Frankenstein’s Jacket

Frankenstein’s Jacket

You may remember my enthusiasm for Marni? The volume, the pattern-mixing, the extraneous flaps?

For those who’ve forgotten, or never knew, behold and understand:
THIS is Marni
THIS is Marni

I bought this Marni jacket from YOOX after coveting it for some weeks (weeks that probably stretched into months), during which time the jacket was living in a virtual shopping cart and visited periodically by me.

Perhaps you can see the attraction? This jacket appears to have been cryogenically frozen, dropped on a concrete floor, and then frantically re-assembled. The color, a cement green, gives it a little sobriety and makes it appropriately worky.

When it arrived, however, it was a dreadful disappointment: very boxy and stiff, and a little too long. And because I had waited for a Final Sale price, it couldn’t be returned.

Something is very wrong here
Fretful; something is very wrong here

Then it occurred to me that, just maybe, a belt might salvage the situation.
Et voila!
Who is so clever? Note the heavenly lighting

While this trick (belting to add definition) usually works best with fluid or light-weight fabric, I think this Marni jacket looks great belted, even though it’s made of a stiff cotton. Belting causes the jacket to bell out from the natural waist, which looks like a fancy dress-making effect achieved with darting, tulle, and buckram when it is actually an unintended effect achieved by a desperate woman trying to salvage a final-sale purchase without expending any time or money. A miracle.

Come closer to see the details:

Purposefully uneven, but do note how beautifully the welt pockets are aligned
Purposefully uneven, but do note how beautifully the welt pockets are aligned

No, closer!

When seated, only looks a little off-kilter
When seated, only looks a little off-kilter

Really close!

Off-kilter neckline
Off-kilter neckline

To finish things off, a few silver bracelets and a satchel.
Bracelets,, watch, and bag
Bracelets, watch, and bag

Jacket: Marni; Blouse: Banana Republic; Belt: Ann Taylor;  Pants: JCrew; Shoes: French Sole New York; Bag: 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli Satchel; Watch: Michele CSX; Bracelets: David Yurman

8 thoughts on “Frankenstein’s Jacket”

  1. It is an interesting conundrum….the belt definitely makes the silhouette better but you’re right, because of the material…then it doesn’t lay as nicely! Of course some alterations could make it so much better (I understand not wanting to spend more money, it’s a gamble). But maybe with an unusual fabric flower pinned to it and paired with skinnier trousers…it could look more to your liking? I love the asymmetry of the jacket! jodie

  2. I have to admit, I like it unbelted as well – I could see it over top a colorful knit long sleeved top (stripes!), or a white long sleeved shirt and skinny black pants, with boots… an interesting layering piece with great potential. Perfect color. The asymmetry is wonderful – military gone awry!

  3. I definitely love the jacket belted or unbelted. Wearing slim pants and a block shoe could vary the architecture and give an alternate look. The color makes your eyes snappy. Love it. Kate

  4. Fun jacket – plus, you made me laugh with all those “come closer” captions.

    And I’ll weigh in – yeah try it with skinny pants and boots.

    • Hope, Kate, Sharla, Jodie — My clever readers! I should be crowd-sourcing all my outfits. I love the idea of very skinny pants (straight, not tapered, because you know how I feel about tapered pants) and boots! I assume we are all talking about something like a lace-up boot with a definite sole — sort of combat-inspired, but slimmer and more elegant? Or do you have different ideas? Since I don’t have boots like that (today!), I may have to try this with a pair of black brogues for now. Thank you!

  5. The clever belt rescue makes me smile. I wouldn’t compromise your style sense which I find is both tasteful and delightful. If you don’t favor skinny pants, than this is the way to go. Personally, however, I can always use a good excuse to shop for another pair of shoes…..

  6. Love it belted! If you decide to try the skinny pants with it unbelted, it would be delightful if you could share. Seeing something just nails it. Like seeing how the structure of the jacket, especially when belted, is picked up by the lines of the satchel. Not sure if you did that by design, but the result is really striking.

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