Relaxed Biz Caz for Flight

You’re probably wondering how I could possibly have anything left to say after last week’s output.
I am a renewable source of business casual creativity.

I am a renewable source, in part, because my clothes last forever. Remember this sweater vest, shirt and pants combination from this January 2016 post? It was old news then.
This old combination didn’t need refreshing, but was delighted to be paired with new, travel-ready friends for a pre-Christmas flight: a jaunty blazer and kicky sneakers.
Nothing to it

Ready to run to/in/from the airport if necessary; don’t hang back with the brutes
As you know, I believe in dressing up — or, at least, not dressing down — for flights.
It’s not as though my regular clothes are so uncomfortable that I can’t sit for a few hours on a plane in them. I wear them all day at work!
I do like to wear especially comfy shoes when traveling and have convinced myself that these black sneakers are the equivalent of brogues.

Whether the entire Directorate is in agreement on the correct level/type of dress for airports, I think we can agree that the brooch is what makes this outfit.
The color of the brooch — navy — also adds some depth to an otherwise simple color scheme: black, white, grey, and navy. Observers might think it’s a miscue (Does she know she’s wearing navy on black?) or they might think it’s a brilliant, subtle contrast (She is awesomely wearing navy on black!).
A day brightener for flight attendants, I’m sure

What is it?
It’s another vintage (i.e., used) Sonia Rykiel knit brooch.
Oh, you mean: What is it supposed to be?
Subtle depths, my friends

This one is open to interpretation. Please share your impressions.
I see the Milky Way Galaxy (standing up) or a nautilus (wearing a fisherman’s knit sweater)

Thank you to all who left condolence comments or sent emails about Posy the Cat. She will live forever in these blog pages!
And thank you, as well, to those who shared resolutions. Many excellent (but attainable!) goals have been set.
Clothes: JCrew; Sneakers: Nike Air Max 97; Brooch: Sonia Rykiel from The RealReal; Bag: Coach Rider Shoulder Bag

8 thoughts on “Relaxed Biz Caz for Flight”

  1. I am in love with the Nike brogues. They would work with anything. For the brooch: I see a cochlea! A cochlea in pajamas. Navy on black is brilliant. Different textures = instant coordination! That’s one of my favorite Directrice lessons of all time (although I’m probably misremembering it).

  2. I am an absolute proponent of a blazer and sneakers for flying. I also often wear a unusual, chunky bracelet that elicits comments from flight attendants and other passengers alike. It’s not quite in the same league as the Directrice’s pin. One of my resolutions, which I will forthwith post, is to buy a wrinkle resistant grey blazer for travel.

  3. I can’t come around to the idea of athletic sneakers as anything but for sports, but I know I’m in the minority these days. The rest of your outfit looks so sharp, and I love that brooch!


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