The Skirt Plays

For those of you who liked the grey midi skirt, here’s a lively second take.

A vibrant (bordering on psychedelic) striped cardigan and zippy boots.
More fun than Cap’n Willy’s Whiz Bang*

Elongated by vertical stripes and matching tights/boots
A comment to the previous post asked whether I thought this skirt would look good with riding boots.
Good question! As a general matter, I like boots with skirts. I tend to think that riding boots look best with knee length skirts and that midi skirts look best with really fitted boots — i.e., sock boots or those stretch-suede Stuart Weitzman boots.** I would be concerned that a mid-calf length skirt over a traditional boot might look a little shapeless. With that said, I did have a great pair of Joan & David riding boots in college that I wore with a long khaki skirt and I think they looked good together. So, the answer may rest on the particulars.
Here, I am wearing ankle boots with black tights to create a clean, elongating line.

This sweater caught my eye on Shopbop and I was helpless to resist.
So tiny, but so loud.
I have a few ideas for this sweater. I see it paired with pale pink and apple green tops. And possibly with a purple dress. Not the purple dress you know about. Another purple dress. A secret purple dress.
Come closer if you can bear the noise

Doesn’t this sweater look like it’s made from synthetic fibers? But it’s not. It’s merino wool. I don’t know how the intensity of these colors was achieved.
Come closer one step at a time

Underneath the sweater, I am wearing a grey silk tank that is close to the shade of the skirt and a narrow black patent leather belt. These things will only show if I am moving around (really, lifting things over my head), but add a little polish just in case.
The charms of this sweater are several: a trim, cropped silhouette (ideal for layering); metallic silver buttons; a fraying hem.
As with other Marques/Almeida clothes, this sweater runs small. I am wearing a Medium. The sleeves are too long, but they were easy to roll and the resulting cuffs work well enough.
Buttons and Hem

Deliberately frayed hem, which the care label warns me not to meddle with

Skirt: Tibi Vicose High Waisted Drape Skirt; Sweater: Marques Almeida Cropped Cardigan; Boots: 8 from YOOX
* Can you guess what I was thinking of when I wrote this?
** Every January/February, when these Stuart Weitzman 50/50 boots are sold out, I tell myself I will buy a pair next fall. And then I forget about it until the following January, when they are sold out again. I found these white boots while looking for sale-priced 50/50 boots. Are they hideous? Marvelous? The perfect combination?
Elspeth Boot: 50% hideous, 50% marvelous, 60% off (but final sale)

13 thoughts on “The Skirt Plays”

    • Correct as it relates to the title, The Skirt Plays, MK! The reference to Cap’n Willy’s Whiz Bang come from The Music Man, which was playing inside my head. You’ve got trouble, my friends. Right here in River City.

  1. I definitely like this sweater with this skirt. In fact, I like this ensemble better than the last one with this skirt, however, the white stripe on the boots pulls the eye downwards and away from the rest of the ensemble (thereby making it less of an ensemble). I suspect that the very white Elspeth Boot would make this issue worse. Might I suggest the following:

    Not only would these give that Urban/Rural feel to the outfit that is so much in vogue these days, the boots are warm and they should fit nicely with the cardigan. An added benefit is that they would protect your feet should you live in a magic zone where a warming climate does not operate (ever).

    • Oh, the Elspeth isn’t for this outfit. It would be for something different — something that hasn’t even taken form in my imagination yet. (It also may be for nothing because I can’t decide if those boots are great or awful.) I love the Keen boots you suggest — thank you for including the link!

  2. Love the lively sweater! The Elspeth boots are marvelous but not for this outfit. I agree with El — if you want to look elegant, the white stripes on the black boots compete with the sweater. But if playful is the goal they’re great!

  3. So happy that Rhizophora and EL also commented on the distraction of the white stripe……the vertical and the horizontal stripe together didn’t work for me. I very much like the sweater although the frayed-look of the hem would be enough to dissuade me from adding it to my wardrobe!

  4. I see your point!
    As I was raised VERY Conservative Christian, the longer skirt and riding boot was all the rage. I remain quite fond of that chicness. :0)


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