The Directrice Ups Her Athleisure Game

In seasonal closet tidying, I occasionally take stock of the abundance and nevertheless find myself coming up short in some area. Years ago, you may remember a concerted effort to up my belt game? Last fall it occurred to me that some of my exercise clothes seemed a little sad.

That realization, coupled with plans to work at home on Fridays, caused me to put a little thought into yoga pants.

That effort led me to the Vuori website, where I found these wonderful bootcut leggings, which in turn inspired me to strive for something more than yoga pants and a tee shirt for Friday workdays. Et voila!


I felt I had to do a little more

I think you have to dress for the state of mind you want to inhabit

Comfort is good, but one must keep things interesting, no?

I combined the very comfortable pants with a white shirt, an interesting necklace, and fun sneakers. The shirt and necklace are for my Zoom encounters; the sneakers are just for me.

These sneakers are a special Converse Chuck Taylor edition: Chuck 70 Plus, a graphic twist on class Chuck Taylors.



See? Much better than a tee shirt.

A little polish for working from home (WFH) on Casual Friday


I found this oxidized silver necklace by Mel Tudisco at Gallery 360 in Minneapolis. I love the rough look of the charms she added to this substantial handmade chain. 

The necklace is called Rock Star, and it really is the star


The “photo sessions” that produce pictures for this blog are short — maybe 5-10 minutes — but intense, because  . . . your Directrice is a busy man.  Once The Photographer has his settings adjusted for the light, it’s click, click, click. As a result, he catches some funny moments, like this one, where my eyes alit on a neighbor and her dog coming out of our building for a walk.


It’s Joy!
That’s her name: Joy


Back to business. A second Casual Friday/WFH outfit I recently wore on a particularly cold day.

The cardigan (color!) is for Zoom, the skirt (warmth!) is for me.

The James Webb Telescope Skirt returns

Not a slimming look, but so toasty
Perfect for Zoom 


I should make clear, most photo shoots end with clowning.

Something has made me laugh

Here, I still appear to be considering my options
Committed to charging The Photographer

In going back through old posts looking for photos of the ski skirt, I found this funny entry on fleece jackets. Enjoy!


Leggings: Vuori  Midrise Elevation Slim Bootcut leggings;  these Halo Slim Flare leggings look good to me, too, but I haven’t tried them; I do have (and love) these Performance Joggers despite my general misgivings about the  jogger silhouette

Converse sneakers: Chuck 70 Plus; please note that the Run Star Hike is now available in custom designs and many great colors

Ski skirt: Skhoop

I always come in peace


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