A Camp Shirt and Khakis

I am wearing something simple today: a camp shirt with khakis.

And, what appears to be a leather butcher’s apron.

It’s all perfectly normal

How awesome am I?

You didn’t think that I’d step out in just a camp shirt and khakis, did you? Or expect you to?

Non, non. We can do better.

Never forget the third piece.

Oddly enough, I bought this a while ago and forgot I owned it. How can that be? For some people, knowing that it was in their closet might cause nightmares.

If you are speechless . . . it’s not actually leather; does that help?

It’s “coated fabric”; not sure what that means exactly, but certainly amateur laundering is out of the question

It will not surprise you to learn that I found this on YOOX — my limitless supply of directional and incomprehensible European fashions.

You know me well enough by now that I don’t even have to explain the fascination, right?

I will say, however, that as mesmerizing as I find the glossy finish of this mystery coating and the elaborate top-stitching, this tank is not fluid and therefore not the most flattering garment in my closet. But it’s interesting. And kind of tough.

Try not to get sucked in; it’s hard

Now, three hot tips for you.

JCrew’s new t-shirt silhouette has skinny sleeves: very cute
Many silk, cotton, and cotton-silk blend scarves at Eileen Fisher; I like this Shibori one
Amazing shoes from 3.1 Phillip Lim are Rich Man’s Dainty Siano: Cat Lace-Up Combat Creeper

I was stopped by a woman at National Airport last week when I was returning to D.C. from a work trip. I assumed that I would be asked for directions — which I thought was a little odd because the airport is filled with lots of signs and personnel — but no, it was a reader of The Directrice! Stopping me to say hello. So delightful! I hope that if any of you spot me around town you will stop me to say hello.

Have a fantastic weekend!

Camp shirt: Theory; Top: MM6; Pants: Ann Taylor; Shoes: Doc Martens Dainty Siano

5 thoughts on “A Camp Shirt and Khakis”

  1. It looks very slippery which means food, drink, and ice cream would all slide off and not stain this strange garment. It also has at least one pocket and pockets are always handy. What more can I say?

  2. i look at this and am indeed intrigued. i think that i would take it to Fatima for some tweaking. i would remove the back (it looks like the back is a different fabric, perhaps knit or scuba?). then i would have her attach some straps, at the shoulder, under the arm, and at the waist. then you would tie it on, more like an actual apron i suppose. i think the straps could be skinny like the current ones, or you could use a webbing type strap, either in black or in a surprising color. then your top would be interesting both in front and in back!

  3. I, like erin, thought I might like this better if it fit you differently. More like a bustier, or armor, than like an apron. But what do I know? You have gone avant garde beyond my wildest imaginings.

    I suppose you could keep it as is and take up pottery.

    I don’t know. My father’s cousin was an artist. She had a vest crocheted out of Coke and Pepsi bottlecaps.

  4. Your yellow bag reminded me that it was a post of yours some time ago (more than a year) that has me on an odyssey for my perfect yellow bag (more saffron or marigold in my head). You had incorporated it into an outfit, and I thought: “Yes, yellow! That’s what I need.” I have tried and rejected many since then, and the search continues. But the search is part of the fun.

    I agree with some of the comments above. This seems like something you absolutely could carry off as subtle armor.


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