An Extra Lift + Deep, Dark Secret

I needed a little lift the other day, so I put on a special top.

Wearing something pretty or fun really does improve my mood. I am very curious to know whether this resonates with other people.
If it does, it begs the question: Why not wear something pretty or fun every day?
Which leads us down a philosophical rabbit hole: Can one wear something pretty or fun every day? Or are “pretty” and “fun” — in this context — relative states, meaning that one only gets a lift from wearing something prettier or more fun than usual?
I was uplifted, but am now lost in quest for understanding

Snap out of it, Directrice; you’re asking questions without answers
These meanderings lead to the most fundamental question, which is: How do things that are neither pretty nor fun make it into one’s closet in first place? Necessity? Confusion?
Now may be an excellent time for a closet review. To get rid of the things you bought when desperate or confused.

Some of you may recognize the shape of this Comme des Garcons top. I have it in two fabrics: a plain white twill (previously seen here and here) and this heavy lace.
I felt that the waist, despite being seamed, needed a little extra definition, so I added skinny belt.
Yes, that is the finishing touch.
A successful gilding of the lily

The different fabrics change the look of the top.
The plain white version looks more architectural. The simple fabric highlights the exaggerated sleeves,which are supported by interior welting along the seam circling the shoulder.
The lace version looks more feminine and romantic, almost like a period piece. The lace itself, however, is large patterned and stiff,creating a graphic effect that reads modern.
So interesting!

Exaggerated, but not so much
Here is the exaggerated sleeve up close.
I could fit two arms, possibly three, through it. Don’t try to imagine that; it’s a gross idea.

If you are feeling a little down and even a pretty or fun top is not propping you up today, I’ll give you something else. A secret.
Are you ready? Or as the MLB promos for the World Series in 2018 asked, “Is you ready?”*
Around the house, I wear flip-flops. With socks.
Is you ready? Because you can’t un-see this

That might not seem like such a deep, dark secret. People wear slippers and slides around the house. There’s no shame in that. Here’s the secret part.
First, the flip-flops must be black platform flip-flops and the socks must be white. I am very particular about this.
Second, I think they look good.
My friends have been laughing about this for years.
Je ne regrette rien

Top: Comme des Garcons from The RealReal; Pants: Banana Republic; Shoes and Belt: JCrew
* I have been asking The Photographer, “Is you ready?” ever since. Was I ready in 2018? You bet! The Red Sox won the World Series. But I did wonder what my grandfather — a committed Red Sox fan who never saw the team win a World Series as an adult– would have made of those promotionals.

7 thoughts on “An Extra Lift + Deep, Dark Secret”

  1. I confess that I also wear socks with my flip flops. My teen thinks I’m weird, but that’s par for the course with a 17 y.o. I believe there are special Japanese socks made for flip flop wearers. Maybe I need to investigate?

  2. Well, I am curious about the socks with flip flops. I wear flip flops around the house, too, in the warmer months. I like them to be in a neutral bronze. They must be Havianas. I do not attempt socks. Do you wear special Japanese socks? Or do you buy a size up in your socks so they can scrunch around the thong? Inquiring minds want to know.

    As for your question, I think that it’s always uplifting to make an effort to put on an outfit, even if it’s a very casual outfit. The process of putting in thought to what I wear makes me feel more together. However, I do think that for extra uplift, there must be a degree of difference between normally put-together and specially put-together. So, to answer your question, one can wear pretty and fun things every day, but some days require extra pretty and fun.

    How’s that for hedging?

  3. For a philosophy, of course, it is possible to dress per the quality of the time, to honor the time lords so to speak. I am studying Jyotish, and my esteemed teacher, Kaartik Gor-ji, says that right now is a good time to wear whites and pastels (Sun and Venus in sidereal Taurus). What fascinates me is how many folks seem to do this quite unconsciously…

    Now the flip flops and socks, well that’s definitely Saturn in Capricorn đŸ˜‰ Face mask too, come to think of it.

  4. Both tops are great and what an excellent idea to get the lace one for those occasions when fun-er and prettier are called for.

    In Japan, split-toe and 5-toe socks are easily available, inexpensive, often in ‘novelty’ or seasonal designs (cherry blossoms, autumn leaves, beckoning cats and the like). I find the 5-toe ones are quite useful (cozy) but the split-toe ones don’t serve me much purpose beyond occasionally amusing small children.

    Internationally, a person could check out the brand Tabio, which is not so inexpensive, but reasonably well-distributed (I’ve seen their shops in Paris and a US website pops up readily) and which has a galaxy of useful and less-useful innovations in sock-making, for sport and for fashion.

  5. Hardly a Comme de Garçons top, but — the thought perhaps sparked by your post — today I realized that I’d not yet used the apron my sister gave me, and pulled it out of the cupboard. It is printed with blowsy blooms in bright colors — yellow and orange and fuchsia and lime and cobalt — and just tying it on made me feel happy, even happy to do the dishes!

  6. The top is beautiful – I just finished hand stitching lace applique all over my daughter’s wedding dress and your top is in that league!

    I am not shocked by the flip flops at home… I wear Dansko clogs… shhhhh


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