The Directrice Meets A Writer

Continuing the week’s early run on high summer clothes, I offer another very white ensemble.

Perhaps you remember the last time I said, “The heart wants what it wants?” To explain an inexplicable longing for a vaguely ridiculous, unwearable garment?*
My consumer’s heart is not wholly monogamous and has occasionally pined for other ridiculous, unwearable garments. Garments like this quilted, cropped top that looks vaguely like a Star Trek uniform. Or a Space Invader.
Who wouldn’t sigh — or grin — upon seeing this for the first time?

So much to love: quilting, exaggerated welting, wavy-groovy organic lines
I found this top on YOOX when I was looking for something else and for reasons that will shortly be revealed, I could not wear it as intended by Phillip Lim.
I feel certain that he would applaud — not simply understand — my improvisation.

Are you wondering where we are? The backdrop is as weird as the top.
We are at the National Harbor — an immaculate place that feels like a habitat created by extra-terrestrials for the human specimens they collected on Earth.** It’s close to the real thing, and has authentic touches, but something’s not quite right.
This is weird, right?

Back to business! The top:
I love this wavy hem, but do note that the top is really tiny

NSFW without the blouse underneath
Ordinarily I would call the orange (cantaloupe) trim “piping” but it’s so thick, it’s more like welting; so tactile

Why are we at the National Harbor?
I’ve come to meet a reader. A famous reader!
It’s PJ Manney, who occasionally posts comments on this blog. She was in town, speaking at a science fiction writers’ conference, and I was so excited to meet her.
What’s that you say? That PJ is a famous writer, not a famous reader? Can’t she be both?

Let’s take a moment to applaud PJ’s weirdy green, techno fabric jacket, which she told me she wore just for me. It looks fantastic with black, would look equally good with white, and sets off her hair beautifully.

Assertive sneakers
I also love these sneakers, which seem like the perfect thing to pack for a little glamour on the road. (PJ was visiting from California.)

We had so much to talk about that clothes only warranted a quick compliment: Wesleyan University, crypto-currency, entrepreneurial spirit, The Americans, settlement patterns of English immigrants in 17th and 18th Colonial America.
United by a shared enthusiasm for paint store fan-decks

I wanted to ride this Ferris wheel, but it wasn’t operating by the time we finished dinner.
Also, there was an electrical storm coming and . . . that’s not the best time to get on a Ferris wheel.
Have a fantastic weekend! If you are looking for something to read, check out PJ’s novels: (R)evolution and (Id)entity.
Kind of like a fan deck

Vest: 3.1 Phillip Lim; Blouse: ASOS; Pants: Ann Taylor; Shoes: Cole Haan; Bag: Tory Burch
* Oh, I wore it.
** Of course I am thinking of Tralfamadore.

5 thoughts on “The Directrice Meets A Writer”

  1. I have a yen to see you wear this vest-top-thingamabob over a sleek black office Lady Dress, the kind of thing that Claire Underwood would wear, a.k.a. the kind of thing that Claire Underwood would NOT wear with this vest-top-thingamabob. I think the aesthetic tension between the black dress and the thingamabob would be most excellent!

  2. It was such a delight to be both observer and participant of your and the Photographer’s process! And yes, that wacky green Cyrilla Zipped Lafayette 148 jacket and L-148 blouse was worn for you. (The jacket is still available at Saks Off Fifth for 70% in clearance.) Those sneakers are so useful as I travel and traverse miles of conventions, they’re practically bolted to my feet at this point. They are Palyla by Nine West on super sale. Best $40 I ever spent. (I secretly bought a second pair that wait to be released when the first pair is beyond repair, and a third pair in emerald green velvet I wore a lot this winter.) I put in my orthotics and voilà — happy feet. Thank you again for such a wonderful opportunity. Love to the Directrice and the Photographer!


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