Falling into September

As part of our continuing discussion of transitioning between seasons — which could easily turn into a lifelong conversation — I suggest that we take a page from the French, and wear white denim deeper into the year. At least into September.

How can this be done?
With closed toe shoes and something darker on top, bien sur.
May-gunn are you paying attention? It’s our blouse

White grounded with black and silver
These cut-out brogues may be just perfect for late spring and early fall.
Truthfully, though, I might have worn black penny loafers, but mine are still down in the storage room, fraternizing with the Christmas decorations. I’ll probably retrieve them next weekend.

I told you that I was going to wear this blouse with everything, and I am fulfilling that promise.
Here, I am wearing it with a lightweight cashmere shell. Can you imagine how elegant the blouse will be under a sleeveless black dress with boots?
A vivid blue set off beautifully by black and white

This blouse has lovely details: the tie neck (visible above), fluted cuffs (at right), and a graceful split hem (below).
close up
So elegant

So graceful

I have a few ideas other ideas about white denim in the fall.
I’ll experiment and let you know.
Frankenstein Jacket, Crowd Sourced

Blouse: Theory Alrik Avery Printed Silk Blouse; Sweater: JCrew: Jeans: JCrew; Bag: Coach; Shoes: Rebecca Minkoff

Blouse has reappeared on sale at Neiman Marcus!

On the move
No moss grows on rolling Directrice; those cars are, however, stopped at a red light

6 thoughts on “Falling into September”

  1. Although it’s cooled off from this past weekend the word cashmere leaves me feeling sticky.

    It will take me a couple of weeks before I’m ready to even think about it.

  2. This is “May-gunn”, and yes I am paying attention, and thank you again for the blouse! In fact, this post inspired me to come up with tomorrow’s outfit already (this is a record – most outfits are chosen post-shower on the day of!) – I think I will wear the blouse under a black sleeveless zip-front dress (might have to send you pictures tonight to make sure it works). I also greatly appreciate the support and solidarity around extending white jeans into the fall – even here in Minnesota, or perhaps especially here, I feel the need to extend summer as long as possible.


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