The Jacket Ipsa Loquitur

I read in Vogue last weekend that a person who wants to live within the climate change mitigation goals set forth in the Paris Agreement should only acquire five new pieces of clothing per year.

My first thought was Oh no.

My second thought was: Cap and Trade!

I am pleased to report that I have not exceeded that annual goal in 2023.

I did buy this amazing vintage Comme des Garcons jacket to celebrate the end of 2022.

Still sub-cap!

Only 50 (50.5) weeks to go

As I’ve previously written, vintage Comme des Garcons pieces appear on The RealReal periodically, sometimes in small groups, and I always want to know the back-story. I generally assume an executor (best case scenario: bemused; more likely scenario: nonplussed) is involved.

Sadly, no seller history is provided, but this garment description was unusually detailed and told me that the jacket was part of the 2005 Spring Collection.

A little quick research enabled me to find a slideshow of the whole collection on Vogue and to see my jacket in ivory, styled with: a matching pieced, asymmetrical skirt; an English barrister’s wig, and; a white eye mask painted on the model’s face. Clearly, a work ensemble for a lawyer!

How could I not be captivated?

I couldn’t not be, meaning: I was.

The Photographer calls these horizontal shots “establishing shots”

I had to show you right away. So on a beautiful, unseasonably warm day (5 garments each! 5 garments each!), I swapped my cropped sweater vest for the jacket and The Photographer and I rushed into the setting sunlight.

I could probably do better than this white blouse for a layer to wear under the jacket — but it does need contrast to show the piecing.

Establishing what, I ask you? The Directorate does not pay good money to look at photos of defoliated shrubbery

The only thing that’s being established in these photos is the awe-inducing power of this jacket; Behold, fools!

Can you see the piecing? If not, wait for the close-ups.

Are you seeing the ski-jump sleeves? That is all engineered with ingenious seams and interfacing.

Is Washington D.C. ready for this jacket?

Well, ready or not, it’s coming.

“Fools” was not directed at you, Directorate; I mean everyone but you and me

Come closer and observe the pieces and seams.

When I looked at this jacket on-line, I thought that I might try to normalize the sleeves. But when I saw them in person, I realized it would be wrong to touch them.

Now a close close-up.

I would never wear this to court, with or without a barrister’s wig.

I will wear it to work. The new management wisdom is that one must provide the right incentives to draw workers back to the office, to make the commute and the lessened flexibility of the office setting seem worthwhile.

Pregnant pause.

I owe this to my colleagues.

Continuing to hold up my end of the social contract

Original caption from 2016 — Have you ever seen anything like it, before or since? — still works

Thankfully I held something back. See you downtown this summer!

7 thoughts on “The Jacket Ipsa Loquitur”

  1. Congratulations on your interesting new acquisition! I have no doubt you will style it for the office and look smashing.
    The Vogue article bit is quite a surprise. Not sure I could stay near that limit, though it is a noble goal… How ironic that a magazine celebrating fashion is suggesting such moderation..

  2. Are they referring to five totally new garments? If so, I am fine, as I get most of my clothes from Goodwill and other 2nd-hand shops. I figure that’s a win for the environment and for folks in need, so I am entitled to an unlimited number of purchases from this category.
    The jacket is a masterpiece.

    • The Directorate honors you for simply trying, Felicia! I won’t make this goal, but it’s given me something to think about.


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