Tying Up a Loose End

Think of this blog as a well-crafted novel. . . or one of those disaster films from the 70s. All the story-lines were laid out in the first year; this year each one will be tied up, leading us to some sort of meaningful, satisfying conclusion. And then if people really like it, several sequels will follow.

Last year, I posted a lament about crop tops. But I did posit that they could be worn as an outer layer (in lieu of a vest, sweater or sweater-vest) and look quite charming. I even advised that a black crop top might be particularly useful.
So prescient!
Yeah, prescient
Yeah, prescient

Am I pulling this off?
You could not be more pulling this off, Directrice
That depends . . .
on how you define "pulling it off"
on how you define “pulling it off”

In case you are wondering what this crop top is made of . . .it’s eyelet.
At least, I think this is an eyelet
At least, I think this is an eyelet

Are you wondering about the blouse, too?
You were wondering about the blouse, weren’t you?
Perhaps you want to see the blouse, too?
This is another statement blouse that I acquired last winter. After the ones you know about. I was too ashamed to tell you about it at the time, but I feel it is now fully justified because it’s just the thing to wear with this crop top.
Layered ruffles go halfway around the blouse.

And for purely cosmetic reasons, the blouse is belted. The belt is totally unnecessary, but it kind of makes the blouse.
blah blah
Made blouse

And then there are extra-long cuffs, which make me think of Dickensian clerks and their detachable cuffs.
It was a dirtier time
Victorian England was a dirtier time; Clean Air Act = good

I believe in the power of Airborne
Directrice is warding off disease with Diet Coke, Scarf + Airborne
For the big finish (and because we’ve had some unseasonably cool weather this spring), a scarf to protect my throat.

This scarf has everything: calico, animal print, sequins, leather + tassles. It’s wonderfully bizarre.
This scarf has it all

Crop top: Theory; Blouse: Monki Pleated Detail D-Ring Shirt from ASOS; Pants: JCrew Campbell Wool Capri; SHoes: Coach Noella flat; Scarf: Coach; Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs Natasha Crossbody

10 thoughts on “Tying Up a Loose End”

  1. Love the ensemble, all the details are fantastic!
    You’re really good at putting things together – things I would never imagine pairing.
    How do you go about this? Is it serendipity or is there a method to the madness?

    • Thank you! I have a few methods, but they aren’t terribly scientific. Whenever I get something new, I try to think of a few ways that I could wear it. I buy a fashion magazine every once in a while and might get some inspiration from one of the editorial features — usually a color combination or a combination of silhouettes — and then I’ll see if I can approximate it. And, I tend to think that if I love two things separately — say, a blouse and a jacket — I might love them twice as much together!

  2. You totally pull this look off. That crop top is so edgy! It reminds me of a little bit of armor, like a handy breastplate. The scarf is so great – so versatile!

    • The crop top is weirdly ferocious. The fabric has a lot of structure. But I have no plans for crime fighting . . .

  3. I love the scarf and how you can detach the tassels. I have kind of a thing against Coach because they are so logo laden, but you have several things from Coach that I think are nice, I really should drop in there.

    I’m a sucker for statement blouses. I’m not really a jacket person and a blouse like that has presence. They do require ironing but I apply spray starch liberally and unless I get really sweaty they can usually be worn twice before washing.

  4. Ever since I read this entry, I have been wondering how one finds interesting white blouses. Any thoughts, oh wise Directrice? Just search clothing sites or did you have a method to your quest?

    • Hello Elena! I look on sites that are likely to have a wide range of choices from a variety of manufacturers. YOOX may have too many choices (unless you narrow the search — e.g., long-sleeve, sleeveless, etc. or by price). I searched on Matches (www.matchesfashion.com) for expensive blouses and ASOS (www.asos.com) for reasonably priced ones and found great options on both sites. Good luck!


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