The Directrice Re-presents: One of Two Double-knit Tops

As we have previously discussed, the physical laws of the natural world — time and space — put limits on the size of our wardrobes. This means that each piece in the wardrobe should have multiple uses. The most extraordinary garments belong to more than one genus (e.g. it’s a dress, a sleeveless coat, and a Christmas tree skirt), but the rest . . . they just have to fit into a two or three different outfits to earn their keep.

For example, this double-knit top is never going to be a skirt or a pup tent. But it can be worn in a number of distinct shirt/trouser combinations. When last seen, it was worn with grey pants (same silhouette as these) and a short-sleeve, mandarin collar blouse.
Here, I’ve paired it with . . . I’m not going to tell you what you can see with your own eyes. Look to the right.
full length front
Do you see what I see?

Degrade or ombre? We'll never know . . .
Degrade or ombre? We’ll never know . . .
Now I will point out something that may not be completely obvious in these photos.
I am wearing a long-sleeve stretchy jersey (pale grey) under the top, for warmth and to visually winterize the look.
Although I generally prefer natural fibers (cotton, wool), this t-shirt is a stretchy synthetic, which is close-fitting and smooth, and therefore works well for this purpose. A fine wool jersey would also work well.

Under the long-sleeve t-shirt, I am wearing a sleeveless but collared white jersey. Wearing a sleeveless bottom layer also minimizes bulk.
Side full length
Not too bulky, right?

Perhaps you are looking at this outfit and thinking, It’s a little Increase Mather, isn’t it?
I will be more judgemental
What’s the Mather with that?
Don’t worry. I have an idea. One idea.
Actually, I do have an idea. One idea.
Here is my idea; I am giving it to you

A bright scarf and Mather no more!

This plisse scarf is wrapped around my neck twice and then tucked into my collar.
I like the red/orange/pink colors with black and grey.
Up close
The Puritans: on balance, we owe them a lot but they had issues

So nice to live in this time and place, where the wearing of a bright scarf is not misconstrued as vanity, frivolity, or deviltry.
On the other hand
It’s just a bit merriment

A moment of repose; homicidal repose
A moment of repose, thinking about Anne Hutchinson
One last photo — a moment of repose, in which my thoughts appear to have taken a serious turn. Hmmmmm. What can I be thinking about?
Top: DSquared2; Grey jersey: JCrew; White jersey: White+Warren; Pants: JCrew; Shoes: Coach; Bag; Coach; Scarf: Hermes; Watch: Ritmo Mundo

12 thoughts on “The Directrice Re-presents: One of Two Double-knit Tops”

  1. That top is fantastic — I think I was so distracted by the brooches last time I did not pay attention, but it is really great. And again, inspiring me with perhaps not so fabulous but similarly cut pieces in my own wardrobe.
    I also must tell you that you have inspired me to finally move away from heels, which I have not really enjoyed wearing for years, and find and add some cute flats to my wardrobe. It’s amazing the difference — I always thought of flats as fuddy-duddy, but you can actually get a lot of style mileage, not to mention comfort, if you find the right ones. Thanks for helping me cross the river!

  2. Boy, that scarf has presence but still settles tidily in its spot so the look is bright and smooth. The look is great! Love it. Kate

  3. I know I’ve said this before, but I’d love to see the pieces before the layering so l know what I’m looking for when shopping. Love this outfit, both ways but mostly w/o the scarf.

  4. Brought up on a diet of Gilbert & Sullivan, as I was, the merriment can only be innocent! I share GingerR’s would-be fate with regards to a marriage of collar and scarf.


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