you, Directorate. And when they ask me if I make any money or receive any free clothes for all my efforts, I explain, “The blog isn’t really set-up for making money because it’s … Read more

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The Return of Gregor Samsa + These Old Clothes

Directorate, I think you know where I’ve been. The Dobbs decision caused me to sit in the dark staring at a wall, literally, on Friday, June 24. In the weeks thereafter, the sitting and staring were more metaphorical, but I was finding it hard to keep on keeping on, as they say. But now the … Read more

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The Reign of the Statement Blouse

Looking over my summer clothes with an eye to the RTO schedule, I have realized that I don’t need any dresses. I won’t be able to wear all of the ones I already own over the course of the summer months. And I have some lovelies that haven’t seen the sun since 2019 like this, … Read more

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When Does A Tunic Become A Dress?

Bonjour, Directorate! Or, for those night owls who check-in Sunday night just in case there’s something new, bonne nuit. I can’t believe it’s June. I still have spring clothes to share! * Some might say this whole blog is an exercise in self-aggrandizement. But I think of it more as community organizing. And infotainment.

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Wardrobe Challenge: Rain and Sweat

I was invited to an exhibit opening at the Renwick Gallery a couple of weeks ago. What to wear, what to wear? I wondered. I’ve been so few places in the last two years. It was an evening event and the invitation suggested “festive attire.” The forecast promised temperatures in the mid-eighties and rain. For … Read more

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Is More Better?

Last year I bought an outlandish floral jacket — fuschia and orange — on the The RealReal and declared victory over darkness. In defense of myself, the fushcia jacket read brilliantly on Zoom: vibrant, cheery, non-threatening. It was a great idea.

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Such A Business Lady

I am so pleased to be dressing up for work two days a week and going downtown. It’s nice to get out of the home office and it feels very manageable. I am wondering, though, if at this rate I will need to push out my retirement date (countdown: 12 years, 6 months, 2 days) … Read more

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Back to Normal: The Return of DoP

For those of you seeking signs that we are returning to life as we knew it, look no further. Dress Over Pants is back. Some in the fashion industry are, however, predicting, a swing back to more structured, formal clothes. That sounds right to me. The last 100 years of fashion have swung between structure … Read more

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Aunt Baby Battles Hot and Cold Spring

Spring in Washington D.C. has been like spring in many parts of the country this year: volatile. We’ve had (relatively) boiling hot days in the eighties and (relatively) freezing days with daytime temperatures in the forties. We also had serious tornado warning, which caused me to retreat (with Mr. Orange) to the only interior space … Read more

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