Woman in White: The Revenant

It was really hot last week. Or, it felt really hot to me when the temperatures rose to the mid 80s after a long, cold spring.

I really struggle with the first few days of summer heat.
I responded by putting on an outfit that is way too summery for early June . . . but I only wore it for these photos.
Trying to help you get a jump on summer dressing

It felt really hot to me
Long-time readers may remember the Woman in White series from 2015? For those who don’t remember or never knew, here are the links: The Woman in White; The Return of the Woman in White; and The Last Gasp of the Woman in White. Two of these white dresses are still in rotation; the third is being retired. More on that in a few weeks.
You haven’t seen this eyelet skirt before, though.

I thought that the eyelet skirt would look cute with this white tone-on-tone blouse — which you have seen before.
It’s white-on-white-on-white-on-white

I considered a bracelet made of cool, white moonstone beads, but then thought that perhaps a little color was needed.
Blue and white are always fresh in the summer.
Gemini Capsule is currently hardest working accessory in the jewelry box

As I turn into profile, are you gasping? With delight? In horror?
Do you remember these sandals? They’re so emphatic.
Assertive shoes for summer

Viewed head-on they are semi-dreadful
In profile, they are 100% dreadful, but fascinating; I cannot help m’self

Did any of you actually see The Revenant? It would have been difficult, if not impossible, to keep this white outfit spotless through the events that transpired in the film. Indeed, this outfit probably would not have survived the making of The Revenant from the vantage of a producer’s chair. The year that the film was released, I must have seen the preview three or four times and each time, it filled me with wonder as I asked myself, Who would want to see this movie? Why did anyone want to make this movie?? It combined so many things that I don’t like: dirt under fingernails, a charging bear, being buried alive. But the line, “He was buried right” still elicits an involuntary response from me: I don’t think so.
Blouse: Marc by Marc Jacobs; Skirt: Garnet Hill; Bracelet: Maria Eife; Bag: Orla Kiely; Shoes: MM6

8 thoughts on “Woman in White: The Revenant”

  1. The outfit looks just right and those shoes give it an added spark. The skirt blouse duo seem perfect for summer and your petite figure, cool but polished as well. Your hair is so naturally full and pretty. Yes, to all!! I’ll have what she’s having.

  2. The bracelet! I want to know more. Have we seen it already? If it and the shoes met each other at a party, I believe they would become instant friends. What a fun combo with the demure white.

    • Thank you! The sandals and the bracelet get on like a house on fire. The bracelet has made previous appearances in A Close Re-Encounter (Monday) and All.About.The.Bracelet (September 2017). I also wear it with my denim shirtdress (In Which The Directrice Puzzles Over Shoes (May 2016), though I’ve never shown that combination on blog.

  3. I had some shoes like that one time but there was something about them. If I got to walking and the sidewalk wasn’t perfectly even my ankle tipped over and down I went.

  4. I like all of this outfit but I LOVE the shoes. I confess to having adopted the expression “assertive shoes” and am the proud owner of some Doc Martens thanks to you.

  5. Actually we who you know did watch The Revenant. It was awful and fascinating. I think your shoes are fascinating,but they look unwieldy. I think they are very interesting with the absolutely charming combination of your white blouse and skirt.

  6. Hello! I have been very busy but just looked at several saved posts from weeks gone by. I very much like the cumbersome and even hard edged graphic aesthetic of the shoes and bangle, (same colours! Nice!) together with the girlish and pretty white cotton clothing. What a womanly ensemble. And yes I wondered seriously about those movie previews too. I am very grateful that nothing in my life thus far, save for viewing movie previews, remotely resembles that film. Over all I would much rather not have seen those previews. I’d rather have looked at your blog!


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