Shine On, Strapless Utility Dress!

Egad! Summer is over. So soon? I just brought my sandals up from the storage bin.

Here at Directrice Global Industries Ltd., we are not so strict about Labor Day rules. Rather, when deciding what to wear, we rely on a complex algorithm built with inputs from NOAA, the solar orbit, the Gregorian calendar, OPM’s schedule of Federal Holidays, the hours of operation of Diplomat Cleaners, the NYSE, and a very inexpensive thermometer hanging outside our kitchen windows.+
I still have summer dresses to wear! And we (you and I) will be wearing this strapless utility dress at least once more before true fall begins.

I don’t know how The Directorate feels about Strapless Utility Dress, but the Directrice herself loves it. This dress has so many faces.* Something happened to the buckle on the self-belt — the buckle prong is, somehow, missing — so I’ve been subbing other belts with great success.
Self-declared success

How is this a bad plan?
How could this belt miss?
It can’t. It enriches everything it touches.

In addition to this striped tee, utility belt, fancy sport sandal combination, I’ve also worn this dress with a white camp shirt (last seen here), a khaki belt with black leather accents (which will be revealed to you soon), and my gladiator sandals. I won’t make a whole post of it, but just thought you should know.
How indeed?

Here are a couple more views of this ludicrous (but compelling) belt.
Pull: ludicrous!
but compelling

In addition to asking Fatima to find a new prong/belt buckle for the self-belt, I think the bodice of the dress needs to be taken in a little. I thought I did this in 2017, but it seems loose this summer . . . which will not do. It might be smart to wait until next summer and see who weighs how much then.
Drooping just a bit; cuff around the top needs to be tightened

Dress: Banana Republic; Tee: JCrew; Belt: Preston Heron; Bag: Sophie Hulme; Shoes: JSlides
+ The Directrice uses the algorithm. The Photographer does what The Directrice says.
* The many faces of this dress can be seen here, here, and here.

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  1. Charming iteration of this dress! Has anybody walked up to you and yanked on the belt? I’m guessing many have restrained themselves from doing so, but a 6 year old just might.


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