The Liveliest Stripe

Things I love: Stripes. End-of-season sales.

This sweater represents the union of both.
Why do I love end-of-season sales? Well . . . I do like a bargain. But that’s not all of it. I like how things jump out at me in the end-of-season sales, things I might not have noticed — things obscured by too much merchandise — at the start of the season.
Consider this charming sweater, which I’d never laid eyes upon before January 1, 2018 — when it jumped off a sale page ( a web page) at Saks Fifth Avenue.
How could I have missed this electric stripe? It’s so me

Zippy stripe includes marigold yellow, a color I love
Zippy stripe includes marigold yellow, a color I love
Some people look down on end-of-season sales as a collection of things that no one else wanted.
I disagree. First, who wants to want what everyone else wants? How banal. Second, I (like Billy Beane) see the sales as an opportunity to snap up opportunities that the market has undervalued.

This sweater has a dickey, of sorts, incorporated into the design. The back of a white poplin shirt is attached to the interior the sweater — no collar, cuffs, or front — presumably to allow one to unbutton some or all of the buttons running down the center of the back.
It’s a modesty panel!

front 3/4
Stripes are navy,
grey, and yellow, but I think black camisole works
I am wearing a poufy black camisole under the sweater. I suppose a white or ivory top would have matched, but I like this black one.
I may look a little pregnant — five months, tops. But I can straighten everyone out tomorrow with a belt around my waist.

Come closer and note the specifics of this stripe.
Come into my world

Have you ever looked for a striped upholstery fabric?
There are zillions of stripes out there.
You are among friends

Love stripes!
You’re safe with me

Buttons remain buttoned, rendering modesty panel redundant
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Sweater: Derek Lam 10 Crosby; Camisole: JCrew; Pants: JCrew; Bag: Coach; Boots: 8 from YOOX

5 thoughts on “The Liveliest Stripe”

  1. What a terrific sweater! I love the stripes and the colors and on close examination think the ruffle at the hemline is perfect. A great little outfit that could go any where.

  2. A beautifully constructed sweater. I am intrigued by how perfectly aligned the stripes are from sweater base to both sleeves!
    Review the initial photo – perfection on the part of the photographer and his subject 🙂


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