The Morning I Heard Voices In My Head

Before I launch into today’s post . . . I loved your comments on Monday’s post. So many wonderful faux pas. And Halloween revealed as the most complicated day of the year. So thank you for sharing and making me laugh. You are all winners, but the recipients of the bags are identified in the comments.
Now on to new business!

One recent morning, I put on this grey jacket with straight-legged black trousers of medium width.
And then I heard noises in my head.
Jacket precipitated noises

I heard voices
What would you do if you heard voices in your head?
It started in low . . . then it started to grow. Voices! A few were pleading, most were insistent, some were strident.
Whose voices do you think I was hearing?
They were yours.

What would you do?
I wasn’t going to gainsay a mob of voices
What do you think the voices were telling me?
They were telling me to wear skinnier pants.

I don’t have skinny, full-length, dress pants — so I improvised and put on a pair of corduroys, and was very pleased with the result.
Note: Please don’t tell me that my pants aren’t skinny. I am trying to please you.
Skinnier pants
Skinnier pants

I am doing the best that I can
I am doing the best that I can
This jacket has volume and shape, and even though the fabric is a knit, it’s stiff. The knit is dense and thick. Cinched at the waist, it bells out over the hips.
You were so right. Skinny (or skinnier) is better with this voluptuous jacket.

Now, let’s look at the details, shall we?
Yes, let's fly-speck the particulars together
Yes, let’s scrutinize the particulars together

I hope you can see the epic cowl/yoke on this jacket.
Awesome, thick horn buttons
Awesome, thick horn buttons and stiff cowl

The sleeves are dropped roughly 4 inches below the shoulder. The shoulder is close-fitting and the sleeves widen gracefully to the wrist. Scroll back up to see the graceful, widening sleeves.
Dropped, but closely-fitted, shoulder
Dropped, but closely-fitted, shoulder

Humble belt
This ol’ belt
Lastly, my pilgrim belt. As I have written several times, I have acquired a number of new and very interesting belts in the last year — as part of a preposterous mission to “up my belt game.” But interestingly, this humble belt has been frequently in use after years of languishing in a drawer. It’s from JCrew and is at least 20 years old.

Have a fantastic weekend!
Jacket: Dsquared2; Corduroys: Talbots; Blouse (under jacket): The Lady & The Sailor; Belt: JCrew
P.S. I like Felicia’s idea of a meet-up. No one should defer her closet-cleaning plans while waiting for a swap, but I will organize a gathering for Q2 2017. That’s something to look forward to, right?

15 thoughts on “The Morning I Heard Voices In My Head”

  1. I can highly recommend Andalucía as the perfect place for a meet up: I have already started swimming! (No way I’d make it otherwise…)

  2. I love those pants. I agree with Ginger. Also, I think the full-on skinny-legged pants look very youthful and not serious enough for work. I had a lot of booty, even when I was skinny. You put a spotlight on that booty and people may not take you so seriously.

    • Hello Violiniste — My notes to the winners are in responses to their comments — so you’d have to scroll through quickly to see. Quickly, they are Claire — whose slip fell off at the end of a meeting — and Susan — who recently reinvented a sweater.

  3. Ursula, I am laughing at your great comment.

    And Directrice, I think this is a great look on you. Skinny pants, aye!

  4. If you’re taking suggestions from the gallery, I’d love to see this jacket with white jeans, no belt, tan flats or loafers …


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