A Chic Guest

The female lawyers of my firm gathered for dinner a few weeks ago and when I saw ARS wearing this ensemble I knew you would want to see it, too.

ARS very graciously agreed to be the subject of a post and turned herself over to the tender mercies of The Photographer and me in the role of Art Director and Intern.
ARS also agreed to answer a few questions about clothing. I started this blog as a personal challenge and creative outlet, but I feel certain that my enthusiasm for clothes — artistry, craft, symbolism, and function . . . and history, psychology, and sociology — is apparent. Because I am interested in how others view clothing, I assume you are, too.
Living proof!
Living proof that I am employed and have at least one colleague

Do you see where this is going?
We went to City Center because the lanterns strung across Palmer Alley were so pretty
Let’s start with an open-ended interpretive question that has neither a right nor wrong answer. How do you interpret business casual?
ARS: I think of business casual as a more comfortable alternative to what is generally accepted business attire – jacket optional, no stockings, and a little more room to play with colors, shapes, and bold accessories.
That’s just wrong. Just kidding! I think you’ve hit upon the essence of this complex social construct.

Does business casual mean different things on different days for you?
ARS: I try to take it up a notch when I have an important meeting or on a day when I feel especially tired or worn out. I find that pulling together a polished look gives me an energy boost – – you’re basically “faking it ’til you make it.”
Some people wear their sloppy clothes when they feel down, but I am with you.
While it can be satisfying to telegraph a downbeat mood with downbeat clothes,
I prefer the mood boost. Except when it rains.
Dramatic hem tapers to an asymmetrical point in the back
We learned that Palmer Alley, notwithstanding its name and green street sign, is not a city alley; it’s private property

Very patient with The Photographer and Intern
It was a little windy so I had to hold the light stand and flash; here ARS is very patient with us while we fiddle with equipment
Have you ever worn something to work and then realized it was a mistake?
ARS: Cat hair.
This happens to me every day.

If Directrice Global Industries LLC had access to a time-travel machine and were using it for the noble purpose of sending people back in time to advise their younger selves on dressing for professional environments, what advice would you give your younger self?
This one goes for work and otherwise: Always be on the lookout for quality statement pieces, especially when travelling. I’m a pretty frugal shopper and don’t often splurge on extras, but some of my favorite go-to work accessories – scarves, bags and shoes – were impulse buys.
At this point, we are being chased away by security
Hot Tip: If you want to be inconspicuous when you are trespassing, don’t set up a lightstand and diffuser umbrella; at this point, security has ascertained that we have no permit and has asked us to move on

Extremely cool shades
We went to the roof of our office building, which actually is a pretty good spot for pictures; extremely cool shades, ARS
Has your style evolved during the time you’ve worked at our firm?
ARS: When I started at the firm over 5 years ago, I was straight out of graduate school. I have since transitioned away from my wardrobe of very basic “summer internship” suits and leftovers from my 20-something nonprofit professional life by slowly swapping out my favorite pieces for upgraded versions of the same, and tailoring older items of good quality. As The Directrice and her readership knows, tailoring makes huge difference in achieving a polished fit!

The Directrice, (5 x 4) years out of law school, suddenly feels very old, needs time machine for personal reasons. Cannot be bothered with saving humanity from dressing inappropriately.
Like an obi belt, but more complicated
Expertly tied square knot by Intern
Expertly tied square knot by Intern under supervision of Art Director

We all need these shoes
We all need these shoes
Extremely cool clutch
We need the bag, too

Let’s all thank ARS for sharing her fantastic tunic with us as well as providing a break from photos of me!
ARS Is Wearing . . . Sunglasses: Ann Taylor; Tunic: House of Sunny UK; Black Shirt: Uniqlo; Ankle Pants: Gap; Shoes: Franco Sarto; Clutch: Sisley

10 thoughts on “A Chic Guest”

  1. I’m smiling to myself, envisioning a bunch of lawyers being chased off private property (who knew?) by security — I’m sure you adroitly talked your way out of any trouble, LOL.

    Your colleague/model is beautiful! I love her style.

  2. ARS, Directrice, and Photographer – what an excellent collaboration! ARS – I LOVE the tunic, and you wear it so well. Do you think the rest of the people at the firm realize that they have these two cutting edge fashionistas in their midst??

  3. Hooray for the guest model! Love this entire outfit. Minimalist without being boring. Particularly love the complicated obi belt. Checking out House of Sunny UK now.

  4. Really great guest choice who wears a terrific ensemble and pretty into the bargain. The look is very smart and zen as well. It could not be better.

  5. how fabulous! I love everything about the outfit, but the tunic is the star. I can see why the Directrice immediately commandeered you for a photoshoot. Well done!


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