It’s The Little Things Again

I feel compelled to disclose at the outset that this is a surprisingly long post filled with old clothes.
Better you hear it from me now than discover it for yourself after three minutes of scrolling.
Quickly, here are the old clothes.

Old jacket, old shirt, old pants
Old jacket, old top, old shirt

There are, however, small lessons to be imparted.
What’s that you say? Stop the excuses and start the lessons?
By all means; buckle your seatbelts

This post is really about small details that can finish your outfits as well as make your old clothes feel fresh to you.
As we have discussed in the past, different shades of black can look beautiful together. Here, an off-black belt looks great with a velvety (fine-wale corduroy) black jacket. Contrast looks best when it is connected to differences in texture.
The eagle-eyed among you may notice the printing on this belt. It’s Off-White, the maker of the cult (fashion cult) yellow industrial webbing belt shown here, here, here, and here.
Loving my yellow belt as I do, I have been on the lookout for others — but they rarely go on sale. The industrial webbing belt has been fabricated in various widths, colors, with different buckles, and even some different materials.
Looking good while capable of restraining 5,400 lbs.

This skinny black version crept into my line of sight a few months ago — at the same time that I became aware that Off-White was rolling out a new font and motif on this iconic belt. Oh no. I do not care for the new version.
That was ample motivation to snap up this belt in the original style.
Snapped up before they are all gone

Change is bad.
Is that one of the lessons?
So it would seem

No, I’m teasing; the lesson, as always, is Fortune Favors The Bold

In case anyone wants to see my brooch up close, be my guest.
I’m wearing it for Zoom because the fantastic belt isn’t in the frame.
No need to social distance when you’re visiting me on this website

Here’s the other old set of clothes. You’ve seen the jacket and top before — today I am pairing them with the Plastic Pants. Their rejuvenation, however, is coming from a different source. As discussed last week, the Plastic Pants are a miracle of engineering and material science, not design.
In addition to being impervious to butter, red wine, and extinction-level event radiation, the pants are possibly larger on the inside than the outside; think about that

I started the day like this. Two layers: a crisp white blouse under a double-knit top.
But I was freezing.
My day started like this, but indoors

Did you say you were freezing in your own apartment?
I did; the Thermostat War is not a limited engagement

Very fortunate
Fortunately, there were a few jackets in my closet.
I settled on this lively one, which I hadn’t worn for awhile — and had mentally pegged for give-away.
What was I thinking? It’s so cute.

I love tartans and plaids, but they need to have lightness to them. I don’t mean “lightness” in the sense of weight. I mean sartorial lightness. They can’t be worn too seriously.
This JCrew jacket has frivolity built-in: a technical fabric base adorned with militaristic braid.
But I decided to go for just a little more — with an abstract, modern necklace.
No harm done in making a mental give-away list; was still in the closet

In my Internet travels of the last few months, I found a delightful gallery in Cincinnati, Ohio, filled with beautiful handmade jewelry: Ombre Gallery.
One of my smaller efforts during the pandemic — ranked below “keep sanity” but above “maintain weight” is “support artists and gallerists.” I think I’ve been more successful in this effort than the other two.
Morgan Hill Cinnamon necklace

This striking piece is painted wood, suspended on a metal coil. I think it’s so interesting.
I asked The Photographer for his opinion. He thinks it looks a little like teeth.
Am hunter, who wears the teeth of beasts slayed? OK

This immediately made me think forward, to my next negotiation/mediation.
“What it’s going to take to settle this case?”
Fifty million dollars and that guy’s teeth.
A necklace to mediate in

I bought some masks from JCrew this year and one is the same Stewart variation as my jacket. Perfect!
Among the many reasons to love tartans is: they’re easy to match and they all look good together.
If you have a little time this week, pay a visit to Ombre Gallery.
Decked out in Stewart

6 thoughts on “It’s The Little Things Again”

  1. I am enjoying this post from beginning to end. Bring on the old clothes which we know stand the test of time. The jacket and mask in the final frame are marvelous.

  2. The lesson I take from this is that you *never* look like you’re wearing old clothes if the pieces have true character and/or are timeless (and of course meticulously cared for) — last week’s gray sweater serving as a perfect example. And if I don’t get to use the phrase “Fifty million dollars and that guy’s teeth” before I retire, I’ll know I chose the wrong career. Thanks for another brightened Monday!


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