The Perfect Jacket

We’re moving into cooler temperatures in Washington, D.C., which means it’s time to start thinking about woolens: sweaters, scarves and jackets. In the early fall, a blazer that you can wear outside (with a scarf and gloves) and then keep on all day (inside) is handy.

I love a cutaway style. It’s feminine, but that equestrian heritage makes it a little sporty — and very comfortable for sitting and moving around. Plus, it’s perfect for showing off a blouse or sweater underneath.
People feel strongly about their right to wear jeans on Friday
Remember this jacket? In October, woolens will be restored to a place of prominence in the closet

I have a couple a few some a number of jackets already, but with your interests in mind, I did a little scouting, and here’s what I’ve found so far.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Bonded Wool Jacket
In navy, Marc by Marc Jacobs Bonded Wool Jacket
Halston Heritage Long-Sleeved Fitted Jacket
In black, Halston Heritage Long-Sleeved Fitted Jacket; I might remove or reduce the shoulder pads but that’s a tricky business . . . would have to discuss with the tailor
Marc by Marc Jacobs Merino Wool Blazer
In grey, Marc by Marc Jacobs Merino Wool Blazer; I would consider removing that breast pocket

I love this time of year. Stay tuned for an epic post on winter coats and my views on hats, gloves, and scarves coming soon.

Have a fantastic weekend!

7 thoughts on “The Perfect Jacket”

  1. Jackets! I think you’ve sold me. But I can’t find a good comfortable one off the rack. What should I look for in a jacket that would be easy for a tailor to alter? Is it simple to narrow the body? Lengthen the sleeves?

    • Hi Regina — I am going to consult with my tailor about this, but I have a feeling that lengthening the sleeves generally will not be an option because there simply won’t be enough material to do so. So, I think you will want to make sure the jacket fits through the shoulders and then consider wearing the jacket with the sleeves scrunched (this is a casual look) or shortened to a bracelet length (which won’t work with a classic blazer, but would work with certain styles). You should also investigate Italian and French labels, which generally (though not always) are cut slimmer than many U.S. labels. I’ll post more when I can find out more.

  2. loving the entries this week! and i love a blazer, i also have “a number of them” (including one i may have inherited from the directrice many years ago…). for affordable, well fitting options, i like banana republic and topshop. the gap academy blazer is my go-to for travel wear, since it gets worn on planes, thrown in bags, tossed in overhead compartments, and is machine washable (huge plus after a long flight), and at that price point, i don’t care if it gets a little beat up. i need to be better about tailoring everything. loving your tips, but now need to apply them to my wardrobe!

    • Elena! For those who wonder . . . Elena worked with me when she was fresh out of college but has gone on to much bigger and better things! A sweater-jacket or blazer that is machine washable is an excellent idea for travel — something like a ponte knit — because (if you are like me), you can go from cold to sweaty and back again over the course of a flight.

  3. Now you’re talking! A blazer is my absolute “go-to” for work apparel. I have one on the back of my office chair and one hanging on my coat rack at work just in case I didn’t put one on in the morning. It’s a must for a school administrator. It adds an instant authoritative air to any meeting… impromptu or otherwise. I can put it over a dress, a thin sweater, a shirt, a knit top – it’s truly the article of clothing that saves me. Thank you for some great examples!

    • Hi Sharla — It’s very smart to have a blazer at the office at all times. At my firm, everyone is supposed to have a full Business Attire ensemble at the ready — but I don’t know how many actually do. I don’t, but perhaps I could cobble some sort of outfit together from items waiting to go to the tailor and waiting to be returned to Shopbop/YOOX/Gilt at any given time . . .


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