Straight from Crayola

So pleased was I with my striped dress from Universal Standard, I ordered the same dress in solid blue.

My reasoning went like this.
Whilst working at home, we’ve seen the birth of the Nap Dress, which is really a re-branding of the nightgown. Doesn’t it seem more professional to support the return of the House Coat?
This dress has the shape of a house coat, but because it does not button the whole way down the front (half-placket), it technically is not a coat. Perhaps it’s a House Popover.
House Coat?

Shorter length shown by grasping excess fabric in my hands
The Directorate was evenly divided on the question of length. I am leaning toward shortening this by a couple of inches as shown here.
Forgive the wrinkles! These photos were taken at the end of a long, sedentary workday.

Unaltered length
Shortened by handhold

This blue read more as a French blue on the Universal Standard website, but in person, it’s closer to a royal. A soft royal. And in these photos, it’s leaning toward a cadet blue.
The dress came with a self-belt, but I thought we could do something a little more fun.
This blue and this yellow looked to me like colors straight from a Crayola box — the big crayons with a flat side to prevent rolling.*
Nothing is more fun than the weight securing system

Although I am not generally a fan of clear, primary colors, I think this pairing is both fun and sophisticated.
A skinny black patent leather belt would also look very nice.
Best belt ever

* I think these were called “Can’t Roll” in the 1970s — and they were cylindrical with a flattened bottom. Very awkward to hold. Today, the cylinder is shaped like a triangle — which seems somewhat more natural. Regardless, there seems to be a difference of opinion on whether these crayons help or hurt the development of fine motor skills.

8 thoughts on “Straight from Crayola”

  1. The best crayons are the washable variety. That way you’re not patting down your 2yo to make sure she hasn’t snuck an elicit crayon into her bedroom again.

  2. Love the dress! Many of your recommendations are things I admire but are out of reach for me both budget-wise and size-wise, but I know universal standard is within my budget and has inclusive sizing, so I will probably be buying this dress! I bought a couple of their wrap blouses when they first launched and I loved them – they had big, dramatic sashes, which I am always a sucker for.

  3. I love both US dresses on you! If you’re still tallying votes (let’s not have a recall, shall we?), I vote for shortening this one.

  4. The royal blue color is lovely. Agree on shortening the dress. The hem should not land on the thickest part of the leg. Shortening just a few inches would make a huge difference.

    The comments about a house coat are an idea for a future post, pajama ideas. During the covid isolation I have purchased 2 bed jackets that I adore. Soft velour fabric that adds a little warmth to pajamas but not as bulky as a full robe. Great for cooler mornings and evenings.

  5. Somehow my 15 yo son has procured a Weight Securing System belt of his own. He is a bit of a fashionista so it makes sense. I’m thinking about borrowing it.

  6. The color and cut of the dress are lovely. And even me, with my longing for modest clothes, have to admit a couple of inches off the bottom would not hurt.

  7. I have to thank you all for mentioning Universal Standard. I have since purchased a lovely, plain white blouse from them. I bought a bunch of other stuff, too, but it didn’t work out well. Their petite options are not as large as the rest of the collection. This is a typical and frustrating problem for people like me who are “low to the ground.”

  8. Hooray for clothes that create opportunities to feature favorite accessories! That blue color (whichever name it gets) is stunning. I think I’d vote for leaving the striped dress long and shortening the blue one.


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