Shark Bitten

Last winter I mentioned to The Photographer that I had never seen the movie Jaws. He was astonished and immediately ordered it via Amazon Streaming.

Is it weird that I found the movie . . . boring? And that I found Robert Shaw’s character beyond ridiculous?
The score and all of beach scenes, however, are great.
Despite my mixed reaction, I absorbed the central lesson of Jaws: Summer = Sharks.
Or perhaps the lesson is you’re always going to need a bigger boat

Somehow, the top became mine!
It’s summer, it’s Casual Friday, and I am wearing a Marni top that you may remember was part of a special YOOX edit that my best friend and I went through when trying to select an outfit for her 30th high school reunion last summer.
It looks as though a shark has taken a piece of it.

Marni! My first weirdy European, asymmetrical love!
I had dinner with my female partners (law partners) this week and one of them was wearing this amazing Marni dress which she got from Rent The Runway. It made me think that it is, perhaps, time to pass the torch.
The teacher is thrilled to be the student

Let’s take a closer look at the Marni signatures. There are more than one:
Inexplicable bite taken out of top, revealing interfacing
Long, leather pull on zipper; may not be visible against navy blue
Squared armscyes

Come closer and look at this detail.
Is it a blue and white rainbow? The entrance to a cave?Just a basic parabola?
It’s been a long time since I’ve used the word parabola

Thank you to all of you who posted such kind and personal messages regarding Harper. She was my great delight and I am so gratified to have given her eternal life through this blog.
For those who lamented the loss of her participation in these posts: I have hundreds of photos that you’ve never seen. She’ll be back.

Have a fantastic weekend!
Top: Marni; Pants: Ann Taylor; Sandals: Donald J. Pliner; Bag: Kate Spade

3 thoughts on “Shark Bitten”

  1. I’ve never seen JAWS, either, but I played the music bunches of times when I was still a professional violinist. I love this top! I also like your adjective “weirdy.” Today I looked at my dill flowering like crazy and thought, “weirdy green!” Now I will be on the alert for a “weirdy European” plant, I guess.

  2. I am just finishing a vacation in Cape Cod, where there were two recent sightings of sharks eating seals, both caught on video. Fascinating. We also took the kids to see Jaws, and I agree it is a bit boring at times, but the characters are some of the lines are classic. Based on all of this I think it is safe to say that the Marni top would have a much more jagged edge if it had been bitten by a shark! Perhaps they used a cookie cutter?

  3. I have never seen Jaws, yet my daughter has just informed me that it’s Shark Week…

    The top is quite original. Love the color.


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