Use What You Have

I did warn you a few weeks back that the second year of The Directrice would involve ingenious re-cuts of things you’ve seen before.

Do you remember the charms of this shapeless dress? Allow me to refresh your memory: click here.
I could be lying to m’self, but I think it looks totally different belted with wedges. It’s like a whole new dress.

I'll tell you what we have here
I’ll tell you what’s going on here
So what’s going on here?
First, we have an old dress cinched with a mustard yellow patent leather belt. I tried a couple of black belts (one skinny and one 1″ wide) and decided that skinny was the right width, but that black looked dull.
By the way, you’ve seen this belt before, right here.

Then we have a sparkly brooch. I decided to wear it very high on the neckline — so high that it is partially above the neckline — and am delighted with the effect. You’ve seen this brooch before, too.
My Riverwalk souverneir
My Riverwalk souvenir

You’re much too far away!
Can you even see the brooch from there?
Come closer, my pet
Come closer, my pet
Much closer
Much closer

Walking Tall
The Directrice: Walking Tall
Moving right along, we have new shoes: patent leather wedges. Everyone has these shoes, and now I do, too!
They’re easy to walk in.

I don’t wear heels, but I think I can manage these.
Admiring my shoes . . . an wondering why I didn't buy them years ago
Admiring my shoes . . . and wondering why I didn’t buy them years ago

Little black bag
Little black bag
And finishing things off, a little black bag.
This one, from Furla, came with a short handle attached and a detachable long strap. Neither strap was the length I really wanted (long enough to wear comfortably on my shoulder, short enough to not swing around). So, I doubled the long strap by threading it through one of the rings. I think I am going to cut the short strap off; it’s just in the way, buckling awkwardly.

Dress: Marni; Belt: JCrew; Shoes: Cole Haan Catalina Wedge from Zappos; Brooch: Vintage; Bag: Furla Metropolis (seems to be sold out in black)

6 thoughts on “Use What You Have”

  1. I think you should remove that short strap!

    Is it my imagination, or is your dress slightly fuzzy?
    I like it with the pop of color at the waist and a little shiney sumpin at the neck.
    And the cut of that dress is very clever.

  2. Such a clever idea to put a belt above a drop waist dress, it never would have occurred to me. I agree with MGT that the placement of the brooch is lovely. Glad you are back with us!

    • I am generally not a fan of drop-waists; I think they are hard to carry off. But with the belt, I think it is a flattering and interesting look.


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