A Close Re-Encounter

Last weekend, I collected my thoughts and planned on paper the posts that I will put together for the next three months. By “planned on paper” I only mean that I jotted down as many ideas for outfits (and weighty topics) as I could picture in my head in five minutes flat. Scribble, scribble, scribble.*

I realized that over the last three summers (2015, 2016 and 2017) you have seen all of my summer dresses. Well, all but one . . . which you will see soon enough.
So, as previously previewed, this will be the Summer of Variations. For example, this diaphanous Marni overdress, last seen in the summer of 2016, is reappearing with a new slip-dress under it and different shoes and jewelry.
Note that my hair has not changed one whit

I heard Mel Horowitz in my head saying, “It looks like underwear!”**
I previously wore this dress with just a black slip (not a slip-dress, but a slip) under it — until last year, when I decided that I had, perhaps, been wearing underwear as clothes . . . which really does not qualify as Business Casual.
The search for a black slip-dress — something a little more substantial than a slip — commenced and went on for over a year.+ I wanted something simple with a v-neck in the front, standard spaghetti straps, and a straight back that would cover a bra. And I didn’t want to pay too much for it.

This slip-dress has side slits, which I think I like. They create a little movement at the hem.
If this dress were silk (or slippery like silk) it would be perfect, but unfortunately it is rayon-tencel blend and therefore creates a little friction when it comes into contact with the overdress . . . which it does continuously when I am wearing both.
Not smooth as silk

Wait for it . . . yes, just remembered that I forgot a bracelet
You know how I frequently forget to accessorize my outfits? When I plan them on paper, I always include a piece of jewelry, a scarf or a belt. And yet I still forget to put the accessory on before leaving the house to take pictures.

I forgot my Gemini Capsule bracelet!
Gemini Capsule seems like the right companion for Close Encounter

Must remember to accessorize!
This is what I forgot, even though it was written down

I think you need to come a little closer to see this bracelet, which is 3-D printed.
You fascinate me, Blue Bracelet

Have a fantastic weekend! Two small things that might entertain you: (1) this goal (second video in the entertaining cover article), from the Champions League Final last weekend and (2) this NBC promotion for EPL coverage, featuring Jason Sudeikis playing an American football coach who finds himself, briefly, in charge of the Tottenham Hotspurs. If you like that video, you will love this one.
Dress: Marni; Slip dress: Splendid; Shoes: Rebecca Minkoff; Bracelet: Maria Eife at Jewelers’Werk


* When when presented with a volume of The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire — a seminal work of history published in 8 volumes over the course of 12 years that remains influential to this day — the Duke of Gloucester said to the author, “Always scribble, scribble, scribble. Eh, Mr. Gibbon?” I think of this encounter often.
+ It was not a full-time search.
** Surely you remember this line? From a movie.

6 thoughts on “A Close Re-Encounter”

  1. I have a couple of dresses, including a delightful Missoni that I got for a bargain, that desperately need a slip dress under them. I still haven’t worn them, because I can’t find any slip that works, for the reason you say: friction would cause me to tug regularly at the fabric. Any suggestions for places to find this miraculous and necessary item?

    And I love that dress with that bracelet.

  2. It looks beautiful. Hope the friction doesn’t inhibit the wearing of it now and again. It looks like it was meant to be along with the accessory. Love those shoes, an inspired purchase.

  3. This idea of layering dresses is opening a world of options to me!! I’m fairly tall and find dresses I love that are also too short to be good work options. And here, in two posts, I’ve discovered I simply need one appropriately long slip dress and the dress world is my oyster!


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