Some Days The Directrice Is Slouchy

Although I was a teenager in the 1980s, I have no loyalty to the clothes of that era. I resisted the revival of oversized and unstructured clothes when they first began to appear in late 2014/early 2015.

But fashion has a way of creeping up on you.
So is it any surprise that I find myself wearing a boxy tunic with khakis in SS16?
I am so comfy.
Not as perfect as wrapping self in soft wool knits, but still pretty good

rein it in
Tomorrow, I will wear a skinny dress
To rein in the volume of this tunic, a smart little jacket over it.
The tunic pops out in various directions, but I think that’s good for two reasons: first, the white poplin frames the waxed cotton jacket; second, don’t you remember that I told you it’s good to show up for work looking pregnant every once in awhile?

The jacket can be worn unbuttoned.
like this
Like this

Or snapped shut.
buttoned up
Or that

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas
This tunic has some graceful details. The rounded neckline and split hem counteract the boxy (rectangular) cut. And then the back of the blouse is made of a different fabric, a woven, monochromatic plaid. I am wearing a pale pink camisole underneath which probably is not visible — but if it were, creates a pretty complement to the mossy brown color of the jacket and the khakis.
The tunic is a little “Mama in her kerchief/and I in my cap/had just settled down/for a long winter’s nap.”

My poor mother is probably saying to her iPad, She wears that pile of laundry to work? I don’t know why the pants look so wrinkled. I just ironed them.
Should I stop this confessional here?
Non. Let’s keep going.
I have this super-soft organic sweater from Eileen Fisher that I also like to wear when I feel slouchy. Here it is with a black cotton voile tunic.
I think the sweater is made from cumulus clouds

Despite the visual bulk, I feel weightless; combined weight of a cloud and a whisper isn’t much
This tunic is whisper-light and floaty, where the other, made of crisp poplin, is stiff.

Could also pass for pregnant here

In case you are wondering what the tunic looks like: mandarin collar and a bib front that closes with a dozen hook-and-eye closures.
Surprisingly useful layer; see it in off-white here

peeking out
Collar peeking out
This turtleneck is loose and floppy enough to show the mandarin collar, which I think is a nice effect.

A final thought for you to consider: I have worn the cloud sweater with the poplin tunic. It’s a lot of volume.

Have a fantastic weekend!

White tunic: Vince Cotton Grid-back Shirt (I am wearing an XS); Pink Camisole That You Cannot See: JCrew Silk Cami; Khakis: Banana Republic Straight-fit Chino; Black flats: Coach Noella flat; Black tunic: also Vince, but very old; Sweater: Eileen Fisher; Black suede brogues: Cole Haan, similar to Grandzero Wing Oxford

6 thoughts on “Some Days The Directrice Is Slouchy”

  1. You always look so good!
    I’m a big fan of slouchy, especially in warmer temps.
    The 2nd outfit shown is probably the closest to anything I wear, but I’ve never owned a pair of khakis. It would be harem pants or leggings on me. 🙂

  2. What fun tunics. Love the back detail on the first (you’re different coming and going!) and that profusion of hook-and-eye closures is both hilarious and sweet. And slouchy always wins the day for me.

  3. there are certain days when slouchy is necessary. everyone needs a look or two that works for the office and beyond. way too casual for important meetings, but necessary on those days when putting anything on is a struggle. i applaud the looks!


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