The Ripple Effect

Ripple Effect: an effect from an initial state that can be followed outward incrementally.
Hmmmmm. This phrase is often used to describe a profound or lasting economic, political, or social impact. But I’ve been witnessing one this summer in my closet.


  • I saw an advanced shirtdress that required a slip.

  • I bought a slipdress to try.

  • In an effort to rationalize the slip dress, I paired it with a few sweaters and blouses I already owned.

  • And then I found this asymmetrical plaid top!

  • Now I am wearing the top with the slip dress.

Some might say that I have described not a ripple effect, but a cycle of violence, but I disagree. I love these two things together.

Positive ripple effect; this may be the slipdress’s highest use

Frisky and fun
If you’ve seen the movie Next Stop Wonderland, you will remember this phrase: frisky and fun
How fun is this? It’s also very floaty and light.

Some of you have previously commented (favorably) on my willingness to wear silhouettes that are not conventionally flattering. This one’s for you.
I look somewhat pregnant. But remember, looking pregnant on occasion is no bad thing.
A miracle!

In person, I think I look less somewhat pregnant than in these photos. The slip dress is actually very slinky and the top is transparent and mobile.
Just my flounce
It’s a flounce, not a baby

Look but don’t touch; it’s rude to touch a pregnant lady, however tempting it may be
Let’s take a closer look at that ruffle, shall we?

Top: Isa Arfen Ruffle-trimmed Cotton Top; Dress: Derek Lam 10 Crosby Sleeveless Floral Silk Midi Flamenco; Shoes: Donald J. Pliner Fritz Sandal; Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs; Watch: Michele
If you haven’t seen Next Stop Wonderland, you should. Phillip Seymour Hoffman has a small, but memorable, role.
Je ne regrette rien

11 thoughts on “The Ripple Effect”

  1. This is higher order dressing – this echelon requires a calm elegance and you’ve got buckets of that! Something to aspire to!

  2. At first l thought, oh good grief, but l have warmed to the coolness of the combination. It looks cool and must feel light and airy to move about in.

    • Ha! The eye just needed to adjust, is all, Cookie! It is incredibly light — which on a day like today is a great thing.

  3. I’ve always wanted to combine unlikely items that please my eye and here you have done it! It looks great on you and no small amount due to smaller size. The items seem happy together with color and proportion. I like it and may take it as permission to try similarly. Kate

  4. That’s a nice pairing. I like the colors of the top with the dress.
    If the dress had a fuller skirt or anything besides a body skimming silhouette I think the float y top would add questionable bulk. Most slip dresses are not suitable for more than casual wearing, particularly if you’re more woman than girl, this is a nice way to make it go places without resorting to a sweater.

  5. At first, I thought “wonderful!” And then I went on to think “really gorgeous”. And then I concluded that you look delightfully cool and comfortable – as well as cool and elegant – as well as simply cool (the other meaning). Also, you definitely do not look pregnant, sorry!


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