Two Shades of Blue

I’m back with a new post that combines new and old things.

A number of years ago, one of my closest friends moved from Washington D.C. to Berkeley CA. She was never the sort to accumulate paper and ephemera, so packing and moving did not appear to be a particularly grueling experience, but in sorting through her closet, we did discover that she had FIVE black leather jackets.
To be fair, they were all very different (you’ve heard this before), but nevertheless, it was very pleasing for me to learn that even my role model in anti-materialism had a weak spot.
This story has a point; I’m coming to it

Leather jacket inventory = Directrice license
I, too, have a weak spot! Denim jackets.
When I spotted this jacket on TheRealReal several weeks ago — NWT, very inexpensive — I knew that it would add something valuable to my wardrobe. Dark, fitted, collared, cropped: Just the thing to combat air-conditioning.

Here it is with an old Jil Sander dress that you’ve seen before, here and here.
You will note in previous posts, I have shown it with different shoes. For early summer, it looks best with bare legs and flats with a half-inch heel.
I am so pleased

There is, however, a lesson here.
I was so won over by the jacket’s dark rinse, shape, and decorative stitching (a distinctive twist on the traditional contrast stitching), that I didn’t even bother to look at all of the photos provided by The RealReal.
Always a lesson with this one

If I had, I would have seen this.
Oh no

Do you think you’ve guessed the lesson I am trying to teach? Always look at the back? Fair enough. One should always look at things from all angles before making a decision.
But perhaps there are two lessons here.
If I had seen these hideous fuzzy varsity letters, I might not have purchased the jacket. And it turns out that the letters were easy to remove. Not buying the jacket would have been a missed opportunity.
Directrice’s best friend

Fortune favors the bold — and possibly the stupid.
Here I am, happy as a stupid clam with my modified Marc Jacobs denim jacket.
Note the decorative stitching around the lower pockets. It’s interesting, but not zany.
MJ no more!

Jacket hits at natural waist, a good length for wearing with dresses
Back, as modified by The Directrice herself

Have you noticed my necklace?
A reader — Missannethrope — made it for me. Not content to simply be a lawyer and insightful Directrice commenter . . she’s also a jewelry maker and she works with metal.
Come closer and take a look!
Just a peek here; I think you’ll need to come closer.

Step right up! Don’t be shy.
This charming image came from an old children’s book. The image is adhered to the glass using copper-foil backed tape, and then the tape is covered in lead-free silver solder.
Note the cloche

Have you ever seen anything so charming? Look at that winsome expression!
Such a delightful addition to a simple dress or top

For anyone wondering about the sculpture that is visible in some of these photos, we are at U.D.C. I want to hug this mass of coiled steel cord, which is — somehow — human and endearing.
Directrice with Coil

Jacket: Marc Jacobs from The RealReal; Dress: Jil Sander; Shoes: Tory Burch; Bag: Sophie Hulme; Necklace: our very own Missannethrope!

5 thoughts on “Two Shades of Blue”

  1. This blog is so fine on so many levels ! First of all, I am a big fan of denim jackets on either men or women. I have one that I bought many years ago and I consider it a prize possession(made in Hong Kong where many of my best and longest lasting clothing was made).
    The necklace is great. Sweet and endearing. A true conversation piece.
    I love the sculpture. Who would not want to cuddle it only to be amazed that such an option would not work!

  2. I had a good laugh at those giant letters! It’s lucky that they came off so cleanly, and that there was no fading/distressing that would have left an imprint. Do you know anyone with those initials that might appreciate them? A Mary Jane, or Marie-Josee?
    I share your weakness for denim jackets and have them in a range of colours and washes. It all started with a boxy high school Levi’s red tab jacket (sadly lost in university), and my latest acquisition was a gold-coated linen version (not nearly as garish as it sounds, or at least that’s what I keep telling myself).


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