The Directrice Rises To Her Own Challenge

The Directrice Challenge is going pretty well for me.

I’ve worn jewelry every day (M-Th) except for today, when I wore the sofa dress — which is so busy that I do not think it can support any further embellishment.
I thought about taking and posting a selfie every day, but my selfies are really terrible. So I had The Photographer take a few PROfessional photos, over the weekend, of outfits re-created for you.
Here is an old stand-by: my black eyelet top layered over a white blouse.
Such a versatile layering piece; the top, not the necklace

What’s that? You want to see more?
I think I have finally figured out how to wear a necklace with a collared shirt.
This puzzle has confounded me for years (with the exception of one minor breakthrough).

A simple thing, I know. The necklace can lay on top of the collar.
Here is a full-length shot, for those who wanted more. You’ve seen this outfit before, with different (but similar) pants and ballet flats in 2016. Remember?
You wanted more of the necklace? I did not understand

This chain is doubled around my neck: one short loop (that occasionally strangles me just a bit) and one long loop.
I love the charms dangling from the pendant.
Must figure out a way to hold the short loop in place

One of the things that I love about jewelry is: It doesn’t have to be expensive to be charming. Pieces made of modest materials can be absolutely delightful.
Money does not equal style; never forget that

Case in Point: These pins are made of vintage silk prints. The functional part of the pin is a basic campaign button that costs between fifty cents and two dollars.

My best friend gave these to me years ago and they’ve been languishing with my other jewels in a disorganized, over-crowded drawer.
But now, they are highly visible in a tidily-arranged flat drawer dedicated to brooches.
Liberated pins

I am so pleased with the flat drawers.
Imagine how happy these pins are.
What’s that? You want me to dance?

Anything for you
That’s how much I love you
My dear readers

Everything in this post is old. Some of it is really old. So we won’t bother with End Credits today.

5 thoughts on “The Directrice Rises To Her Own Challenge”

  1. So right! It’s not what something costs. You’ve just got to keep your eyes open to possibilities.
    I like the buttons better.
    They tie the top to the pants and won’t be requiring adjustment during the day. I’m afraid the chain won’t stay put and everytime you’re in the Ladies Room you’ll be fiddling with it.

  2. For people who might be interested in seeing more of their jewelry, but don’t have the horizontal space for drawers or chests, I’ve found these hanging organizers to be very helpful, and I wear a wider range of my pieces because I can see them (similar to the Directrice’s experience). Not nearly as gorgeous as the Directrice’s cabinet, but functional in a pinch.

    I still keep my fine pieces in a jewelry box, but most of my costume/demifine jewerly is in these:

    • Thank you for posting this link. I have a similar but smaller storage piece that I picked up at a garage sale, but it never occurred to me to look for a larger one. I also have a hinged jewelry case that hangs on the wall and has frames for photos on the front which is great for saving space and making pieces easier to see. I’ve seen larger versions which have a full length mirror on the front which would be ideal for getting all my pieces in one place.

  3. This is a great outfit – and yes I remember it! This has all the elements for a successful work outfit – neutral colours, layers, white shirt – all my favourites. The necklace/broaches are bonus.


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