A Derivative Ensemble

When I switched from print to digital media to get my daily news, I was amazed — amazed — at how often the ads I saw were from somewhat obscure sites that I actually patronized and featured things that I had actually looked at. The coincidences boggled the mind.

Sometimes I wonder how I can simultaneously be so smart and so stupid. I did not realize that my digital movements were being tracked and that the ads were personalized for me.
I am, however, rightly amazed at the way that YOOX and other retailers pick new labels for me that I might like based on things I have bought. Such clever algorithms.
YOOX recently showed me this dress.
How did the Internet know I would like this dress?
How did the Internet know I would like this dress?

Stupid-smart Directrice
Stupid-smart Directrice
Contrast top-stitching!
Black and blue together!
Vaguely nautical!
Pencil skirt!
I was very impressed and bought it immediately.

At ease with my passivity, I decided that I should also buy a floral blouse to wear underneath, as YOOX had shown the dress.
A little surprising that low-budget YOOX showed the dress style; much of the time, the merchandise isn't even worn
A little surprising that low-budget YOOX showed the dress styled; much of the time, the merchandise isn’t even shown worn

Black and white floral is harmonious
Black and white floral is harmonious
My complacency was only skin deep, however. I exerted myself to find a blouse that I felt would be more harmonious.

Sumptuous bow
Sumptuous bow
I don’t think I’ve ever owned a blouse with one of these scarf-bows. I wouldn’t want a closet full of them, but I like this one and think it will prove very useful.

I’ve previously warned you that many European designers do not use vanity sizing schemes and therefore advised you to go a size or two up when ordering French and Italian labels. (Do you remember these admonitions?) I ordered a Small and a Medium and then had to go back for the Large.
The Medium fit, the way a sausage casing fits a sausage, and the Large was too big through the torso.
So I took both to Fatima, though I had sort of convinced myself that the skin-tight Medium fit. Fatima disabused me of that delusion with a gesture so subtle that it approximated the shake of a head without any actual movement. She may have flicked her eyes. It was gentle, but final. I must learn to do this.
Seam down back
See the seam down the back? That’s new

Together, we decided that the Large fit properly through hips and could be made right by adding a seam down the center of the top and taking in a couple of inches. She also shortened the bodice from the shoulders, which is a simple alteration on a sleeveless dress. We left a little extra fabric to create a slight blouson effect.
Snip snip snip
Snip snip snip
One last thing. The dress was decorated with a pointless, linear bow at the waist.
It was very easy for Fatima to remove.

A micro-bonus! The Photographer was testing a new lens and making me pose around the apartment late one night.
The Photographer:Lillian Bassman=The Directrice:Suzy Parker!
Not bad; I posed  without looking at the photo
Not bad; I posed without looking at the photo

Dress: George J. Love from YOOX; Blouse: Michael Kors from YOOX (says it’s blue, but I think it’s black); Shoes: Tory Burch; Bag: Coach

7 thoughts on “A Derivative Ensemble”

  1. I think this might be my favorite of all dresses! Fantastic! And so perfect on you — you look better than the online model.

  2. Loved this one and your choice of blouse. They styled it with a black jacket in one photo which was perfect for cooler weather and which definitely is a nifty second look. I would guess it to be worn many times. Your pose was right on.

  3. Taking in a sleeveless dress at the shoulders is a easy fix but your seamstress has done nice work correctly lining up the decorative elements. And as usual you’ve made some challenging proportions look great – the big bow at torso, the below-the-knee length with a flat shoe. Chapeaux all around !

  4. I thought the same thing when joining Pinterest… “Why do these people know me so well?” I would think… and then my daughter helped me understand the Big Brother aspect of my life online. Nothing is sacred…

  5. The dress is perfect and the pussy bow blouse too. (Also, interested to see ‘comment test’ as I have had comments ‘disappear’ and thought I had been stupid and closed the page before pushing send…
    And lo and behold, making sure to do so on this occasion, I was told that ‘the page can’t process that action at the moment’: trying again.)


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