Back In Living Color

The Photographer and I returned to Washington, D.C. on April 15th — somehow both invigorated and exhausted by our travel. But everyone is right as rain now.

Right as rain and back in business.

The business of dressing for work.

Have I mentioned my obsession with Sacai? I found this top on YOOX and had to have it.

Who wouldn’t be right as rain in this?

You may be asking, What is “tHiS”? ThIS is a silk striped tank featuring every color of the rainbow with a fortuny-pleated panel that needs no adornment yet is topped with a lace appliqué and grosgrain strap because sometimes more is better.

For Sacai, this is restrained
Or, if not restrained, ordinary

Showing panel
Demonstrating panel

More, better, closer

Who wouldn’t want to wear a silk, rainbow, trapeze top to work?

The only obstacle, the only glitch, is that it’s sort of transparent, even with a pink camisole underneath. So, it needs something over it.

Let’s start with a little sweater.

Shell that matches trousers; very smart

I may not own a full-length mirror, but that doesn’t mean I won’t show you a full-length perspective

Step back and see how it looks full-length.

Ahhh. Very nice. Dark grey works better than black would.

I like the shell with the pants. This top has a longer and more dramatic hem than most of my tops — it’s not just peeping out — but I like the excess. It provides drama. And the color is exuberance. It’s a good combination. Perhaps I should have put on an interesting pearl necklace?

We’re not done. We’re going to a meeting! Meeting = Jacket.

What would complement this top? When I bought it, I envisioned it with the workaday suit, but today I feel it needs something more distinctive.

I have an idea.

By George, she’s got it

You haven’t seen this jacket for a while. Let’s take a quick trip back to 2015 and marvel at how consistent my haircuts are.

One of the things that I love about this jacket is how easily it breathes. The fabric is a cotton blend and the cut is boxy. Perfect for a spring day spent inside.

Can’t wait to get inside and meet with some humans

Jacket: 3.1 Phillip Lim; Blouse: Sacai; Sweater: Brooks Brothers; Pants: JCrew; Shoes: Cole Haan

10 thoughts on “Back In Living Color”

    • It is, Lisa! But due to the vagaries of YOOX inventory, it is currently priced at $531 when I paid $160 for mine. So if I were you, I would create a YOOX shopping cart and park one in it and see if the price drops over the next 3-4 months. In addition to fairly regular price drops, YOOX frequently offers discounts.

  1. The top is a stunner and will turn any formerly dismal day into something bright and beautiful. While work has its more somber requirements, wear it occasionally as you first demonstrated and lean into how lovely you look in it.

  2. I am incredibly delighted I found your blog. Love this post. I have a floral shell that I liked when I bought it, but once it came home I found it to be a little much. It has not been worn in the 2 months it has lived with me. However, directly inspired by this post, today it is being worn under a navy blue short sleeved blouse, so only 2 inches of it shows, over slim cut white pants. It instantly makes my entire outfit more interesting, more modest (thanks to the additional length), and – importantly for always cold me – warmer. Thank you so much!

  3. i hope that this utterly delightful top is not actually silk, but is only silky. if you want those pleats to last forever, but do not want to iron them in every.single.time you wash this blouse, you must hope that it is actually synthetic. synthetics can be permanently pleated…

    it is such a HAPPY blouse too!


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