The Directrice Has Another Type!

I’d like to think that my taste is interesting because it is eclectic and a little unpredictable. That you never know what strange thing is going to tickle my fancy. The Photographer says that this unpredictability makes it very difficult to select gifts for me but I say, Untrue! Plus, I am always delighted by a box of chocolates!

With that said, I readily acknowledge that I gravitate toward types and my closet has a significant number of similar-looking black dresses, black jackets, and black shells/vests.
And, I probably have a half-dozen items in duplicate or two colorways.
Is metallicpurplegoldtapestry a colorway?

I have this vest in black. I suggested that you buy it when this eye-catching fabrication came out last fall.
During the year-end Marissa Webb warehouse sale, its price almost went negative and I decided that I could indeed make a spot for it in my closet.*
Allow me to show you its versatility with two very different blouses.
Option 1: An oversized white shirt, which you’ve seen before here.
It is!

This is fun, isn’t it? Let’s take a look from all sides.
You remain seated
I’ll do the work

For reasons I can’t totally articulate, I love the shapes that are created in this combination
A snug vest over a high-low blouse

Note how charmingly Y-3’s trademark (III) is framed by the vest.
You don’t have to write it down; just file it in your head under brain/clothing/ideas/details/graphicimages.mindpic

I’m not done
Maybe they have to go; it should only take 30 seconds to read these posts

Option 2: The Michelin Man.
As one of you previously noted, one interpretation of this blouse is muscular.
The other blouse

Volume has been squeezed out of the body
And into the sleeves

I am not sure if I can wear this to work. My initial instinct is “no” but I have a feeling that I will wind up wearing it some day just because I feel like it.
Details, details

I think it would be reasonable on a day when I have after-work plans like a concert or a reception.
Michelle Obama did pave the way for a little glitz during the day. I’d hate to see her efforts erased.
Bigger details

Vest: Marissa Webb; White blouse: Y-3 Yohji Yamamoto from Yoox; Stiped blouse: Tibi; Pants: JCrew Campbell capri; Shoes: Coach: Bag: Sophie Hulme
* In November, I said that it would be greedy and foolish for me to buy this metallic jacquard vest. Well . . . that was then and this is now. The price was substantially reduced at the end of the year and upon further reflection I realized that this vest is very different from my metallic jacquard bustier. Futher affiant sayeth naught.

10 thoughts on “The Directrice Has Another Type!”

  1. At what point in your life did you begin to develop this eclectic and unpredictable taste? You must have had a wonderful mother who allowed you to chose your own clothes, then was not critical of your choices. Would that all mothers were like this!

    • I DO have a wonderful mother. She is very stylish. She provided me with lots of guidance and useful advice (including books about style/beauty) when I was a girl, but then let me choose my own clothes as a tween and teenager. She provided honest feedback. This included telling me — when I was contemplating a gingham trouser suit shortly after college — that I looked like The Music Man. (She was right. I did not buy the suit.) But the real gift that she gave me — and it wasn’t in reference to clothing although it can be applied to clothing — was teaching me not to worry about what other people think. She taught me that it’s ok to be different and to be true to myself. She loves this blog. She does not like the gold, wide-legged pants that I have featured in a half dozen posts since last fall but she did like the Pieced Wonder — demonstrating to me that my eclectic/unpredictable streak is inherited.

  2. This is fun. I like the both outfits. I think the first could indeed go to work and an engagement afterwards. The pants and shoes are perfect. Subtlety joins flamboyance.

  3. Not really a comment on the fashion…but I love the yellow kitchen and gallery wall. We’re about to install a gallery wall soon and this is making me more excited to get ours finished.

  4. The colour and pattern of the vest are irresistible! A beautiful, bright piece that will cheer you (and your co-workers, should you wear it to work) up every time you wear it.

  5. You have the best vest-bustier-apron type garments ever. Obviously you don’t have to be concerned about weight issues, however, I try and do a little “trompe l’oeil” around the mid-section, and I find many wonderful techniques in your layering. The older I get, the less I care what others think of my sartorial choices; however I still want to convey professionalism and creativity and you do both in spades!

    Keep posting Directrice!


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