Refreshing, Restyling and Remaking

High Priestess of Weirdy Green

Oyez, oyez! Summer is over. It’s fall. I’ll be clearing out my summer back-catalog and moving on to fall photos soon. I am reminded: Time to ransom all the winter coats that I stored at the cleaner’s. What a dull task for this weekend . . . It’s kind of bizarre, but I sort of … Read more

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The Long and Short of It

  Directorate, when I tell you that you should do something, how many of you actually go do it?   Have a wonderful weekend!   * Two friends who read this blog told me that they bought Schmidt’s deodorant based on my enthusiastic recommendation.   + This was not Fatima! I needed the dress shortened … Read more

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A Slice of Orange

Whenever people ask me about the success of my blog, I tell them that I have a small, but high-quality readership. That’s you, Directorate. And when they ask me if I make any money or receive any free clothes for all my efforts, I explain, “The blog isn’t really set-up for making money because it’s … Read more

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Back to Normal: The Return of DoP

For those of you seeking signs that we are returning to life as we knew it, look no further. Dress Over Pants is back. Some in the fashion industry are, however, predicting, a swing back to more structured, formal clothes. That sounds right to me. The last 100 years of fashion have swung between structure … Read more

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  In our CLE/CME series “Advanced Alterations: Case Studies” I give you: Hand-blocked Dress Over Pants (HBDOP) — a better-fitting dress over all-season white denim.   I added this dress to my list of “things requiring alteration” and waited to be reunited with Fatima.   Et voila!     * Provided for the CDE participants.+ … Read more

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An Expert at Work

Fatima came to visit a few weeks ago and for once, we took photos of a few garments before they were altered so that you could see how they were altered and what a difference alterations make.   What follows is a true story.   * I had two denim tops: this one from 2016 … Read more

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White Rook/Black Rook

  Do you remember that I told you, long ago, that a Substantial Top could stand in for a Smart Jacket under certain circumstances?   It’s true. True that I said it, and true as a statement of fact.   Here, I will show you casual tops of substance standing in for casual smart jackets. … Read more

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Perennial Polka Dots

  Has there ever been a time in my life when I didn’t have a polka dot dress in my closet?   I don’t think so. Maybe college.   Dress: Sir the Label; Belt: Pinko Uniqueness from YOOX; Shoes: Rebecca Minkoff   * I had an image in my head of Princess Diana in an … Read more

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Shine On, Strapless Utility Dress!

  Egad! Summer is over. So soon? I just brought my sandals up from the storage bin. I don’t know how The Directorate feels about Strapless Utility Dress, but the Directrice herself loves it. This dress has so many faces.* Something happened to the buckle on the self-belt — the buckle prong is, somehow, missing … Read more

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The Directrice Now and Then

  The most devoted Directrice scholars may recognize this outfit from its original post date (August 2015) or from its inclusion in the Key Set (October 2017), but it will surely be new to some of you? And welcomed by all of you?   Top: Anthropologie; Pants: JCrew Point Sur Washed Wide-Leg Crop Pants; Shoes: … Read more

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