Patch of Blue

During the summer, nothing is cooler than a floaty dress. I’ve been planning the posts for the rest of the summer and there are a number of dresses involved, but to keep things interesting (and informative) I will be focusing on accessories. To some extent.

But not today! Today is all about the cut of my dress. It’s another Fifty Cent Dress — but this dress, while looking like Fifty Cents only cost a dime (or so) because I found it on Gilt.
Boom! Turning Fifty Cents into a million bucks
Eureka! Wily Directrice strikes gold on Gilt

Allow me to demonstrate the volume of this skirt
Allow me to demonstrate the volume of this skirt

Let’s talk about cost.
This dress was final sale on Gilt, so I ordered a 6 rather than a 4 and the 6 was a little too big through the bodice. Fatima was able to take it in, but as you can probably imagine, the over-corset required some precise work to be re-sized.
As a result, the math required to rationalize the dress is nearly as complex as the math required to chart a lunar mission — but worth the effort. The dress was marked down 80% from its original retail price, but I had to pay Fatima $160 to fix it. So, not a cheap dress, but the cost of the dress and the alterations combined was still a fraction of the original retail price . . . which I never would have paid.

Side viw
This shade of blue is the color of a perfect summer sky, isn’t it?
Isn’t the background terrific? It’s a mural at U.D.C.

Now that you’ve taken the dress in (by “taken in” I mean viewed and processed, not altered), come closer to see the details.
I’m just going to fix my hair while you approach.
fixing hair
Pat, pat, pat; Directrice attempting to “fix” hair in intense humidity

You must come closer.
can you see
Are you seeing the elaborate stitching now?

If you can’t actually make out the details, I will feel that I’ve failed.
Don’t make me feel like a failure.
come closer can you see
Actually, I am too hot to care about failing; happy to fail if it means going inside

OK. Here is our last ditch effort: an obscenely close, headless photo.
largest photo ever posted
I think this is the largest photo I’ve ever posted

with gorcer
Shelves of produce provide another pretty background
After taking photos, we stopped at our neighborhood market for a few necessities: a soda-fountain soda for The Directrice and a can of tuna for the cats.

Would have looked nice, but was sitting in drawer
Would have looked nice, but was forgotten and left sitting in drawer
In keeping with my accessories pledge above: If I had been thinking while I put on this dress — really thinking — I would have added this moonstone bracelet.

Dress: Jason Wu; Shoes: Rebecca Minkoff; Bag: Ferragamo
From the out-takes; after 10 minutes, I was feeling the heat
From the out-takes; after 10 minutes, I was feeling the heat

12 thoughts on “Patch of Blue”

  1. Really great dress with the bodice art piece added matching the dress. The unique look emboldens an otherwise pretty, but unremarkable dress. The whole look is great on you and the bracelet is interesting. Love that piece.

  2. I love the corset-ness of the bodice! Look at all the seaming!
    Delightful – and the color is charming. And it’s got this sexy vibe clashing with a priestlike collar. The juxtaposition is wonderful!

  3. All good here, including the forgotten moonstone bracelet. and yes, the colour is a proper ‘sky blue, which is incredibly difficult to find in shops nowadays, I find: maybe because buyers feel there is already enough blue via denim in the retail world?

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  5. Very pretty dress. I like the bodice/corset detailing a lot. I like that it is so detailed and feminine but uber subtle as you can’t see the bosom defining detail unless you pay attention, due to the monotone stitching and corset being the same colour and fabric as the dress.


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