In Which The Directrice Wears Khakis

First things first: A heartfelt thank you to those who responded to Tuesday’s micro-poll by posting a comment or sending me an email. Your responses were so intelligent and thoughtful; to the extent that you have been charmed by this blog, know that I am charmed by you. And for those who haven’t responded yet, it’s never too late to join the conversation.

I appreciate the feedback and the great ideas for future posts (acquiring a coherent collection of accessories/jewelry, big-picture thinking about the closet, continued Casual Friday/weekend outfit ideas). I also realize that I should occasionally showcase a power suit, lest you all think that I show up in court wearing a dress over a dress topped with a conversation-stopping necklace.

On to the business of the day: It’s been a delightfully cool, rainy week in D.C. (I am pretending it’s London.) When the weather is like this, and my schedule permits, I wear indestructible clothes: khakis and rubber soled shoes. Like this:

Water-resistant is not the same as waterproof
Water-resistant is not the same as waterproof
This outfit combines three colors that live together on the color wheel — yellow, green, and blue. The yellow and blue (two blues, actually) are intense — sunflower, cobalt and turquoise — so a mossy-green brown jacket moderates that intensity and is more sophisticated than a brighter green would be.
Blue, green and yellow are such a pleasing combination;  this outfit combines sunflower yellow, two vivid blues, and a mossy brown green, which cuts the intensity of the other colors
Blue, green and yellow are such a pleasing combination

So what’s all this then? (London!) A long-sleeved oxford shirt under a summer tank in a jacquard fabric. The tank is supposed to be worn on its own, but it’s a little big for me. I think I’ll have it taken in on the sides and wear it with a white skirt and sandals — but for now, it’s a fun layer.

Maybe I'll have this taken in . . .
Maybe I’ll have this taken in . . .
Then Again, Maybe I Won't
Then Again, Maybe I Won’t

Two shades of blue combined in this jacquard; the colors of beautiful ocean waters
Two shades of blue combined in this jacquard; the colors of beautiful ocean waters

The finishing touch: the Birdy Watch from Shinola. This watchband is purportedly navy blue, but it’s actually a wonderfully variable color that reads differently depending on the colors it’s worn with. When worn with black or grey, it reads grey. With blues, it reads blue.

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Jacket: JCrew Downtown Field Jacket; Shirt: JCrew Perfect Shirt; Tank: Tiled Jacquard Top from Anthropologie; Khakis: Ann Taylor; Watch: The Birdy by Shinola; Bag: Coach Legacy Duffle in Sunflower; Shoes: Cole Haan

2 thoughts on “In Which The Directrice Wears Khakis”

  1. The tops you find are unique and result in great combinations. I actually think I may have a couple to try in my own closet. The blue colors are appealing as well. Good ideas!

  2. Just a shout out to your terrific writing and great style. I live in a casual beach town with little reason to wear office attire, casual or otherwise, but still get so much from your outside the box thinking on fashion. It makes me think differently about the possibilities in my own wardrobe, and even better, about creativity in general. Great stuff, lovely to look at, approachable, witty and inspiring.


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